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SmashMouth 03-23-2018 03:44 PM

Johnny Manziel: ďThis is the last of the last chancesĒ
Johnny Manziel says heís feeling better, and that doesnít have much to do with going 36-of-38 passing against air in a pro day workout yesterday.

The former Browns first-rounder told Bruce Feldman of that heís almost 90 days sober, and hasnít done any hard drugs in over a year. For him, thatís as important as another chance to play football, as he detailed his recent struggles and having to tell old friends heís committed to making a real change.

ďI let them know, ĎHey, I gotta be selfish in what Iím doing,'Ē he said. ďI gotta do this for me. Listen, Iím not gonna block your number but if I donít text you back and I donít answer your calls, donít be offended. Iíll call you when I get bored and I wanna say whatís up. But donít invite me on any trips. Donít tell me to go to Texas to go to [frigginí] Sixth Street. None of that.í The people I know that are in my life that by no fault of their own are going to want to do something that I just donít have the luxury of doing anymore. When I first got in the league, did I have some leeway? Sure I did, but I have exhausted all leeway and all second chances. This isnít the second chance. This is the 35th chance. This is the last of the last chances to show people that Iíve made a drastic change in my life, and itís for the better and Iím happy with where Iím at.

ďI need to be safe for myself. Iíve let multiple people knowóguys that had been around me for years, I reached out to a multitude of people and said, ĎListen, Iíve never been selfish in my football career. Iíve always flown you guys to every game. Iíve gotten you tickets. Iíve done everything. But for now, Iím selfish with what I need to do because I donít have room for you guys to come around and for me to get off on a bad path. It just canít happen. Iím happy. Iím married and Iím doing what Iím doing. My wife is my buffer with all of the bullsó. She doesnít let me get away with any of the B.S. Sheís just straight to the point. She has my best interest at heart, and thereís times where I donít like it. Iím still a stubborn guyóI donít like listening all the time. Iíve had a lot better sense of being able to sit back and reflect, even if itís a daily reflection. I have that backstop. Iím working with good people and Iím working the majority of the day.Ē

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