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2018 Saints Offensive Line Outlook

Posted 06-21-2018 at 11:32 AM by jeanpierre

Despite the highest paid lineman of the unit missing half the season, again, the Saints return nearly all of the league's best unit from last season...

Sans its most important reserve/swing starter in Senio Kelemete...

The loss of Kelemete cannot be understated...

While I could lament the loss of Kelemete and the heresy of arguing to trade the often unavailable Terron Armstead (aka Mr. Glass), I'll stay on point...

So without further ado,
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Playing GM for the Saints 2018 NFL Free Agency...

Posted 03-11-2018 at 03:34 PM by jeanpierre

Well, if I'm playing GM for the Saints 2018 Free Agency season, this is who I'm looking at...

Priority Re-signs for the Saints:


QB 09 Drew Brees - Best Passer in the game today, does he listen to his agent and sink the franchise again with a bloated salary not allowing any add'l talent? My respect for his will take a serious hit if he lets Condon **** this team again when it's so close...

FB 29 John Kuhn or 42 Zach Line - while it
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Saints vs Jets Game Day Thread

Posted 12-17-2017 at 01:17 PM by llaguardia81

Originally Posted by K Major View Post
Saints are really missing a TE threat in this offense.
If Josh Hill would step up.
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Defending A. J. Klien from the National Media Hacks

Posted 12-15-2017 at 11:22 PM by hagan714
Updated 12-24-2017 at 07:12 AM by hagan714

Defending A. J. Klien from the National Media Hacks

I just finished reading some articles screaming about how they were right about AJ Klien being a free agent mistake the day we signed him and paid him as a starter. Granted I was a bit surprised at the contract and believe it was the results of a bidding war. Dennis Allen wanted him big time I guess and the way the contract is written Klien wanted to be here just as bad. Here are the links

Bust is too harsh a word,...
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The amusing disaster of Roger Goodell and his extension.

Posted 12-09-2017 at 10:58 PM by burningmetal

How dumb are the owners to have extended Goodell's contract? I mean, seriously? This bungled mess in Los Angeles with the lack of fan support is just another obvious sign that the NFL will collapse under his watch. Let's take a look back at his record of "accomplishments" for just a bit:

You have the witch hunts ("bountygate", "inflategate", etc.), then the incredibly inconsistent punishments for all of the various offenses (or supposed offenses), and...
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