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CHA_CHING 10-16-2019 05:22 PM

Who in the NFC concerns you?
I thought we could use a good debate topic to talk about the other NFC teams who may posse a threat to us.

PANTHERS - Anyone else worried about this team? They've won 4 in a row and seem to have gotten their spark back since the declining Newton was benched. These guys always worry me cause every other year they are a playoff team and McCaffrey is on pace to break the all time scrimmage yards of an RB that puts him in rare company with HoF RBs. I'm not sure yet how I feel about this team, but they do worry me being a division rival.

BEARS - We're about to find out how good they really are.

PACKERS - I'm not truly convinced this team is all that great. They are just barely squeaking out games and are so far going through a weak schedule. Rodgers still looks like a mediocre QB as he has looked like for the past 3 years. Their pass defense is improved, but the run defense is weak and teams are not taking complete advantage of this yet.

VIKINGS - Will believe they are a threat when Kirk Cousins actually beats some decent teams.

LIONS - See Vikings. Stafford is that other QB with a horrible record against good teams. I'm not a believer in Patricia's coaching as Detroit has given up a number of blown leads so far this year and made dumb mistakes that cost them games vs Arizona and Kansas City.

SEAHAWKS - They've won 4 out of their 5 games by a combined 8 points. The more I watch them, the less impressed I am. Russell Wilson is having a season similar to the one Randall Cunningham had in 1991 where he was pulling magic week after week with a struggling Eagles offense. Wilson deserves praise for this and is a true MVP candidate, just as Cunningham was back in 1991 (IMO Cunningham was robbed that year for Montana in one of his less stellar seasons). I'm not convinced these guys are for real and wouldn't be shocked if they're completely flattened by a legit team. We were giving them quite a spanking until they scored points in garbage time, and that was a game where Wilson had 0 turnovers, 0 sacks and passed over 400 yards (this is a feat only accomplished some 18 times in NFL history. Wilson and Troy Aikman in a 1998 game vs Minnesota are the two losing QBs in this stat.)

49ERS - This is the team that personally scares me the most and I can see them being a looming threat in the postseason. They look like the most balanced team besides us in the NFC; offense is under-performing a bit but the defense is carrying them. They're also blowing out the teams that Seattle and the Rams struggle with.

Vrillon82 10-17-2019 03:13 AM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
I dont like beating any team capable to facing us in the playoffs.

I would have to say Seahawks is up there.

CHA_CHING 10-21-2019 06:13 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
Seahawks got beat pretty bad against Baltimore. They're an average team. 4 out of 5 wins by a combined 8 points.

Niners looked bad against Washington, but they still concern me the most.

GeauxForMore 10-21-2019 06:15 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
Packers.........Seahawks next because of Russ.....

RailBoss 10-21-2019 11:51 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
49ers in December and the Pack in the playoffs.
Oh Lord no not the playoffs.

And if Forevers bird could talk he would sound like yours truly.

CHA_CHING 10-22-2019 12:59 AM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
Hope like hell we don't have to travel to Green Bay for the playoffs.

GB strikes me as a team though who could be one and done by running into the wrong wildcard team that could expose their weak run defense and pressure Rodgers into getting sacked and throwing out of bounds.

I think the Rams could potentially do it, but right now the NFC North's future kinda rests on if the Vikings are for real and their rematch with GB.

Crusader 10-22-2019 03:14 AM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
Come one come all! Asswhoopings indiscriminately!

K Major 10-22-2019 07:16 AM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
No one.

SaintsBro 10-22-2019 11:19 AM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
I'm a little worried about the Niners in the Dome but come game time with a couple of Abitas in me, once I get through the metal detector line I'll be fine.

frydaddy 10-22-2019 11:29 AM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
Honestly, no one. I'm not buying the 49ers as legit. The best team they've played so far is the Rams, who were in the midst of a slump, and simply aren't the same team they've been the last couple of years. They (whiners) only managed to beat Washington 9-0 this past week. They're frauds waiting to be exposed.

Panthers might be tough, but they really don't scare me either.

A.8Manning 10-24-2019 12:49 AM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
its tv entertainment. Nothing is frightening about it.
Niners are the only team that matters in the nfc this year

jeanpierre 10-24-2019 06:46 AM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?

Originally Posted by K Major (Post 863230)
No one.

This year? No One. If we don't win, this is on Sean Payton...

K Major 10-24-2019 07:27 AM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?

Originally Posted by jeanpierre (Post 863622)
This year? No One. If we don't win, this is on Sean Payton...

No one. I mean it.

JP - this is a mentally tough & battle tested team. One guy goes down, the next man picks up the slack and does his job. We play good/exceptional special teams (1/3 of where games are won), have a SMOTHERING defense. Guys fly to the ball, not a lot of arm tackling, textbook technique (see rookie CJG) & they are taking the ball away like animals. Offensively, we find different ways to beat you. Running, passing etc ... good coaching.

At some point in the season, I bet we have Brees/2 Glove Teddy & Taysom Hill line up for a "trick" play. What the hell is a defense gonna do?
That freight train (Latavius Murray) is a force. Notice how mid way in the 3rd quarter, those Bears didn't really want to tackle that dude. We got a back to wear defenses out late.

IMO this team is shaping up to be a Juggernaut for 2019.

Audiotom 10-25-2019 10:15 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
Roger Goodell

dizzle88 10-26-2019 12:06 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
Panthers are sticking around, they concern me.

