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    Why Mark Ingram WILL have Monster year . . ..

    I'm hoping for it! Geaux Ingram!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted 06-11-2014 at 05:22 PM by Halo Halo is offline
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    Why I wanted to trade Jimmy Graham

    As I believe I've pointed out in other posts the ship of JG being gone has sailed. There are only three possible outcomes and one is virtually impossible:

    1. Long term contract
    2. JG plays under the 1 year tender.
    3. JG holds out the entire season (this is the virtually impossibility)

    It's just not possible to separate a player from the context they play in. Stating that JG would be a lesser player on another team is a moot point. The point is over the last 3 years JG has had close to historic production for a TE in the system he's in. To let that production get away for nothing would be foolish on the team's part.

    As for the money, we all know that all NFL contracts are barely worth the paper they are written on. The only money that counts is the guaranteed money. Everything else is subject to restructure or if necessary releasing the player on the back end of the contract. As you can see from the last 4-5 QB contracts, that Brees' $60 million guaranteed is almost a bargain. And he will restructure when the times comes and if he wants to continue playing.

    And Dave, it's not possible to trade a player that you do not have under contract. As of this moment JG is a free agent. The Saints only rights to him are under the franchise tender. They have no rights to trade.

    And once again I just have to wonder about everyone's frustration about someone trying to get paid a fair wage to do their job. Despite the fact that the discussion is about 10s of millions of dollars, I'd bet a dime to a dollar that we would all operate under the same principles if we were in a similar situation.

    1. If you were doing a job for a training wage and you were doing the job better than anyone has ever done it, when it was time to sign for the contract, would you not want to get as much as you could?

    2. If you had an opportunity to reclassify your job position and get a 20% raise, would you not put in the paperwork?

    3. If other companies were offering you top dollar for your services, would you not go back to the company you were working for and ask for a raise that's close the offers you are getting from others?

    4. Would you expect your family and friends to get mad with you because you are trying to get paid?

    5. Finally if the offer wasn't as good as the outside offers would you stay with your current company and give them "the hometown discount" out of loyalty?

    I know we are all passionate about the Saints. But this is business and making a living for the players, staff, and organizations. I fully expect that top rated players are going ask for, and are often given, close to fair market value for their services. To expect otherwise is nonsensical.

    I still shake my head at fans that thought that we needed to let Brees go during his last contract negotiation.

    Let me give you some prospective on this. There are currently 8 tight ends in the NFL HOF (with Gonzales and Gates to be locks). With 41 TDs over 4 years Graham has already passed 3 of them on the all time TD list. With 15 more (not an unreasonable goal for 2014), he will have passed everyone except for Shannon Sharpe. He will have more TDs than Jason Witten (currently at 52) in half the time.

    Just think about it a bit...

    Posted 06-09-2014 at 10:06 AM by SaintFanInATLHELL SaintFanInATLHELL is offline
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    Why I wanted to trade Jimmy Graham


    I'm so tired of this bull with Graham...U know u r not a wide receiver...U even was elected to the Pro Bowl as a Tight End... The Saints were willing to make u the highest paid tight end which u rightfully deserved... I don't know if Graham is taking this approach himself or listening to his agent or what but it needs to come to an end... Like I've stated before, we won a ring without him, even though it would be very nice to have him for this run, we've shown we can do it without him... And now with the pieces we've added I feel this team is just as good if not better than the '09 team... So if he can't get his mind right, Mickey should go ahead and pull the trigger for a trade and take a 1st and two 3s ... We wouldn't have the burden of his contract and we can sign a Jermicheal Finley if he is physically fit...

    Talk to a team of our liking, preferably Tennessee or Buffalo (AFC)
    Seattle, New England and San Francisco can offer all they want but no dice...

