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Barack Hussein Obama better watch his back

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Posted 01-21-2009 at 08:46 AM by hagan714

I am one of the few who asked were the "None of the Above" selection was. Forgetting for a moment why the politicians removed it. "None of the Above" probably would be winning most of elections now-a-days.

I did not vote for him. I voted to keep the system split. Dem's had congress so I could not do it. Never let one group control a thing. They always screw it up, resulting in the tax payers getting screwed. I call it "Bullies in the sand box".

Now that the Dem's are in total control watch them screw this up. Health care will be the first victim. They will attack the dollars spent and not attack the poor quality of health care in the system itself. The insurance companies will get richer and we, the American people, will get a lower quality health care. The republicans would have not done any better. If neither would have had complete control then we might have stood a chance. That is why I voted the the way I did and an example of my view point for that vote. Any how.....

I am proud of the fact this country has elected an African American to office. The fact he is also very knowledgeable about the Moslium faith, Being raised with a Moslium parent maybe good for this country and our foreign affairs as long as the country comes first and religion remains second. We all end up praying to the same God in the end.

Times have changed. Now if the media could change with the times and drop the race card like most of the the voters have, then maybe it will be a true change in the right direction. God, I got tired of the race issue and the funny thing was most of the African American that got interviewed mentioned the historic moment for what it was and seemed to tier of the media person with the mic asking stupid questions over and over again with racial over tones.

The one thing that did bother me was the statement:

Whites finally embracing and doing the right thing.

During the swearing in? Yes in the ceremony itself. That was not a step in the right direction. If the word black was used alone it would have been hell to pay. Much less singling out a particular race has having been wrong all along. One small step for America forward and a giant leap backwards for its people as a whole. There are a few more but why go on and on with each one. This one was ill timed and poorly placed in history. Barack should have his office omit that part from the service no matter who said it.

Is it now time for all the bigots of a minority color to raise their ugly faces and attack those that are white? A bigot is a bigot no matter the color of their skin. Hate is not going to solve a thing no matter how you justify it or how eloquently you put. Hate got us here in the first pace and it is just that, hate.

Calling me by my color and not calling yourself by your color because it offend you, makes a person just as wrong as those the person point out as being a bigots for using that phrase or any other. Hypocrites one and all. Me?, I can live with being called White so I have no problems in saying I am proud a Black Man final made it. Call me a Catholic Euro American if you have too. Sounds totally stupid to me. But give me the same respect you want given to yourself.

Barack is going to get stabbed in the back time and time again by people that are going to use this moment in history, as great as this one is, to vent their own hate.

Barack term as president might end up tainted by the mouths of people who missed the boat all together in the meaning of this moment in our countries history. Then he will have to deal with the flames of ignorance fueled by the main stream media. Remember their only goal is to fatten their own pockets and a divided country will do just that.

We are one nation comprised of one type of people, Americans. Till the time this nation truly accepts this simple ideology we as a nation will not move forward. This may turn into a good thing and those bigots of color finally get a chance to be viewed for what they truly are, bigots and no better than the bigots they are complaining about in the first place. We all know and quickly the identify the white bigots and attack them for what they are already.

It will be up to the American people to attack them in the media as they have attacked others. That is if the main stream media will allow it. Then, just maybe then, will we as a people truly begin to learn to live as one in this country. Never to late to change. Never to late to accept that some people will never change either. Remove them from the spot light so they can not spread their hate and their ideologies of hates any further.

Barack has his work cut out for himself to make this nation accept his dream:

We are one nation comprised of one type of people, Americans.
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    bobad's Avatar
    I detest bigotry, and tire of people using race for leverage of any kind. With Obama in office, when someone tries to say how their race is held down, I can point toward Washington DC and say: The President begs to differ, now put away the race card.
    Posted 01-21-2009 at 01:38 PM by bobad bobad is offline

