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TheOak 09-08-2014 02:43 PM

Ray Rice released
I'm looking for an article.

NinthWardJay 09-08-2014 02:45 PM

Re: Ray Rice released
Good, that dude is freaking sick. That was brutal and if that was my sister/daughter that he hit the playing in the NFL again would be the LAST of his worries

QBREES9 09-08-2014 02:59 PM

Re: Ray Rice released

Originally Posted by NinthWardJay (Post 609144)
Good, that dude is freaking sick. That was brutal and if that was my sister/daughter that he hit the playing in the NFL again would be the LAST of his worries

Agree. Get OUT ! You a PUNK SON.

Mardigras9 09-08-2014 03:11 PM

Re: Ray Rice released
I think the act is aweful and I have nothing but daughters.
But overall, he is doing a program that will erase the charge from his record, it is his first offense (that we know of), and the girl still married him. Again, not condoning this behavior in any way, but how many guys are in the league today who are repeat offenders, have been in violent altercations, DUI's, drug busts, RAPISTS, or have even killed someone.
I'm fine with his release, and good for the Baltimore organization, but I wish every organization adopted a NO tolerance policy for ALL criminal behavior. It is automatic termination where I work, and the NFL loves to claim it is a "business", make the rules across the board.

Rugby Saint II 09-08-2014 03:17 PM

Re: Ray Rice released
Buh bye loser.

WhoDat!656 09-08-2014 03:28 PM

Re: Ray Rice released
Ray Rice released by Ravens after video emerges | FOX Sports

lee909 09-08-2014 03:28 PM

Re: Ray Rice released
The suspension was already set and the Ravens and the NFL new what happened and imo probably saw the video but were happy to sweep it away till the public saw it. The media has started a stink and the Ravens get twitchy and Goodell doing his protect the shield B.S that he tried with us.

I have no sympathy for Rice as its a disgusting act but if you think he is the only player to habe done that you are massively mistaken

nola_swammi 09-08-2014 03:37 PM

Re: Ray Rice released
he have to be on some kinda drug. the little tap she gave him on the shoulder before he get on the elevator escalated to some cowardly bull shid. why in the hell did she marry him? I know why he married her, he wanted to hide behind the law that say his wife don't have to testify against him. Even so, that county or parish DA should've brought harder charges against him. video alone would've proven guilty. She probably be getting mentally abused as we speak

TheOak 09-08-2014 04:23 PM

Re: Ray Rice released
So much wrong with this I'm not sure where to start.

No defense of Ray Rice what so ever... Phuck him.


1. She still married him
2. The team vowed to stick by him.
3. Goodell levied punishment after an investigation.

Today the Ravens cut him and the league suspended him indefinitely.

Nothing new has happened! He deserved more then what he got and both the NFL and Ravens knew it. Truth came out and now they are scrambling to cover up for their cover up.

She needs to have her head examined.

Ray needs to do time and make a list.

Roger needs to be terminated along with the owner of the Ravens for trying to cover this up.

WHODATINCA 09-08-2014 04:23 PM

Re: Ray Rice released
I agree with MardiGras9 -- suspensions for all criminal behavior need to start coming. The punishment needs to be fair -- if the league really means they won't employ criminals.

It doesn't matter what stupid decisions his gf makes. The decision to marry him makes her a few sandwiches short of a picnic -- but her intellect is not the issue here. What really matters is what he did and how the league responds. They made a good choice.

This very same issue is why naming your product "Slap Yo Mama" is a problem. If you teach boys that it is OK to punch girls -- that's what they will do. It's called cultural indoctrination. Domestic violence isn't funny and we need to stop being OK with it -- even -- when it comes to humorously advertising products.

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