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Bears GM Ryan Pace Voted Sporting News Executive Of The Year For 2018

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Re: Bears GM Ryan Pace Voted Sporting News Executive Of The Year For 2018

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Re: Bears GM Ryan Pace Voted Sporting News Executive Of The Year For 2018

Originally Posted by jeanpierre View Post
Bears? With that defense? In that division? Maybe. It'll be Year 3 for Trubisky. Problem is Nagy hasn't figured out (as Payton forgot) you have to pound the rock as well as pass and they traded Jordan Howard...

Now, I don't know if they can survive the toughest division in the NFL, the AFC South, but I'd keep an eye on Frank Reich and the Colts; same goes with Vrabel and the Titans, but they still need a QB to step up...

Jon Gruden is quickly, and wisely, getting the Raiders house in order, doing a great job of accruing some serious draft capital, but there two years away as they reset that team's culture as well...

Matt Patricia had a great teacher, but again they've got a team culture problem there is well, and he's attempted to address it; but I'm not sold that Lions' QB Matthew Stafford is a winner...

Pat Shurmur is also getting the G'nats House in order and can get it done if he can get an offensive line that can protect, keep Eli Manning upright before his age becomes a factor...

Wilks didn't make Year 2 with Rosen, nor does it matter if the Cardinals reset at QB after one year, without an offensive line, they're going nowhere with the Rams, reloading 49ers, Seahawks in their division...
Cool post, just wanted to reply here to your points -

I don't see where the AFC South is really a strong division at all. That has been the worst division in the league since the division realignment in 2002. With the Colts back on track, it's starting to look like it did 15 years ago when Peyton Manning's Colts would steamroll through it for an easy division title. Andrew Luck has an undefeated record vs the Titans. The Texans will never go anywhere with Bill O'Brien and Jacksonville got a reality check last year after benefiting from the #2 easiest schedule in the league in 2017. If the Colts continue to improve, they should be able to run away with that division like the Manning years.

I think the Bears can replace Howard. I am not of the belief that RBs are magical cause history has proven that they are inter-changeable. What really helps Chicago is that the rest of their division is shambles. Green Bay is running their team like how the Lakers did in Kobe Bryant's last years, allowing Rodgers to call every shot (and overpaying him the way they did will prevent them from building a team around him). I don't trust the Lions and I think Minnesota peaked in 2017.

Completely disagree on Gruden. He can easily screw this draft up and he's running an offense straight out of 1998 that was easily exposed this past year. Gruden had a track record of ruining QBs in Tampa Bay and it didn't take him half a year to turn Derek Carr into his brother. He better hope he drafts players that will be better than the ones he traded away.

100% agree with you on Stafford. On another NFL site I go to, he is a hot topic of debate about passers with inflated stats whom don't win games and also among the most overpaid QBs.

The Giants offense really did not improve that much last year despite winning more games. Even though Barkley looks like a stud, they still should've drafted their QB of the future (Sam Darnold). Barkley really did not help their passing game much despite the rushing numbers he racked up. (A good example that RBs are inter-changeable). They are really going to need to be thinking who is going to be their next QB of the future. Eli should've retired a few years ago, he's as mediocre as ever and even below that standard in the past few years.

I think the Cardinals are one of the most dysfunctional teams in the league. Wilks was fired quickly, and I don't think Kingsbury is an improvement. You are definitely right about the lack of offensive line. That entire team was a dumpster fire last year and they have serious problems with how they manage the team.
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Re: Bears GM Ryan Pace Voted Sporting News Executive Of The Year For 2018

Originally Posted by vpheughan View Post
Living in Indy I was sure it was going to be a Saints - Colts rematch in the Super Bowl last year. I think the Colts got the "true" brains behind the Eagles offense.
I agree with you here, but the Colts sure laid an egg in the playoffs against K.C.

If Adam V makes his kicks, that's a 24-17 ball game going into the 4th quarter. Andy Reid was doing everything to blow that game with horrible play calling. He quit running the ball and started going for it on 4th down, which was backfiring except the Colts offense did nothing.

Speaking of K.C., they had a 2-4 record last year against teams with a record above .500. They beat the Chargers who were the biggest pretenders last year and they beat Lamar Jackson's Ravens, that was it. In the playoffs, they got lucky that the Colts offense laid a huge egg. I only wish the Patriots would've blew them out so we wouldn't have to hear all this talk about changing the OT rules over them losing.

One more thing, Andy Reid is officially 1-5 in the conference title game. That one win was 2004 when the Eagles got to play a banged up Falcons team before going on to coach a horrible SB against the Patriots. All this talk about Mahomes redeeming his bad playoff record, LOL.... His playoff record so far in K.C. mirrors the early years in Philly.
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