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    Hagan----I believe there are way too many distractions for people to see the truth--people blame the democrats, people blame the republicans--the truth is the government created this mess with the loans of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae--loans went out to everyone and their momma--the market was trying to correct itself when big brother stepped in. sure there was going to be some hard times but this nation would have recovered-now isn't it amazing that the one's that created this mess are telling us they know what to do--this is all about control--it has always been since the earliest of times--blaming the democrats over this is justified but I believe both parties are playing ball for the same team but most people can't see it--this collapse was done on purpose--the world will go down with the USA because our tentacles are everywhere-so if America struggles so will the rest of the world--here's a theory--a push for a one world order is under way--countries will be forced into this because they will realize they have no choice--when we create a debt of no return so will we---change is on the way--we don't know how it will play out but to deny it is ignorance--watch Kissinger on you tube about the New World Order--he said"this is a great opportunity for a new world order"---this is a crisis and this scumbag is all smiles----leaders from around the world are all in on it---the one's that aren't will be dealt with
    Posted 01-21-2009 at 07:57 PM by gumbo2000 gumbo2000 is offline
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    Marlboro Man's Avatar
    The only way our government stays capapable of padding their pockets and ruining health care etc. Is by kepping African Americans and "Catholic Euro Americans" divided.Until we get over ourselves and become one nation under God we will not be able to fix anything.
    Posted 01-22-2009 at 07:59 AM by Marlboro Man Marlboro Man is offline
  4. Old Comment
    see--stay distracted--the big issue is the contol grab of the global elite---open your mind and realize they do exist--go to you tube and listen to john f. kennedy and the speech that got him killed---he explains about secret oaths and alliances---------------------there are bigger issues like the north american union and the Amero--Obama is the messenger of bad news-they know the dollar will tank---nothing happens by accident--do you think they just came up with these ideas over-night-wake-------up
    Posted 01-22-2009 at 10:07 AM by gumbo2000 gumbo2000 is offline
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    SapperSaint's Avatar
    Very good read Kev. Agree on all points made. A+!
    Posted 01-23-2009 at 09:10 AM by SapperSaint SapperSaint is offline
  6. Old Comment
    hagan714's Avatar
    Hey snook I want to keep it current events. LOL
    Looking at the big picture sucks.

    Northern North America - Financial markets
    Central North America - Food and Product Distribution
    Southern North America - Industrial Manufacturing.

    Get ready to move accordingly. Train your children now to avoid looking for work in the wrong regions.

    For those who doubt this need to do some reading on the NAFTA super highway plans. Right now this is how it looking.
    Posted 01-23-2009 at 10:57 AM by hagan714 hagan714 is offline
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    SmashMouth's Avatar
    Hey ... wassup with Obama picking folks that can't pay their taxes?
    Posted 02-03-2009 at 11:44 AM by SmashMouth SmashMouth is offline
  8. Old Comment
    most people chosen are CFR members,New World Order Globalists, or belong to the Trilateral Commission-- read about these groups so you can understand what is taking place---be informed--the government is going to be so powerful soon--look up you tube and put in Obama's Unconstitutional Agenda-first one 8 minutes and 36 seconds--
    Posted 02-03-2009 at 05:42 PM by gumbo2000 gumbo2000 is offline
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    unprotected borders--ask yourself with the war on terror how this makes sense?--North Korea has nuclear weapons but has no resources or oil---Iran does--Iraq does-Afghanistan does----why aren't we upset with North Korea? you figure it out--the war on terror is bullsh##t--
    Posted 02-04-2009 at 11:46 PM by gumbo2000 gumbo2000 is offline
  10. Old Comment
    "We are one nation comprised of one type of people, Americans"

    and on that, you if we all live the same life and upbringing

    terrible on all levels
    Posted 02-12-2009 at 09:35 PM by antipop504 antipop504 is offline
  11. Old Comment
    Frederick Smith's Avatar
    Snook Assisan is on the right track here. Looking at the big picture may suck but the series of events that has led us down this path is revelant. I for one believe Barrack will do very little to to improve anyone's quality of life here in America but at least he is trying. In order to do so we will have to make demands on all our elected goverment officials to actually work for the majority and stop making deals at our sacrifice. As stated the plundering of the real estate and banking markets by Freddie and Fanny was initiated by the government that took the loans away from the local banks and investors and then turned a blind eye allowing the oligarchy to continue. The politicians are being controlled by the wealthy. Black or White is not an issue here as far as who we elect. If B.O. will put some teeth into government and work for us all the better but surely he cannot do it alone. Our government must regulate and jail those responsible. The Auto industry must stand by itself on its own merits. I can see the the effort it trying to save our major industries but again the government has been responsible in the first place by allowing the shift to low quality goods , removing tarrifs allowing cheaper products from China and Taiwan, and Thailand among others. This allows for higher profit margins to the few. What happens is before long their quality improves and we are left out. They have allowed our historic corporations to move shop from the U.S. penalty free. For example try to buy an Old Timer, or Buck knife made in the U.S.A. They have done the same to our steel industry which has slightly recovered by quality alone. The finicially elite are pushing in the direction they want ( A world order in which they can control )with the compliance of our wealthy government officials.
    Posted 02-27-2009 at 10:48 AM by Frederick Smith Frederick Smith is offline
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    nola_swammi's Avatar
    This read is a bunch of bull crap. 1st of all to this comment:

    "The fact he is also very knowledgeable about the Moslium faith, Being raised with a Moslium parent maybe good for this country and our foreign affairs as long as the country comes first and religion remains second. We all end up praying to the same God in the end".

