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FatCitySaint 01-29-2010 03:59 AM

Was just thinking.......
Was just having a serious "chuckle" with myself as I was sitting here at work. I was watching one of the videos a fellow member had posted here. One of the new "This video will get you pumped" type.(Great video and song I might add)

As i'm watching this video I notice that our D is just killing folks out there lol. Knocking the snot out of a lot of people, especially QB's! Then it got me thinking..... I wonder if the other 31 teams in this league still think we are a "finesse team"???

Let the chuckling!!!!!

WHO DAT!!!!:p

Choupique 01-29-2010 04:15 AM

Re: Was just thinking.......
When you sneak up on someone you are very sneaky. Think of it as a who dat ninja.

Many teams didn't see the Saints coming. I don't give a rats arse what the stats say, our team has more heart. There is no mojo-ometer, but
we blow other teams off the charts on that scale. Hands down.

Remember the game when one of our OFFENSIVE PLAYERS stole the ball and ran it back? We got more mojo. Just say neaux to Dolts.

They ain't ready for this tidal wave. Horses swim pretty good and manning is a stud, but so is every player on our whole damn team.

We got em licked on special teams. OUR WHOLE DAMN TEAM IS SPECIAL.

The Dolts ain't ready for this much voudou. Manning needs to have his
pants on the ground. He needs some humility. The Saints will gladly
deliver. It is what they do.


The Who Dat Nation understands and the heathens don't. Period.


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