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SloMotion 07-25-2013 07:01 AM

NCAA targeting rule highlights Big Ten media day

CHICAGO — College football is changing. Conferences have been realigned, a playoff system is being implemented, and rules are forever being tweaked, both for the integrity of the game and its players.

Player safety has been a recurring trend in these rule changes. The NCAA’s new targeting rule, which goes into effect for the 2013 season, is one of them. The rule change was an especially a hot topic at Wednesday’s Big Ten media session at the Chicago Hilton.

“Player safety is on everyone’s mind right now,” Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz said. “It was 30, 35 years ago [too]. It’s respect for the game.”

The rule, which will result in automatic ejection and a 15-yard penalty at the discretion of the referee officiating the game, comes into effect if a player hits too high on his opponent’s chest, uses the crown of his helmet for the hit, or creates helmet-to-helmet contact while tackling.

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It's coming gents, they're gonna' try it out at the collegiate levels, get comfortable with it and then bring it to the NFL. How ironic, the ESPN Tackle/Hit of the Year Award went to Jadeveon Clowney (SC) vs Michigan in the Outback Bowl ... no 'targeting' there, just a solid hit but he would have been gone for a game-an-a-half under the new rules ... <sigh>.

We're all gonna' be saying, "We remember when ... " by the time they're done with this.

SmashMouth 07-25-2013 08:31 AM

Re: NCAA targeting rule highlights Big Ten media day
They will all be wearing skirts before you know it ...

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