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duece4pres 03-12-2005 01:20 AM

Joe Horn Is #1
How can anyone who saw the same season I saw last year say that Horn isn't top 5 material. The man has a good years left in him. He has HEART and tenacity, something the Saints have lacked for a long time. Benson needs to suck it up and give the man the money that he's worth. There is only thing you can say about good ole Joe,"He's only gotten better every year." I'm sorry, Pro Bowl better every year!

WhoDat 03-12-2005 09:17 AM

Joe Horn Is #1
You\'re right. Of the other \"big names\" (Owen, Moss, Harrison), Horn is the only one who had a season in 2004 that was better than his season of three and five years ago. He\'s also not as old as people make out. He\'s 33. Harrison is 33 and he just got a 7 year $67 million contract. Owens will be 32 before this season starts (AND NO PEOPLE, JOE HORN WILL NOT BE 34 THIS SEASON - his birthday is in January, so unless the Saints are playing deep in the playoffs, Horn will be 33 all season). Moss, the 28 year old baby is a problem child.

The Saints offense is incredibly inconsistent, lacks leadership, and rarely performs up to its talent level. Given all that, why would a person want to get rid of the one guy whose play is consistently at a Pro Bowl level, who plays with heart and desire, who show leadership on the field, and who plays above a level most people this he is capable of? I just don\'t get that.

I mean, look at these players and tell me which has played UP TO expectations:

Aaron Brooks
Deuce McAllister
Donte Stallworth
Boo Williams
Ernie Conwell
LeCharles Bentley (Maybe when he played guard)
Wayne Gandy
Montrae Holland
Victor Riley (LOL)
Kendel Jacox

Joe Horn
(Maybe you can add Karney, b/c I didn\'t expect a ton from the FB position and he lays the lumber).

But really, Joe Horn is the ONLY big time and consistent performer on the offense. Sure let\'s get rid of him. That\'s a sure way to go marching into the playoffs.

Euphoria 03-12-2005 11:39 AM

Joe Horn Is #1
I recall Horn WIDE OPEN in the endzone and dropping a pass. REALITY. I love Horn don\'t get me wrong. He doesn\'t step up and become a leader AT TIMES. He needs to be that outspoken leader 24/7. If I was drafting WR... he\'d be the 5th I would consider picking not before and i mean consider.
Again don\'t get me wrong, I wouldn\'t consider getting rid of Horn until next year or so, lol.

I think the other problem is that Horn is a great WR but he isn\'t someone who people sees as one who can take it to the house everytime he gets the ball. He seems to get open and make grabs and he\'ll get stats but...

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