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Saintswrath 02-12-2010 12:45 PM

Idea's for Superbowl rings??
My Idea would be this:

Having the Superdome shaped in diamonds in the backdrop, with a Gold Fleur De Lis lapping over it (beveled) with an Onyx-stone and platinum going around the rim of the Fleur De lis to make it stand out from the Superdome, have the Lombardi on both sides of the Superdome in diamonds or engraved in..
And on the sides have the Superbowl Logo carved and encrusted with a team favorite gem, the NFL logo carved, the day of the superbowl carved, and various things that are New Orleans Oriented mixed in there and probably drop some more diamonds in there...
They have a $4000.00 Budget by the NFL which will pay for 90-95 rings so they have some breathing room from past budgets which were about $2500.00 - $3000.00

Who Dat Will most likely be spelled at the very bottom of the ring or at the rim of it in small insignia, New Orleans and Saints will mush around top and bottom

Like my Idea or you have a better one? or take my idea add to it..
REMEMBER it has to be within a $4000.00 Budget, so don't try and bling it out otherwise Benson will have to catch the tab for the additional cost of it..
don't be too cheap either! Buc's and a few other teams made that mistake and got ugly rings.

- PS if you like my idea the most try and see if any of ya'll can get into WWL radio and say it over the radio, im usually at work but listening so i can't call in all the time, probably over the weekend though.

UK_WhoDat 02-12-2010 12:51 PM

Re: Idea's for Superbowl rings??
Thinking you might have a good one there. Any visuals for ADD affected like me? :bng:

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