Top 5 Defense and Allen is a ton better than Newton already. What made Newton so good to play against was his indecisiveness, Allen gets the ball out quick and is yet to throw an INT.

They mostly concern me because we played our entire starting D in week 17 last year and Kyle Allen destroyed them. Just before the playoffs started.

CHA_CHING 10-26-2019 02:50 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
Yeah Carolina concerns me too cause they are divisional.

It also fits their incredibly unpredictable track record as a team. They are the one team who will make the playoffs, then have a down year and go back to the playoffs. They were off to a great start last year until Newton's injury.

Utah_Saint 10-26-2019 05:40 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
Packers. Nobody wants to play in Lambeau in January.

WillSaints81 10-26-2019 08:48 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
We're somewhat in the same situation as in 2013. Of course, our defense is much better. Our offense is also a little better. But we find ourselves competing with the NFC West, playing the NFC West, and having the Panthers breathing down our necks.

The first team I'm worried about is Carolina because winning our division is important. The second team I'm worried about is whoever wins the NFC West and that will be SF or LA.

I think we all know had we won the NFC South in 2013 we would have gone to Seattle in the NFCCG. Carolina wasn't winning in Philadelphia.

CHA_CHING 10-26-2019 09:15 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
This season feels nothing like 2013.

The 2013 team was fools gold. They would win at home and put up epic blow outs, then go on the road and struggle to score 20 points. That was a true Jekyll and Hyde team. The 2013 team went into St. Louis and Seattle and looked horrible in both of those games. We struggled in every road game that year and it's definitely not the case this year.

We're kicking ass on the road this year and when are forced to grind out games defensively, we're doing it with success.

I was never confident in 2013 due to how bad we looked in road games and the fact Seattle was running away with the #1 seed pretty early on.

CHA_CHING 10-27-2019 05:01 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
LOL Kyle Shanahan still hasn't learned from the SB loss in Atlanta.

Up 27-3, still passing, get sacked in the end zone and give up a safety.

hitta 10-27-2019 05:33 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
If it wasn't apparent before today, the 49ers are good.

CHA_CHING 10-27-2019 05:36 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
Yeah, they still concern me. They'll be our biggest threat in the NFC, not Green Bay.

K Major 10-27-2019 06:01 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?

Originally Posted by hitta (Post 864438)
If it wasn't apparent before today, the 49ers are good.

That defense is really impressive + they addressed an area of need ... WR.

In saying that, I don't believe in Jimmy Garropolo.

CHA_CHING 10-27-2019 06:44 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?

Originally Posted by K Major (Post 864444)
In saying that, I don't believe in Jimmy Garropolo.

Neither do I. He is a mediocre game manager at best.

Jimmy G really reminds me of Brady from between 2001 to 2006. Before all the GOAT talk, Brady was little more than a game manager who played average most of the time for the Pats first 3 SB wins.

Brady didn't become OMG TOM BRADY until Wes Welker and Randy Moss joined the Pats in 2007.

This Niners team is constructed similar to the old Pats. They're going to be a tough task.

OldMaid 10-30-2019 02:12 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
What team in the NFC concerns me?
The Saints do.

Ohh, oh, I have to pick another team. Ok.
Then SanFran 49’ers.

Really, these next 4 games are divisional then the fifth is SF 49’s are all tough.
Opponents are looking at Saints as a tough team too.

A tough few games only because these are divisional games back to back, but I think Saints will come out on top. Take each game day at a time.
Saints did so well last Sunday.
They are really a hot team.
Of course , Panthers 4-3, Buccaneers 2-5, and Falcons 1-7 would love a W on the Saints for just bragging rights .

Saints pulled through as a team led by Bridgewater and Hill too.
Hmmmmmmm, just maybe Brees having been out with an injury gave him rest and plotting time to take on the second half of the season.
Make his injury , a negative, to a positive.

K Major 10-30-2019 02:16 PM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
If we can ever get back a healthy Tre, Cook, Kamara we could become a juggernaut.

I still think our special teams (kick off team) needs work. That Corderrelle Patterson 103 yard return simply can't happen. Especially when you have Bell, CGJ and Marcus Williams out there.

Lutz needs to get his act together as well.

CHA_CHING 11-05-2019 06:34 AM

Re: Who in the NFC concerns you?
Coming back to this thread.....

Niners are still to be tested.

Panthers don't look like a team that will go away.

Packers are overrated as I have been saying all along.

Vikings folded against a good team, no surprise.

Seahawks are also overrated and only winning games due to Wilson's miracles and MVP caliber season.

I believe next week the Panthers will take care of business in Green Bay. I just have a strong feeling the Packers were just exposed and the Panthers will go in for the kill.

The NFC West is shaping up to be a battle field between the Niners, Rams and Seahawks. I really hope these teams all beat the crap out of each other and whoever wins that division limps into the playoffs out of their element like we did last year.

The NFC North on the other hand is a crap division again this year. Wouldn't be shocked if GB goes 11-5 or 10-6 like they did before and it comes thanks to a 5-1 or 6-0 division record while they struggle with the remainder of their schedule. No team benefits from an easy division more than the Packers and Chiefs have. Everything the Patriots are accused of with the AFC East is actually true for Green Bay and Kansas City. They are the teams most prone to go one and done after barely making the playoffs thanks to a crap division.

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