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WhoDat 08-09-2005 10:01 AM

PLEASE READ: Posting News

Everyone here appreciates when members post news stories to the forum. It helps keep us all informed, up-to-date, and lends interesting insight and topics for discussion. Thank you to everyone who regularly posts news.

Please, please, PLEASE, just try to be sure that an article hasn't already been posted before you start a new thread. There has been a lot of clutter and repetition recently, and we just want to try to avoid that. Here are a couple of suggestions that might help allay these problems:

1. Before posting new articles, try and look and see if the topic has already come up on the board.

2. Use the article's title as the subject to the thread. This will make it easy to identify for anyone else wanting to post it. If the title doesn't clearly identify the topic, add your comments after in parentheses, like this:

Saints to Shuffle (DE Rotation)

3. Post a link to the original article in the thread.

4. Try to avoid reposting essentially the same content in a different thread. If there is a thread called "Saints to Shuffle (DE Rotation)" that includes an article from the TP, and you've got an article from the Advocate called "Saints to Shuffle DEs" - first figure out if it adds anything new at all. If not, don't post it. If you feel it does add some new information, post it in the EXISTING thread on the topic.

Again, everyone here appreciates the news, but it can be frustrating to wade through 25 new threads that all contain the exact same reports on injuries, rehashed quotes, and the same analysis about the depth chart. Lets try to minimize this and combine threads where possible.

Thanks everyone.

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