    He was raised by his grandparents with no interactions with his father and furthermore just cuz his father is a native from Africa that don't necessarily mean he is a muslim. Most of the rhetoric you leading people to believe hilarious, I mean where did you get your research from or is this all stuff you assume to be true.

    All of his speeches were beautiful. It's a shame for you to nick pick on his speech and didn't receive the message he was trying to share. I have one question for you. Why you didn't nick pick when Bush was on vacation while the people of New Orleans was begging for help?
    Posted 03-03-2009 at 02:11 AM by nola_swammi nola_swammi is offline
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    you are right-Obama didn't cause this recession--this has been building for many years--it started with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913--check it out and see who the real owners are--politicians now are put in place to make us think we have freedom of choice--you don't--we have owners and they own you and me-they own and control corporations-have paid for the Senate, Congress, the State Houses, City Hall and have the Judges in their back pocket and then the most important--the Media--they control all the news and information you get to hear----------they spend Billions lobbying to get what they want!!!!!!! WE KNOW WHAT THEY WANT-MORE FOR THEMSELVES AND LESS FOR US-----they don't want a population capable of critical thinking----so jump up and down believing in Obama if you want--------the table is tilted--the game is rigged--nobody seems to notice--nobody seems to care!!! not when you have a cell phone that makes pancakes and scratches your ba**s
    Posted 03-10-2009 at 09:12 PM by gumbo2000 gumbo2000 is offline
  14. Old Comment
    Does anyone know if Obama is a member of the skull and crossbones, or whatever it's called?
    Posted 03-12-2009 at 07:34 AM by nedly nedly is offline
  15. Old Comment
    SmashMouth's Avatar
    Come to think of it... he kinda looks like Skulls and Crossbones.

    Posted 03-12-2009 at 07:58 PM by SmashMouth SmashMouth is offline
  16. Old Comment
    foreverfan's Avatar
    Now Now Lee Harvey....

    Posted 04-14-2009 at 01:19 PM by foreverfan foreverfan is offline
  17. Old Comment
    hagan714's Avatar
    I wanted to reread this because of some the PM I got.

    You know when I wrote this my aim was not to condemn the man but to condemn the people around him that are not following his what he has to say. Those people that are stuck in the mud and can not move forward.

    As to the Moslium comments some people here have made need to get a grip and put away the rope.

    I have had and still have friends that are Moslium. I have read the Koran and have also gone with them to the mosques. I always felt welcomed for the most part except for those that are stuck in the mud there also.

    I have gone to synagogues and seen the same thing.

    I go to churches and see the same thing.

    I go anywhere and I see it all over the place.

    The people he needs to watch out for are these people stuck in the mud.

    Yes his speech writers are well chosen and well in todays world that is always true, Actions speak louder than words and well I sit and watch.

    As for my Politics I say it is time to kick both the Republicans and Democrats out on there collective butts and go in a different direction.
    Posted 05-06-2009 at 06:46 PM by hagan714 hagan714 is offline
    Updated 05-06-2009 at 06:53 PM by hagan714
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    jeanpierre's Avatar
    Good Discussion...

    Am relieved that most people are looking at the big picture of the destruction of the work of our Founding Fathers...

    The Democrats or Republicans debate is a distraction, as are, racial, religious, and regional arguments; the real problem is the circumvention of the rights our Founding Fathers saw fit to put down in the Constitution...

    The manipulation of the gold standard, federal reserve legislation, even the regressive tax structures cast a stain on the purest, most accomplished society ever developed; and while there is plenty of blame to geaux around, it can be remedied...

    Though segregation of issues on this website is a prudent, pragmatic effort, it makes this website that much more impressive to provide space for a forum for such blogs and threads...

    I'll get off this soapbox and return to the Saints forum where I'm an expert

    And Hagan, great, great job...
    Posted 05-07-2009 at 07:25 AM by jeanpierre jeanpierre is offline
    Updated 05-07-2009 at 07:27 AM by jeanpierre
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