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frankeefrank 03-02-2005 01:38 AM

Going to get chastised... but
I don't see us taking a LB or DL in the first round.
1. Our noted propensity for drafting the "best avaliable" at 16 can that possibly be anyone from the afor mentioned positions?
LB is deep in '05. There's a play maker from Nebraska no one is talking about. RUUD Why not take him in 2nd?
DL is overwhelmingly hyped... But we are stocked there.
Sully sucks yes, but he is still young and on our cap. Plus, with the passing game taking such a fron tseat in today's game, I feel the third DE is revolutionary.
And should be emphasized. So no Howard deal.

2. Look who's ahead of us...
CLEV - D-coordinator minded HC will go that route with a proven no. 2 (Holcombe to get him through the '05 season.)
OAK - now MIN - Need a rush DE... DT to add pressure
AZ - will get a QB in FA, so look DL too
DET is where Johnson goes
HOU and KC need D help as well....

WHO's behind us...
STL, BUF, GB and DEN plus BAL all have needs
I'd like us to pick up a no.2 and future no. 1

At that point we start to accumulate talent.
Sure I know, we need a playmaker.
But with another no.2 we've upgraded our depth and gained a no.1
No need in this draft to select in the first round, unless we go after a WR
Edwards, or Mike Williams.
They will be the jewels in this years draft.

frankeefrank 03-02-2005 01:41 AM

Going to get chastised... but
Oh and,
I should give my no.2 picks right?

Mike Munoz T Tenn
Michael Boley OLB So. Miss ran a 4.59 twice
or Mark Clayton WR OK
OR another Mike from somewhere

[Edited on 2/3/2005 by frankeefrank]

ssmitty 03-02-2005 05:11 AM

Going to get chastised... but
while the saints completely dumbfound some of it\'s fans with their draft picks, (and with good reasons) the bpa may be another way of a team saying we did not get the guy we wanted. smoke screens are already in place and it won\'t surprise me in the least as to who they go after in fa or the draft. they already know who they want.....or would like to have.....i\'m all for picking up extra picks and for a change would love to see the saints stockpile in the draft.
and after fa and the draft let\'s hope we\'re not telling ourselves,

Euphoria 03-02-2005 08:53 AM

Going to get chastised... but
actually I would have to agree with you, I am leaning toward OL on this first round pick. I\'d hate for them to snag Adam Terry at 16 so I am hopeing they manage to trade back for extra picks and get Terry out of SU. Right now I can\'t see us going in any directions other than OL.

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