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Saints 2018 NFL Mock #3

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Posted 09-30-2017 at 10:34 PM by hagan714
Updated 10-10-2017 at 10:33 PM by hagan714

Going into week 4 Draft standings

11. New Orleans Saints (1-2)

Round 1

Calvin Ridley WR Alabama 6005 190 4.48

Ridley has polished routes, deceptive speed, strong hands good size, strength, elite quickness, and the ability to take nearly any play for a home run, makes Ridley the best pass catcher and play maker in the draft. Like many Alabama receivers before him, Ridley is exceptional in the open field. Given space, he can turn any play into a big gain.

Round 2

Traded Away

Round 3

Jordan Thomas CB Oklahoma 6002 185 4.52 #7 Sr

Thomas is tall, athletic, and capable of shutting down opposing teamsí best wide receivers on any given day. Offenses just are not willing to test him. Thomas is exceptional in man coverage, and does not allow his receiver to gain enough separation. Excellent jump balls defender, high points extremely well. He can be beat by a very speedy receiver or peaking into the backfield a little too long. An off field altercation hurts him but this year he has not lived up to the hype. Needs some coaching

Round 4

JK Scott, P, Alabama 6045 202 4.76 #15 Sr

Time to make some cap space Thomas Morstead has served us well but 4.35 mill in 2018 and a dead cap hit of 700k is just tempting. It is hard to draft a punter after Russell Erxleben experience but it is time to let Morstead go and get from underneath that contract. save 4.1 million in cap space to sign Drew. With that said I have say JK is one of the few punters in college I have seen a legit weapon worth a draft pick since that Erxleben nightmare. He can win you those field position battles and has the rare skill set of pinning teams not only inside the twenty but the inside the ten to boot. Even more amazing is his ability to pin teams inside the 5. Saints nation Riots

Round 5

Marcus Allen SS/FS Penn State 6012 202 4.55 #2 Sr

Allen is a big-hitters and does his best work close to line. He also has the closing burst and instincts to support the run from the deep safety spot. He is an extra LB one the field playing safety. FS is a strange position for him IMO, but Penn state does not have a better option right now. Allen can fill at the line of scrimmage and take on blockers. Overly aggressive at times and it does leave him out of position. Results in missed tackles and some poor angles. In pass coverage he leaves a good bit to be desired but he has shown improvement this year. He will need time to develop his pass coverage skills I have him pegged as an in the SS for the saints in their 3 safety set

Trade Miami for Anthony

Marcus Baugh TE Ohio State 6041 250 4.84 #85 rSr

Just a solid old school TE. Nothing Flashy here just a boring pick that fans will scratch their heads and asking "A blocking 'Y' tight end ?"This is were I think media scouts are over looking him. While he is not a polished blocker he is a strong blocker sure. But he is a TE that flashes athleticism and good hands. He knows how to win with his size and a consistent ability to catch over the middle of the field. I think Baugh is a better TE than OSU has allowed him to be. I question the 4.84 time.

Round 6

Jalyn Holmes DE OSU Sr, 6045 265 4.76 #10 Sr

I am expecting a break out year for him. He he is over shadowed by two other over hyped OSU DE. He should remain under the radar and be a prime player for a Steal Title in the draft.

Round 7

Jaylen Samuels 5112 222 4.78 FB/HB/TE/WR

Samuels is a do-everything offensive weapon who has been described at various times as a TE, WR, FB or H-back. he already has 126 catches, 700 rushing yards and 31 total touchdowns. 4.78? Can not wait to see some one clock this kid. He has SP Toy written all over him.

Trade Jalen Saunders to Patriots

Ike Boettger OT/TE Iowa 6046 307 5.02 #75 rSr

Injury Flyer Round Totally an upside pick. He came to Iowa as a TE and just grew out of the position. Has experience as swing OT has shown the atheltic ability this kid has. Pass blocking is solid enough to invest a pick and start coaching the kid. .With his natural athletic ability swing left to right I would not be surprised that repeating the feat at OG would not be a great reach.
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  1. Old Comment
    Crusader's Avatar
    I don't really see the need for drafting a WR in the first round. Even if he seems like a good player I much rather see us keep building the lines. An edge rusher opposite Jordan should be a priority.

    And punter? Morestead is the best in the business right now, I'd much rather see us paying him, he is worth it. We will afford it now when most of the big dead-money contracts are off the books.
    Posted 10-01-2017 at 03:06 AM by Crusader Crusader is offline

  2. Old Comment
    hagan714's Avatar
    LMAO I knew a punter would tick people off. Riots in the streets. It is a cap thing more than anything else. We will sign Drew for between 20 to 28 million a year leaving around $0 to $8 million for any other FA. Estimated $28 million free cap space right now.

    Besides we have a buy out in 2018 making him FA and no dead money in 2019.

    Thomas Morstead
    Potential Out: 2018, 6 yr, $19,014,097; $700,000 dead cap
    Savings $4.1 mil in 2018

    As for a WR I am into the safest pick idea in the top of round 1, Teaming him up with Thomas would give the saint two studs on the outside. It would also keep Snead from demanding some crazy FA money. I do not expect the saints to do the safe thing. Like picking Latt over Howard in 2017.

    If the saints did Ridely in 2018This would be a cap friendly group of WR for the next few years. Freeing up money to add a vet or two each year on defense. That is were a punter freeing up $4 million also comes into play.

    Just wait till I do an all cap freeing draft lol

    It also lets me put up more players and situationist for people to think about as the season goes on. Both in the NFL and in college.
    Posted 10-01-2017 at 08:29 AM by hagan714 hagan714 is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Crusader's Avatar
    I see your reasoning but I just see bigger needs elsewhere.
    I don't think Snead will command huge money because he don't have that type of production.

    I would like us to sign Morestead on a looong contract extension that would make him cheaper now and let a rising cap "eat up" his expensiveness.
    Posted 10-01-2017 at 10:28 AM by Crusader Crusader is offline
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