    Posted 06-08-2014 at 04:09 PM by davethe3 davethe3 is offline
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    Why I wanted to trade Jimmy Graham

    Not quite sure how you would want to let go of a 6'6 270 pound TE who runs like a deer when healthy. The guy was having a MONSTER season until his injury week 6. He tore his Plantar Fascia man, this causes some serious pain. Still, his play only suffered in a few games against teams who had good game plans to take him out of the game. He finished the season with 86 grabs for 1,215 yards with 16 TDs(league leading) with a 14.1 average. Including six 100+ yard games. Some one else has to step up in games against teams that have an effective game plan, Jimmy can't do everything. With Cooks being the threat he is I think the pressure will be taken back off a Graham and he will have another monster season. Not trying to bash you. I just feel like he's worth it.
    Posted 06-08-2014 at 03:54 PM by whodatson504 whodatson504 is offline
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    Posted 05-13-2014 at 02:29 PM by QBREES9 QBREES9 is offline
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    Landry over Beckham Jr.

    A long time ago, we had a great receiver with great hands. His name was Eric Martin. If you put the ball anywhere around him he could catch it. Made a lot of incredible catches too, but even though we won a pretty good amount of games, we never got to the playoffs, never won a playoff game and didn't win any Super Bowls with him as great as he was. Part of the reason for this was because we didn't have the speed merchant. The guy that could take the top off of a defense. Eric would make a lot of plays but teams would just clamp down on our offense because we didn't have that player that put fear into a defense. Finally we got that with Devery Henderson and still had the hands receivers in Colston, and Moore and we won a playoff game, we won an NFCCG and we won a Super Bowl.

    What I'm getting at here is that without that WR that can flat out burn you if you sleep on him, teams will slowly during the course of a game clamp down on defense and crowd the line of scrimmage and stop the run as well as clamp down on your slow WR's to the point where they will beat you. Even if your speed WR doesn't have the greatest hands (Devery Henderson as an example) he will still catch a ball every so often. Enough so that teams must respect the fact that you can get behind them and score some points if they crowd the line too much. It's the threat as much as the catch. We had the great D and a pretty good O, but when you don't scare a defense they will eat you alive. Right now we have only 1 speed WR who is basically destined to become a faster Lance Moore slot WR that has #1 WR speed and hands. We have Toon to take Colston's spot as the slower bigger possession WR, and we have the speed WR that can scare defenses in Morgan. Problem is, we don't have any depth. In this draft, we have the opportunity to get both depth at the speed WR spot and the possession WR spot and if it's me, I'm going for the speed guy first as those are the players that will be gone the soonest then with the depth in the draft for WR's, I'll get my hands guy later, but don't count out a guy that's fast just because he has only slightly worse hands than the slower guy.
    Posted 05-06-2014 at 01:21 PM by Marlboro Man Marlboro Man is offline
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    Landry over Beckham Jr.

    I too love Jarvis Landry. I didn't watch the video but we all know about his phenomenal hands and the clutch catches he's made. Did the video show what a great blocker and special teams player he's been? He thinks he's a linebacker. Very big hands, catches EVERYTHING!, great blocker, breaks tackles, and stronger than he looks. He may not be the best WR in this draft class, but I think he's in the top 5. The tall kid from A&M looks great. I hope we get two great WRs and a stud tailback. I wonder where Jeremy Hill will get picked?
    Posted 05-05-2014 at 12:37 PM by billyt81 billyt81 is offline
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    Landry over Beckham Jr.

    Knocked it out of the park J-S, IMO (it's baseball season & I feel obligated to use baseball metaphors, ) ... I've been getting buried with all the Sammy Watkins conversation in my neck-of-the-woods & keep thinking, "Why is no one talking about a value-pick if this draft is so heavy with WR's & who would it be?" ... this guy would make a great #2 or #3 behind Calvin & Golden Tate and at the right price too, .
    Posted 04-25-2014 at 06:18 AM by SloMotion SloMotion is offline
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    Is this Manning's last Hurrah?

