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Panthers are 13-0

this is a discussion within the NFL Community Forum; Originally Posted by WhoDat!656 IMO both the Giants & Bucs are capable of beating the kittens Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I was thinking the Failclowns or the Bucs'll get 'em, intraconference rivalry stuff ... the Failclowns in a ...

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Re: Panthers are 13-0

Originally Posted by WhoDat!656 View Post
IMO both the Giants & Bucs are capable of beating the kittens

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I was thinking the Failclowns or the Bucs'll get 'em, intraconference rivalry stuff ... the Failclowns in a "any given Sunday" scenario and I honestly flat out think the Bucs can hang with them, .

Either way, I don't want see any team take that title away from the '72 Dolphins, .
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Re: Panthers are 13-0

Go giants.

If they make it i hope they get booted right out of the gate
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Re: Panthers are 13-0

I remember back when we were 13-0, I actually talked to some old time Dolphins fans I knew, asking them about that undefeated season back in '72.

And these guys kinda said, hey, it actually wasn't wall-to-wall excitement. A lot of those Dolphins games were sorta boring, uneventful dull games, kind of a slog, but they just kept winning. And this Carolina team very much reminds me of that. They are getting all the breaks to go their way, all the calls, all the luck. And once that happens, the refs and the league start laying out the red carpet for them each week, and it gets harder and harder for anybody to beat them.

But a lot of these Panthers games seem sort of like boring, dull contests, and then they win a lot of them in large part because of things like multiple gift-wrapped Tony Romo interceptions, or penalties that are not called, or reviews that don't get overturned, etc. etc. Don't underestimate the importance of the Cam thing, with him complaining about the refs from the podium earlier in the year. I gotta hand it to him, breaking that code and whining about it, was was really smart politicking on Cam's part. Now they are handling him and the Panthers with kid gloves all year, because they are truly scared of being accused of something by him. Those types of calls and no-calls will follow them all the way to the Super Bowl, you can pretty much bank on it.
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Re: Panthers are 13-0

We would have knocked the Panthers win streak

We scored how many points on that vaulted defense (9 were our defense and special teams)?

If not for Browner
A totally incompetant and always out of the play Jarus Byrd
(Who didn't even double over the top time and time again when linebackers were covering the only deep panther receiver) and that ahem trapped "catch" by greg olsen with 2:37 left (granted we couldn't stop them or score ourselves)

Seattle (as the lowest wild card) or the Cardinals (out for last season playoff revenge will beat them)
Both teams are capable of making Cam look oh so ordinary

Here is the over zealous Panther fans comments

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Re: Panthers are 13-0

As much as it pains me to say this, I believe the Panthers will win the Super Bowl this year and we will get stuck watching Cam doing Disney commercials.
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Re: Panthers are 13-0

Despise Scam. He's a straight up punk. But, he's playing great football. As is the rest of the Panthers. Solid, fundamental, team football. The Seahawks will smoke them though.
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Re: Panthers are 13-0

Cam, by far his best season. Passer rating up 15%, hardly any picks. Just an overall good team. Also limited injuries. They will likely be the most rested team in the playoffs. Going to be hard to stop.
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Re: Panthers are 13-0

Some of the comments remind me of listening to the Falcons Homer Radio Announcers (for 9 horrible years) "You know Bill, if he would have made that catch and broke 9 tackles while running 80 yards he would have scored!" EVERY PLAY!!

It's also obvious the NFL is "Rigged" "Gift wrapped interceptions and of course The Cam Thing"

And since it's rigged here's a sneak peak of the Super Bowl Headline: Undefeated Carolina Upset by Pat's!" Oh the Irony of it!!!!! Belichick, Brady and Kraft all paid back by the NFL!!! Think about it!
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Re: Panthers are 13-0

They have the 2 things needed to go deep in the playoffs. A great defense and a running game. They are where they are because Stewart has been healthy. This opens up so much for a mediocre passer like Cam. I can't see them losing a regular season game but I can see them getting beat by Arizona or Seattle in the playoffs.
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Re: Panthers are 13-0

Originally Posted by burningmetal View Post
They have a good defense, but their offense is smoke and mirrors. They played a Falcons team today that quit weeks ago. If Eli doesn't have one of his patented 5 interception games next week, I think the Panties will lose that game. Not because the Giants are good (they're not) but because the Panthers have been due all season to run out of luck, and with the Giants being at home and having a lot on the line, I think it might be one of those games where they show up and surprise everyone. Kind of like they do against the Patriots, a lot.

As far as how far they can go in the Playoffs, they just better hope they don't play Arizona or even Seattle, who's defense has looked a little better. Because those teams have defenses that aren't dumb enough to get sucked in to that college-type offense the Panthers like to run with Cam. They'll know to stay home and make him beat their secondary, which he won't do. He's not a very good passer, but he gets a lot of long plays down field because people overreact to his running ability, and blitz too much. If you don't immediately get to him he's going to run it right up the gut or throw it to a wide open receiver down the field. Keeping him contained in the pocket and not committing safeties to the box is the best way to stop that offense.

The Cardinals and Seahawks have the personnel to do that.
Just to play devils advocate, they already beat Seattle, in Seattle this season.
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