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TallySaint 09-03-2005 07:37 PM


Many questions come to my mind as I think of the future of the organization...such as, will this make it easier for the Saints to move to another location (out of state)?

You've asked the question that is on many fan's minds. The answer, especially concerning San Antonio, is yes. The governor certainly has more immediate concerns. I have no idea how Benson's mind is working, post Katrina. At some point the Saints future will be addressed. I can say the Saints will be away for a while. My hopes are Benson will consider the team staying in New Orleans a part of re-building a great city.


UK_WhoDat 09-04-2005 12:41 PM

What do I know?

I am really unhappy with the game in NY. I hearthe national television and all that but, if we must, how anbout the game on NEUTRAL ground.

Maybe, maybe the national television idea in large markey NY, guaranteeing a sellout of NY fans may focus the plight of LA, MS et al. But is that what the "ordinary" television fan will think; especially if the Saints flunk?

There are other mega-large markets that could take the game. At least a NEUTRAL ground gives those Saints fans who can make a chance of getting to the game. After all the game is supposedly a home game.

kuke 09-05-2005 11:36 AM

maybe for best
[Before I begin I'd like to say I'm new to the board but been a fan for a season now. Followed them every Sunday through picking Deuce in FF and fell hook line and sinker. Its a good fit and feels like always has. Followed through the draft and preseason and now here. My heart goes out to all of you, and sometimes in this post I say "us" and "we", just talking as a newfound fan and no disrespect. Never been to NOLA, regrettably, but one day I hope to visit New Orleans to catch a game in whatever stadium/dome/ect. comes to be.]

I agree with BMG and Mr. King, but I go further to say it may be an opportunity for us to be delivered the ultimate hometown advantage -- as America's team.

Now hear me out, it all seems kinda hokey and symbolic and stuff, too, I know.

New York and New Orleans -- two cities that have seen horrific tragedies, I truly believe we must give a chance for these New Yorkers to show us some heart. I go so far as to say I bet a majority of them will be rooting for US, and I can just imagine it may even bring a tear to some's eye to think of seeing that tenable link of empathy shown from that particular city through sport and fan alike, given with willful abandon, onto us. No, I don't think we'll be greeted with heckles, the finger and a bronx cheer. It'll be different. True, our guys will be unfamiliar with the territory, but much like a strange lover, the embrace is what counts.

This seems a powerful and genuine thing in potential, my friends. Im just sentimental and hopeful that way, but it may be a way for the Saints players to rediscover that roll, that sense of mission or drive that I think one Joe Horn has already picked up on and may be spreading like wildfire amonst the crew and such.

I know, I know, it's just a game, it's just entertainment, and I'm glad for that as a distraction and good times when sometimes those are few, but I gotta remember because I remember -- the best of sports uplifts us beyond, let us hope this upcoming season has much of the former and just enough of the latter.

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