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2018 New Orleans Saints: Roster Outlook

Posted 01-25-2019 at 09:08 AM by jeanpierre

More To Come...

SAINTS DEPTH CHART - 2018 New Orleans Saints Analysis


QB (3) 9 Drew Brees (FA 2018), 5 - Teddy Bridgewater (2018 via Trade), 7 - Taysom Hill

JP Analysis: Vintage Brees, at least one more year left for sure. Bridgewater's fragile health always a concern and was outplayed by a rookie with less weapons in his only appearance. Here I give points to Payton for validating a way to keep a talented developmental quarterback...
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I regret nothing.

Posted 01-21-2019 at 07:20 PM by frydaddy

Call me names, vilify me, I really don't care. All I did was post info that was already being spread around. Info that was easy to find by anyone with half a brain and a computer, tablet or phone. See, everyone likes to talk about how something needs to be done to stop the league and biased refs from affecting the outcome of games, but no one will do anything about it. Everyone knows the league isnt going to do anything to that piece of sh*t who cost us the game. A man who knowingly and willingly...
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What I'm Hearing

Posted 01-16-2019 at 11:07 PM by OldMaid
Updated 01-19-2019 at 07:46 PM by Halo

I do not know what my point was there. I just posted. . Gnight.
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Mark Ingram drags defender 9 yards for a score

Posted 12-10-2018 at 06:45 PM by Audiotom

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Response to NFL.com "Unpopular Opinions: Drew Brees is most underrated player ever"

Posted 10-08-2018 at 03:59 AM by jeanpierre
Updated 10-08-2018 at 06:55 PM by jeanpierre

If I'm doing a Top Ten List of GOAT Quarterbacks, these are some of the things that I give weight to in my mind when you factor where Brees places on such a list...

First, Brees had an advantage of the Irsay/Colts post-AFC loss meltdown in 2004/2005 of pass defense rules tweaks; while Brees' numbers jumped here, they went stratospheric post-rules changes...

By comparison, somebody like Marino had passing numbers that no one came closed to until the changes in pass defense
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