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Question for the Forum

this is a discussion within the NFL Community Forum; SF 49ers @ Green Bay Packers: Who do you want to win and why. I am as confused as a baby in a topless bar on this one! I don't want either team to win, so I am going to ...

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Question for the Forum

SF 49ers @ Green Bay Packers: Who do you want to win and why.

I am as confused as a baby in a topless bar on this one!

I don't want either team to win, so I am going to call for a 0-0 OT tie!!
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Re: Question for the Forum

The tie would be the best case scenario, but if I had to choose one of the two, I guess I'd go with the Packers regardless of the fact that they're conference rivals to the Saints - I just dislike the 49ers more and I have to give the other small market franchise some props even though their QB is a douche.
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Re: Question for the Forum

I'd say the Niners (just threw up a little), only because the number one seed will more likely be between the Packers and us so every win/loss counts. Not that I will be upset at all if the the Niners get beat down.
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I think the 9ers winning is potentially better for the Saints.
You could easily see the Packers winning 14 games plus again,the 9ers are more likely to get beaten by a team with a explosive offence.They look like they have improved in the passing game but they are relying on Smith'd arm.I can still see them needing Gore,Jacobs and the D to grind out wins against good offensive teams.
The Packets can go head to head with any offence and win.
Last year showed the difference one win can make.If we don't loose to the Rams we would have been to the SuperBowl.No way do 9ers or the Giants win in the Dome.

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Re: Question for the Forum

Maybe I'm just still mad about that game in Candlestick, but I am expecting San Francisco to not look nearly as impressive this year, when they have to play against a tougher schedule based on last year's record. The Saints and Packers have been playing against top divisional schedules for years now, they are used to it. The Niners are a good team, especially on D, but the 49ers have yet to prove they can hang with the big boys on a regular basis, year in and year out. They barely hung in there with the Saints, and they couldn't hang with the Giants, what does that say? They had a good year last year playing a 6-10 schedule but that funky dancing special teams thing will only get you so far.
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Re: Question for the Forum

I don't like the 9ers and I always want them to lose. And if they lose in humiliating fashion, well that's just bonus. I hope Rodgers and company lay a 40 burger on em.

It's just one game. The Saints'll just have to take care of their own business.
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Re: Question for the Forum

I dont know because I dont know if either of those teams is going to even be winning their division by seasons end.

You almost have to say 49ers since the Packers might be more the threat for top seed though.

Reality is...........I think Packers kill 49ers.
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