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JimmyB1775 06-16-2012 11:20 AM

Details on the 50,000 Pages
Might as well be on CSC but this is what I thought. In the Marine Corps, we might have a publication with 300 pages but when it gets down to it, 100 might actually discuss what the title says it will.

So... of the 50,000 pages, here's the breakdown:

25,000 pages are the back side of each page.
2,000 pages were intentionally left blank.
5,000 pages are actually fax cover sheets.
250 pages are Intro slides to various powerpoints
250 pages are Summary/Quesions slides to the same powerpoints
1,793 pages were part of a printer malfunction
852 pages were labeled "intentionally left blank" for the purpose of seperating documents
7,123 pages were explanation and intent summaries written by NFL legal describing how information can be spun to prove bounties
1,205 pages were that page that prints out with just the website URL on it after the website you actually wanted to print

That leaves 6,527 pages of "evidence" which I'm sure will include all the stuff which isn't actually relevant to any investigation. I bet 6,327 pages were printouts of Twitter and Facebook pages.

So there you have it Who Dats and Who Dettes... The NFL's evidence in a nutshell.

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