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this is a discussion within the NFL Community Forum; I'm wearing camoflauge wranglers right now....

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I'm wearing camoflauge wranglers right now.
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Well, you can forget about watching MNF tonight. It's going to be 3 hour of Brett Faaaaavvvra.
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It's all over but the crying
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Ok,Cash and SkyMike about your Wranglers. LOL!
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Originally Posted by dizzle88 View Post
What they showed over the weekend wasn't the metro dome roof collapsing it was Brett Favres ego bursting!! Let's hope this will he or won't he retire is over soon, had enough of him and I'm proud to say we dealt the final blow in the NFCCG lol

Very funny.
The Farve Drama. Can we all just hope this season is the last year of it all?
He really should have gone out a winner last year. Now, all he and the Vikings 2010 are remembered for is a losing season with all of the other drama.
Childress fired.
Farve and his girlfriend.
The roof caving in.
Using another teams' stadium.
And more drama to come.
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man, my pants feel good.
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AWWWWWW Crap! Just when they stopped talking about Favre. Now I have to hear about him for another 2 months.
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and Brett Favre

things we are disproportionately obsessed with
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I just saw on ESPN where they have a poll and 56% of America apparently thinks Favre's streak is more impressive than Cal Ripken's streak. Even the assertion that Favre's streak compares to Ripken's and Gehrig's streaks is TOTALLY DELUSIONAL. In baseball, over 99% of the players don't even play the full 162 games in season, in a sport where you basically play 7 days a week. Yes I know Favre probably took more of a beating through the course of his career, but Favre didn't play in a clubhouse where all the other guys took days off and he didn't - for 17 full seasons.

So do you think prima donna #4 could handle what Ripken did? I think not. I know better.

So is ESPN rigging the poll numbers?!

"Things were so much easier when Peyton was still a Colt and Tebow was still a Bronco"

"You lose focus in this game for one second - and somebody gets hurt" ... Danny, Oceans Eleven
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