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spkb25 09-02-2005 08:51 AM

nice little article i thought
(AP) — On a night when few starters broke a sweat, the big stars were Randy Hymes, Sultan McCullough — and all the New Orleans Saints. With their minds on far more serious matters than an exhibition football game, the Saints lost 13-6 at Oakland. No matter. Just getting onto the field Thursday night was a tribute to their professionalism.

"Everybody on our team is heartbroken," Saints coach Jim Haslett said. "They feel for the people. I think the one thing about our football team is that we're resilient. When we step on the field, we're focused. When we get off the field, our minds go somewhere else."

Back to hurricane-ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi and Alabama.

After the game, the Saints flew all night to San Antonio with no idea when they'll go home — or whether they even still have homes. Their temporary home will be the Marriott Riverwalk.

Receiver Joe Horn has something in mind when he gets to Texas.

"It's not just the people in the (Astrodome), there are people in hotel rooms, 12 at a time with families piled on top of families, and they won't have the financial means," Horn said of his plans to help whomever he can. "I'm going to stay there two days and see if I can help them out. I know I can't help everybody, but I'm going to try my best because I love the fans there and in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi."

A moment of silence was held before the game, as was a last-minute blood drive sponsored by the Raiders and the American Red Cross outside the stadium The Raiders made a donation to the Red Cross and also ran public service announcements in the stadium, on their Web site and on their broadcasts encouraging people to help hurricane victims.

Euphoria 09-02-2005 12:37 PM

RE: nice little article i thought

spkb25 09-02-2005 12:39 PM

RE: nice little article i thought
yeah i am pretty sure he is a good guy

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