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Turbo Saint 08-10-2011 11:26 PM

nice work w/ the jeff beck...have you seen his dvd (live at ronnie scott's)? awesome show.

i'm down w/ some primus right now, for the record :P

jeanpierre 08-10-2011 11:40 PM

strato 08-11-2011 12:30 AM

strato 08-11-2011 12:35 AM

Crusader 08-11-2011 08:00 AM

How could you listen to her and not fall in love just a little?

strato 08-11-2011 05:38 PM

pumpkindriver 08-11-2011 07:08 PM

I"m not sure how to post vids like y'all do but I"m all about Alt Nation, Sirius/XM channel 36. Madison Rocks!!!

Ooooh, it worked, yay me!!!!

Pete 08-11-2011 07:17 PM

pumpkindriver 08-11-2011 07:21 PM

And one more of the stuff I'm into. ALt Rock is hot, loves the sounds and new music and bands are popping up all the time.

homerj07 08-11-2011 09:14 PM

Weird mix...

rimsky korsakov scheherazade

& some herbie han**** maiden voyage

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