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Utah_Saint 07-28-2017 11:06 PM

Re: Calling all fantasy football enthusiasts!

Originally Posted by Beastmode (Post 756380)
My league is sick with RBs. Very difficult to get a decent one. I lucked up with Blount last year but that is not going to likely happen again. I will have to pull the trigger on a rookie RB early. WR's I'm good in that dept. Very frustrating because they blow all their money on RBs, paying 2-3 times what they are worth and it messes up the whole league. I'm all about free market but it's just stupid.

I got back at them though. I stashed all the good defenses and kickers for the last 4 games and dumped all my reserves. The games started getting really tight and knocked some of them out the playoffs lol!

In that case, Fournette is probably the best bet. Of the rookies, he's probably got the best chance of being the bell cow back too.

Beastmode 08-09-2017 04:57 PM

Re: Calling all fantasy football enthusiasts!
Marshawn Lynch was sitting in free agency for over three months in my league so today I picked him up. I assume there will be much backlash and likely some pirate code to take him from me and stick him in the draft auction in a 3 keeper league.

I hope not but that to me seems unfair. No rule on retired players coming back for us and he was sitting there for months. Anyone could have done it and I would have been fine with it. That to me is being proactive and detailed. I would never do that to someone if they were following the rules.

Now, if they want to change the rules after the fact fine, but to take him from me first...does not seem right. Next time manage the league better and lock down free agency after the season and unlock it the day of the draft. I scoured the rule book and there is no rule on when free agency is locked.

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