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ProMallNinja 08-30-2013 01:28 PM

Managers wanted for my 10 team PPR league...
I have kind of a side league that is just for pride and sh!ts & giggles. :-) I'm looking for a few more guys to round it out to 10 teams. There will be some IDP, too. I'll need your e-mail address if you're interested.

Rosters consist of: QB RB RB WR WR WR TE WR/TE WR/RB K DEF LB LB DL DB (tentatively)

All TDs are 7 points.
One (1) point per reception.
May experiment with point per carry.
All turnovers are worth 5 or -5 accordingly.
Tiered FG value.
No yardage bonuses.

Lots of points available the good old fashioned getting yards and TDs. Let me know who's interested. I only have 2-3 spots available. First come first serve. The league will be a mix of fantasy newbs and a few veterans. All welcome.

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