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saintsfan1313 03-14-2005 01:57 PM

Questions with FA, Draft and so on......
Alright, I know there have been tons of threads dedicated to some of these topics, but they always seem to trail off on some debate totally unrelated to the orignal topic.

The Dallas and Dat Deal

How is it that a suggested deal leaked of Dat and a 2nd rounder?? If it was a deal, why the ^%# didnt we take it?? Any truth to that being an actual offer and just rumor? As of now we have one hour to deal Howard and i saw recently on a Cowboys website that the deal is now in limbo????

How are we not high on DJ for the upcoming draft?? This has to be a smokescreen, there no way any team cannot be interested in DJ, probably the most complete player in the draft.

Ok, just a couple things i was wondering about

LKelley67 03-14-2005 04:02 PM

Questions with FA, Draft and so on......
ya never know on these things as they are developing in negotiations. the devil can be in the details. it could have been an offer not accepted or only a rumor. on another thread there is discussion of the time parameters of trading howard. as for dj if they were in a spot to consider him i hope the words would be different. maybe, maybe not with this fo, ya never know. they seem inclined to often outsmarting everyone else to their own loss imo. no way dj will be at #16 so it doesnt matter much. as high as i am on him, this is not a good draft to move up in either. as vital as lb\'s have been under crennel defenses he looks like da man for cleveland.

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