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New Orleans Saints 2016 NFL Draft 2 - 47

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Posted 04-23-2016 at 11:02 AM by hagan714
Updated 04-23-2016 at 11:30 AM by hagan714

New Orleans Saints 2016 NFL Draft 2 - 47

Best players to pray for to drop into Saints lap?

Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas 6047 250 7.68

We all know about the best TE in the draft. Love the way he runs and move after the catch. Blocking? Well he is better than old whats his name we traded to to Seattle. A 3 Point stance is not exactly his best position.

Conner Cook QB Michigan St. 6042 220 4.89
Despite the naysayers i still like this kid. 3 yrs of continuous player rotation and yet he found a way to win. I swear he was sandwiched between two good recruiting classes and his was so so at best. He is a gun slinger and threw some picks that were less than desirable and yet others if he had the talent at WR some of the other picks would have been caught. To those that point to completion percentage, I point to three years of dropped passes that put the Spartans a near top the NCAA rankings in each of those years. The captain bit is opened to interviews. Bottom line the kid does what it takes to win.

Tyler Boyd WR Pittsburgh 6014 197 4.47
Has the skill set to become one of the best WR in this draft. Not only because the draft is so lacking but because he is smart, silky smooth, a natural, impressive ball skills. His knock is more to do with the various reason Pitt tanked so bad this year. IMO Due to Treadwells forty I see Tylers stock to get a boost and he is back solidly in the round 1/2 range. He is a QBs best friend. He will be in the right spot, at the right time each and every time.

OK Reality sets in.

Sean Davis, DB/FS/SS, Maryland 6011 201 4.46
If you read a scouting report where they go on about his skill set as a CB and it closes with he might have to move back to safety. I hope it was short in length and you did not waste too much of your life reading a scouting report by an idiot. The only reason Davis was at CB was due to need and nothing more. Go back to 2014 and watch this kid play safety. Then think of this year at CB as a polishing time for his recognition and ball-skills prepping him for the move back to safety. Jalen Ramsey, Sean Davis and Karl Joseph are probably the best run support safeties in the draft. Absolute lights-out hitters. Davis does not have the hips to be considered an equal to Jalen Ramsey and his justified hyped upside in coverage. But Davis has better closing speed, larger frame and longer arms than Joesph. Joesph,
hands down is the best Safety coming off the edge in the draft I will give him that. He is amazing. This is the not so poor mans version of Jalen Ramsey

Darian Thompson FS/S S Boise St 6017 208 4.56
What can you say about the kid that is not already out there. He is a safety with a ton of experience at the position and it shows. What is scary is he is another uber talented kid with "which way did he go" syndrome in way to many games, But the question I have is this, Is he undisciplined and can coaching correct this? I look at the INT numbers this kid has put up and I lean towards coaching this kid up is the answer. You have a very good chance of getting an solid impact player that will not cost you a game here and there as most media scouts are now labeling him with.

Now for the beef

Austin Johnson NT Penn State 6043 314 5.32
He is a fav of mine as most here know. A true NT in every sense of the word. The same reasons I like Reed so much is why I like Austin: HUSTLE. Put pads on the kid and that 20 time does not change. He is a poor mans Robinson with more upside than people give him credit for IMO. He might be the safest pick in round 2

Chris Jones DT/DE Mississippi St 6045 308 5.03
Talent is there without a doubt. My number one concern is simple, Where did he go in the first half of the season? Second half he was almost unstoppable. Now I do give him a bit of a pass in the fact he was a JUCCO transfer. If this was a case were the light just clicked on then he is a steal. Team him up with Reed up front and the saints would have what possibly could turn out to be one of the top DT combos in the NFL. This your high risk high reward king of round 2.

Kenny Clark NT UCLA 6025 314 5.06
Here is an interesting kid. People talk about stamina a lot. But when you look at the poor rotation at UCLA and ungodly number of snaps he took you have to wonder about the kids wear and tear more than desire or condition.

Vetron Butler NT LA Tech 6035 323 5.33
Ok he is in the top 5 finalist for the crown in off season beauty pageant. But like I said in my disclaimer I put up yellow flag due to the lack of quality interior OL in this draft. Then there is the big question: Where is all the production the lower level. Should we be looking for a OG in his conference? Does this kid lack desire? IMO he is top 5 for the crown of Boom or Bust. But I understand the temptation.

My pick

Sean Davis, DB/FS/SS, Maryland 6011 201 4.46
I am a huge fan of Sean Davis. And most here Know. Just like Ramsey, Davis from day one is a modern day SS. A SS that can not only play in the box but can cover the entire field. Drop him either down or play him deep. He will do it all. People will pay for entering his area. In two years when Byrd flies the coup the question of who will be the full time FS will already be answered.

I am torn Here. "IF" the
interview went well. The pick would be

Chris Jones DT/DE Mississippi St 6045 308 5.03

The chance to stop the defensive ship from sinking, shoring it up for the next few years and have the same problems the Panthers with signing both Star and Short is just too temping to pass up. So I am rolling the dice here

Best talent to tumble?

Vadal Alexander LOG/T LSU 6051 326 5.39

He is a mauler that moves better than most give him credit for. In a Zone based offense he seems to lack that second level radar IMO. You know the search out and pancake ability. Way too often he is seen just trotting a long with his head on a swivel muttering "which way did he go. which way did he go" like in an old Saturday morning cartoon. Put him in a power offense and point him at his target you will be hard pressed to find better at OG. Do not entertain any ideas of this kid at OT in your mind.

Joshua Perry, LB Ohio State: 6036 254 4.68
This is my Rodney Dangerfield of the draft. The kid does not get the credit he deserves. Sure he is not flashy but he can handle a RB in the flat and down the field with some safety help over the top. TE are no issue. He is a beast against the run. Vastly under rated as a blitzer too. I love players that play with reckless abandonment and are highly productive despite it. That is a sign of a solid IQ IMO. He does not get baited easy despite of his style.

The Serpent in the Garden of Eden?

Germain Ifedi OT/OG 6060 324 5.27
A three year starter carrying the label "if a coach can tap into that talent" or better put, will a kick in the side of the head to get his attention as to how good he really could be. Worries me this high in the draft

Le'Raven Clark 6052 316 5.16
He is a mess and needs a ton of coaching. Spread Offenses are
notorious for producing terrible fundamentals in OL prospects. Thus my concerns when drafting DL that play spread offenses all the time. So coaching is needed but a year, two or maybe three? If you end up drafting this kid later and do invest the time in him, there is a very good chance you may turn out with the steal in the draft. The talent is there. OG or OT makes no difference he has the skill set. But what a mess.

TJ Green DB Clemson 6024 209 4.34
Yet another "which way did he go" players in my book. BUT like any WR moved to S it does take time and to be honest he is no where near as bad as his fellow safety at Clemson, Jayron Kearse in losing his assignment. So upside I see but proceed slowly and with caution because this one may end up sitting way more than you think in year one. But he could be everything you hope for. But can you afford to sit him.

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