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View Poll Results: What is Your Gris Gris This Year?
momento from past player or game 3 15.00%
traditional charms--- rabbits ears, horsefeet, chicken peckers 1 5.00%
beard from week one of training camp 1 5.00%
socks/ underwear from week one Lions game 0 0%
someone elses undewear--xtra pts if you wear it, freak! 0 0%
item from real church, not cult dill on cable tv. no offense if you go to church on cable tv. 2 10.00%
actual voodoo item ie- reptile parts, dirt from cemetary, cadaver parts, etc. 1 5.00%
nekkid dancing around fire! plz. provide video if female. SLAAAAP! I'm just doing research. 1 5.00%
"Snowstorm in Hell" event (ex:"my ex said, "thank you," & I knew weirdness was in the air.) 1 5.00%
human sacrifice? If so, who, and where is the body? 1 5.00%
nightly wizz off the front porch. (in other words, "who like to pee outside?") 5 25.00%
morning bowl of Lucky Charms . . . or Coco Puffs. (if Grape Nuts, check "cadaver parts" above) 0 0%
gameday ritual. (splain!) 7 35.00%
avoidance of cracks (in sidewalk) 0 0%
Other item or ritual (and also I would like to send Skymike a complimentary six pack of Turbo Dog! ) 5 25.00%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 20.

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