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lee909 07-14-2013 03:39 AM

Dynasty IDP league
I have set up a league if anyone is interested in playing.
I have set a draft time but it will be changed date as we would have to look into a good time for everyone especially with the time zone difference.

Its a Dynasty draft with IDP also to be picked.
Looking for players that want to play for a few years and im going to set up so draft picks can be traded and the teams will draft in the same way as the league each year.If anyone is interested ill PM the password.

League settings

Starting Roster Positions & Roster Limits
Running Back:2
Wide Receiver:2
Tight End:1
Wide Receiver / Tight End:1
Running Back / Wide Receiver / Tight End:1
Defensive Line:2
Defensive Back:2
Flex IDP:1


Passing Yards:1 point per 25 yards
Passing Touchdowns:4 points
Interceptions Thrown:-2 points
300-399 Passing Yards Bonus:1 point
400+ Passing Yards Bonus:2 points

Rushing Yards:1 point per 10 yards
Rushing Touchdowns:6 points
100-199 Rushing Yards Bonus:1 point
200+ Rushing Yards Bonus:2 points

Receiving Yards:1 point per 10 yards
Receiving Touchdowns:6 points
100-199 Receiving Yards Bonus:1 point
200+ Receiving Yards Bonus:2 points


PAT Made:1 point
PAT Missed:-3 points
FG Made 0-19:1 point
FG Made 20-29:2 points
FG Made 30-39:3 points
FG Made 40-49:4 points
FG Made 50+:5 points
FG Missed 0-19:-2 points
FG Missed 20-29:-1 point

Individual Defensive Players

Tackle:1 point
Assisted Tackles:0.5 points
Sack:2 points
Defense Interception:2 points
Forced Fumble:2 points
Fumbles Recovery:2 points
Touchdown (Interception return):6 points
Touchdown (Fumble return):6 points
Touchdown (Blocked kick):6 points
Blocked Kick (punt, FG, PAT):2 points
Safety:2 points
Pass Defended:1 point
Interception Return Yards:1 point per 10 yards
Fumble Return Yards:1 point per 10 yards
10+ Tackles Bonus:1 point
50+ Yard INT Return TD Bonus:1 point

lee909 07-15-2013 08:11 AM

Re: Dynasty IDP league
Nobody :(

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