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VikingSaint 06-20-2006 08:49 AM

Surgery Update
Well, y'all, I had the surgery & the doc says it went well. Unfortunately, I was unable to wee-wee & am now having to deal with a catheter until Thursday afternoon. This, my friends, is NOT a comfortable thing. The doc says we should know more about the tumor as to whether it was benign or malignant in 7 to 10 days. Upon initial inspection, once it was removed, the doc said it appeared benign. I had had a couple of bladder infections over the course of the past couple of years that the doc seems to think they were triggered by this tumor. Bladder infections, by the way, are rare in men - at any age.

Oddly enough, the tumor was discovered when I'd had a routine UA done to check my kidney & bladder functions & my regular doc discovered blood in my urine. My family doc referred me to a urologist & henceforth, the tumor discovered.

The worst part is that they actually had to do TWO catheters as the first one wouldn't stay in. I made the mistake of not relaxing while the nurse was doing this and now most of the muscles in my upper body hurt from tensing up too much from having them put in. The muscles in my arms, abdomen, and back tightened up most.

No good drugs though for pain - dang it. I couldn't get the Darvacet she had prescribed cause I don't get paid till Thursday from work ... Tylenol is all I got. :(

Thanks for the prayers, y'all & for your encouragement. Means a lot to me :D

papz 06-21-2006 05:10 PM

RE: Surgery Update
Glad to hear you're okay.

Catheter... ouch. That brings back horrible memories. I was once scanning this guy at the hospital and he yanked out his catheter from within his wee wee. Man that looked like it hurt especially with all that blood gushing everywhere. Yuck.

NFLDiva 06-21-2006 05:54 PM

RE: Surgery Update
Ahh yes, but the joy of putting one in someone who is acting like an ******* is wonderful...hehehehehehehe

papz 06-21-2006 06:05 PM

RE: Surgery Update
That's pretty cruel... I wouldn't want to piss you off.

:pokechop: :couch:

NFLDiva 06-21-2006 08:22 PM

RE: Surgery Update
Papz??? How could you ever piss me off?? :angel:

VikingSaint 06-22-2006 06:11 PM

Diva, whoever created those infernally evil things should've been forced to endure one for the duration of their existance ... that cruel enough ??? Man, I got that sucker out today & I feel better without the extra baggage - although now I can say " Feel the burn" ... at least until it heals a bit more ... Catheters are EVIL !!!!

BlackandBlue 06-23-2006 01:04 PM

good to see you are doing well, and in such great spirits. the prayers will continue. do keep us posted as to your progress. :)

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