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FrenzyFan 09-12-2004 01:54 PM

At least we ended on a high note... at half time
That was a painful half of football to watch. Very sloppy football, all around. At least by the end, we've done some things right and managed to keep ourselves in the game.

The Good
The D is playing better ball than I thought they would against the 'hawks' offense. We aren't getting as much pressure on the QB as I hoped to see, but the coverage is fairly good except for Ambrose (more on this in "The Bad"). We are stopping the run for the most part, except in the red zone (more on this in a bit). Watson is playing good ball and could grow into the MLB we really need by mid-season or so. DT Young rules, that guy never stops running.
Michael Lewis - He still has it and he doesn't seem like he's afraid this year. Great return.

The Bad
Ambrose - The worst part of him is that he KNOWS he doesn't have it anymore. He plays ten yards off the line because he is so slow. They could burn him all day on stop routes, hope they aren't reviewing tape in the locker room of the 'hawks.
Red Zone Runs - Running outside against us in the red zone (and elsewhere for that matter) is hurting us. We are simply getting beat at just outside the tackles. Our DEs are supposed to be pass-rushers and there has been some critisicm of their ability to play the run. I am seeing the truth of it this game.
Passing Game - AB is rusty as heck. Most of his throws are off-target, in some cases badly off target. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, if it hits you in the hands you have to catch it. Someone should teach our WRs/TEs. Neither QB or receivers look good. As an aside, that sack on AB was because he took the snap in the shotgun and then did a three step drop. There was a pocket, he was just out of it too far back and for some reason doesn't have the gift to "feel the rush" and step up. That is a classic AB mistake.
Running Game - I can't see exactly why, but Deuce is a non-factor today. Some of it is that the Seahawks don't respect our passing game. Some is our O-line losing the battle up front. Some of it looks like Deuce is a bit tentative. All I know is that it seems to me the two TE set runs are not working. They haven't all pre-season, you'd think they would have adjusted.

All in all, we are still in it. Here's hoping we keep the momentum in the second half.

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whodatsaintsfan26 09-12-2004 01:59 PM

At least we ended on a high note... at half time
They have got to keep the fullback on the field to get the running game going. The only runs Duece has had has been with a fullback

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