    His 2015 Salary is guaranteed if he is on the roster at the end of 2014. They will get another year from him.
    Posted 04-24-2014 at 02:51 PM by TheOak TheOak is offline
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    Landry over Beckham Jr.

    Ive had the same feeling about Landry even before draft talks started. Dark Horse Son!!!
    Posted 04-15-2014 at 11:11 PM by B_Dub_Saint B_Dub_Saint is offline
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    Landry over Beckham Jr.

    This didn't change my mind any. Only because I've been saying this about him for the past couple years. He has the best hands I have ever seen, by a wide margin. You can definitely see it in this video.

    Thanks for posting and giving him some respect he deserves.
    Posted 04-13-2014 at 07:29 PM by burningmetal burningmetal is offline
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    Landry over Beckham Jr.

    For the spot lights it is Beckham hands down. He provides all the media and fans with the glitz and glamor they love. But IMO it is in Landry you will find a longevity and the ultimate love for a player. He will not give you the highlight reels for ESPN like Odell but by all odds will be productive from day one till the end of his playing day,
    Much like Fitzgerald and Boldin in Arizona. Week in and week out Fitz puts up the highlights and Boldin produced quietly. Not until he left the cards did the average fan start to see how much of an impact he had on a game. I see the same here. I always liked Boldin over Fitz so i might be bias in my view here.
    Of all the WR in the draft i can only see Landry as a player that has a chance to duplicate Boldins effect on a game. He is a top my wr board for the saints style of offense. Landry is my player to make those unreal plays time and time again to keep drives alive. That equals more points for the saints and fewer chances for opposing teams to score. not highlight reel material but it does put more "W's" up at the end of a season.
    It all comes down to ATTITUDE.
    Posted 04-13-2014 at 05:56 AM by hagan714 hagan714 is offline
    Updated 04-13-2014 at 06:05 AM by hagan714
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    Fun facts: Since legalizing marijuana in Washington and Colorado, the Broncos & Seahawks ...

    ^^^ Ooops, may have been a little hasty with my previous observation ... anyone notice which two teams participated in SuperBowl XLVIII?

    ... sometimes I feel just like Nostradamus on these boards,
    Posted 03-30-2014 at 05:12 AM by SloMotion SloMotion is offline
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    Saints Free Agency 2014

    Drink heavily. Wash, rinse, repeat!
    Posted 03-15-2014 at 05:14 PM by Halo Halo is offline
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    Sanity Zone 2-24-2014 The $500 Millon Man

    Make sure you have stops in place.
    Posted 03-11-2014 at 10:47 PM by SmashMouth SmashMouth is online now
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    Sanity Zone 2-1-2014 Is New York Shining a Light on the Obvious?

    This is what happens when you host the Super Bowl and its festivities in separate states and cities.

    Historically they have not been hosted on anyone's home field so there is a small disconnect between the game and that cities fans who love another team. Hosting the game and festivities in separate cities and states creates a further disconnect.

    Goodell tried to do the city of New York a favor... after all that is there the NFl's corporate office is. I will assume there were under the table discussions between himself and the cities chief politicians. I can not for any other reason logically understand why they had it the way they did.
    Posted 02-03-2014 at 07:30 AM by TheOak TheOak is offline
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    Sanity Zone 1- 24 - 2014 Just Plain Mean

    I will go beyond all that has and hasn't been said by Christie or about Christie.
    Christie is the Governor of New Jersey, he was born in Newark, NJ. and presently lives in NJ... Thats a home town guy that should know every nook and cranny, the traffic issue was around 8 miles from where he grew up, 30 miles from where he presently lives.... so he is intimately familiar with the area and its traffic.

    As huge of an ordeal it was lasting three days... Christie never asked WTF is going on? Not once did he try to figure out if there was a way to expedite what ever it was that was going on so that it had minimal impact on emergency vehicles and school buses? Did he just figure it was a convenient mishap?

