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SaintStoneyMount 10-31-2002 01:34 PM

SAINT FALL TO # 6 in ESPN Power Rankings
Gatorman, Gatorman, Gatorman it\'s a bye week dude. Relax. We still got a ways to go. The way I see the Saints can\'t do anything about the rankings now. With our soft second half schedule we are expected to win most of the games. We\'ll get no points there. The only way we move up is when the other teams lose from here on out. But again. How many of them had the Pats before February of last year. Right. They are not even as good as Saintz08 or myself with picks right now, and they get paid to do it. Bottom line is they are not going to give us the respect due until we do what the Pats did last year. Win the damn bowl baby...

SaintStoneyMount 10-31-2002 02:37 PM

SAINT FALL TO # 6 in ESPN Power Rankings
You are right. All you hear is Brett Farve Brett Farve. It\'s as if the whole world forgets how the Saints knocked them off in week 2. And in Atlanta it\'s the Vick show and he sells a lot of Jerseys for the league. Even last year when he was a backup. The Rams have stunk up the place but hey Marshall Faulk is gonna save em. It\'s pure name recognition with these so called experts. Meanwhile, way down in the Bayou a championship is being formulated. So look away experts look away. Shhh! SSM whispers: see ya in San Diego..


saintfan 10-31-2002 02:46 PM

SAINT FALL TO # 6 in ESPN Power Rankings
Ya\'ll know the \"experts\" are there strictly for entertainment right? Right. Still, I can\'t help but get a little peeved when a team we whipped ranks ahead of us...and another thing...are they trying to say the the Dolphins...with Little Ray Ray at QB is a better team than New Orleans? I don\'t know what they\'re smokin\', but I sure wish they\'d share! :P

JOESAM2002 10-31-2002 07:32 PM

SAINT FALL TO # 6 in ESPN Power Rankings
Ah Ha, It\'s me again Margret! Well let\'s face it guys, the national media is like they have always been.Let the Saints do something good and one thing bad happens and the world comes to an end for our Saints. I honestly believe the reason that they are down on the Saints is because of our defense. As we have all discussed here, yes we do have problems on defense but we all think after the bye week it will be a different situation. We may not be the greatest defense to ever play the game but it will be different and better. Dale Carter may and or may not be allowed to come back but we will be better.We had to many cogs get hurt to really challenge anyone on a consistant basis.

Also you are right ,Bret and Vick sell. In the NFL that\'s the name of the game to the owners and Gen. Managers. It\'s all about the money. It was nice to see the Saints on top if even for a short while. But did we really expect them to stay there? We do have a history of shooting ourselves in the foot. However this year I think we all agree, this too will be different. This team has something no Saints team I have ever seen. They have the belief that they can beat ANYONE. Bar none! This bunch says Just bring it baby! And bring a lunch cause it\'s going to be a long day. They have made a believer of me that they truely can come back from any bad situation. I absolutely love Haz and the coaching staff for the job they have done even through adversity. The players are sounding like they really get miffed at themselves when they come up short. These guys KNOW they\'re good and are out to prove it. I believe they will.
As i said, not ordering my Super Bowl tickets just yet, but the stamp is on the envelope.

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