    Plausible deniability was created and is being maintained so just like CEOs, and all the higher tier politicians surrounding Corporations and Governmental agencies where wrong doing is going on... He either knew and should be personally held accountable or he didn't know and should be removed from office for being inept.

    For the second paragraph in your reply I will leave you with a quote ~ "What does it matter"?
    Posted 01-27-2014 at 01:21 PM by TheOak TheOak is offline
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    Sanity Zone 1- 24 - 2014 Just Plain Mean

    Oak, you're on the money here. In his 2 hour press conference, Christie noted that he "wasn't a micromanager," but the cameras didn't show the snickering of any of the aids or legislators or lobbyists in attendance. His reputation is that of a supreme interventionist. That his chubby hands weren't involved in this is virtually inconceivable, but as a former prosecuter, understandable that he didn't document his involvement so he could have "plausible deny-ability."

    It should be noted that several top people did lose their jobs at the IRS, but not for "Benghazi" (in brackets here because there were 30 other attacks on embassies and other US installations that same day, so picking out one and not the others gives the administration problems - where's the diligence on those?)

    As for Enron, far more people than Skilling were responsible for that mess, but they got away. It was rife with corruption at many levels. Its a shame that it took almost 2 years and $40 million to just get that one guy. Makes you wonder why they go after any white collar guy at all, especially in Texas, where flouting the federal law appears to be a cause for celebration.
    Posted 01-27-2014 at 12:55 PM by xan xan is offline
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    Sanity Zone 1- 24 - 2014 Just Plain Mean

    This entire Nation has failed itself in respect to accountability. Even in the case of Christie, someone took the fall but it was not the top of the food chain. The double standard between the private sector and politicians is bathed in hypocrisy.

    When foul play was found at Enron, Skilling was held accountable. When foul play was found in Christies administration a lamb was sacrificed. The higher up you go in the political food chain the less accountability is held as evident by no one being held accountable for the IRS/Tea Party scandal, Benghazi, etc...
    Posted 01-27-2014 at 08:03 AM by TheOak TheOak is offline
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    Sanity Zone 1- 24 - 2014 Just Plain Mean

    I think there are a couple of key differences between the Christie Bridge and the IRS 501c4 scandals.
    • The Christie top staff conceived and initiated the bridge program without authority or notice.
    • The Congress gave the authority to the IRS to make determinations, and the actions taken were conceived and initiated by an admitted "conservative Republican" the Cincinnati field office.
    • The CB initiative was political retribution for not supporting the "bipartisan governor"
    • The IRS initiative was a "shortcut" to determine if applicants were trying to gain undeserved tax exempt status as Congress cut the budget for the staff performing this work. Evidence suggests that conservative, liberal and progressive identified political applicants were given extra scrutiny, though anti-tax, Israel, and Occupy applications got more frequent scrutiny.
    • The result of the CB initiative created a dangerous public hazard and cost millions in wasted time and money and energy.
    • The applicants for the 501c4 status were allowed by law to proceed doing business as if they had achieved their exempt status during the review process. Only one applicant was denied. No firm suffered damages, only few endured increased scrutiny.

    I guess I'd have to ask this question:
    If forced to chose which violation you'd want, do you want to have the government indiscriminately block your access to hospitals, bridges and commerce because you didn't vote for them or do you want more scrutiny on people who don't want to pay taxes?

    As a personal editorial, I would like greater scrutiny on tax exempt companies. The potential for abuse, especially with the 501c4 "donor undisclosed" feature, is the primary reason the IRS got in trouble in the first place. Congress has to fix the tax laws and also appoint somebody other than the IRS to make the determination as to who should or shouldn't be granted tax-exempt status.

    As a further note, my organization applied in August of 2012 for 501c3 Tax exempt status to conduct basic immune system research. We have yet to receive our assignment. We are not disadvantaged by this at all.
    Posted 01-24-2014 at 03:18 PM by xan xan is offline

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