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Infinite Crisis. Find out what DC Comics has been up to.

this is a discussion within the NOLA Community Forum; This is going to be a very long post because this story arc has been consuming the entire D.C. universe for more than a year. All of this is from another website. I'm too lazy to type that much. In ...

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Infinite Crisis. Find out what DC Comics has been up to.

This is going to be a very long post because this story arc has been consuming the entire D.C. universe for more than a year. All of this is from another website. I'm too lazy to type that much.


-Jean Loring, during a twisted attempt to get back with her ex-husband the Atom, ccidentally killed Sue Dibny, the wife of Elongated Man.
-During the investigation of the murder, seven members of the Justice League (the Atom, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman and Zatanna) met, discussing how they once mind-wiped Dr. Light after he was caught assaulting Sue.
-Calculator resurfaced, setting up assignments for metahuman mercenaries.
-Dr. Light, seeking protection from the Justice League (who considered him a suspect of Sue's murder), hired Deathstroke. Slade Wilson fought them to a near standstill until Green Arrow plunged an arrow into his eye.
-During the battle, Dr. Light remembered that the heroes had purged his memory, altering his personality and intelligence.
-Further covering her tracks, Loring arranged for Jack Drake (the father of Robin) and Captain Boomerang to kill each other.
-While questioning the Shadow Thief, Firestorm was stabbed and detonated, disappearing in an explosion of energy.
-The Flash learned that the Justice League also mind-wiped Batman, who walked in on them as they were "operating" on Dr. Light years ago.
-The Atom figured out what Loring had done and turned her over to Arkham Asylum.

In THE FLASH #214-#216, Wally West learned of Barry Allen's involvement in the Dr. Light mind-wipe. He also discovered that they had done the same to multiple villains over the years, including the Top, who in turn had altered the personalities of several of the Flash's rogues.

In ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #636, the Man of Steel learned that the villain called Ruin was targeting his loved ones. Unbeknownst to Superman, Ruin is working for Lex Luthor's newly formed secret Society of super-villains. Following a battle with Ruin, Superman then met with Wonder Woman and Batman, who discussed the option of mind-wiping him, as they had done to Dr. Light.

In MANHUNTER #6, Kate Spencer began the prosecution of Shadow Thief for the murder of Firestorm. Also in that issue, the Society employed Calculator to find someone to "deal with" Shadow Thief.

In GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, Hal Jordan returned to claim his mantle of the Green Lantern of space sector 2814. In doing so, he gave up the mantle of the Spectre, freeing the entity to once again become the embodiment of God's wrath.

In FIRESTORM #9-#11, Ronnie Raymond returned to life, now bonded to the mind of the new Firestorm, Jason Rusch.

In TEEN TITANS #21, Dr. Light attacked the Teen Titans in an effort to rehabilitate his reputation.

In OUTSIDERS #21, Nightwing learned that Batman had been funding the team. Meanwhile, Arsenal discovered that Deathstroke had been masquerading as the Dark Knight and manipulating the Outsiders for over a year.

In JSA #70, the Society successfully recruited Black Adam.

In BREACH #3, Kobra agents (working for the Society) encountered and battled the transformed Major Tim Zanetti. Luthor's group is now greatly interested in the power that Zanetti possesses.

In WONDER WOMAN #214, Cheetah introduced Zoom to Dr. Psycho, a member of the secret Society.


-Batman told Alfred that he knows "everything they did" in reference to the Justice League's memory-wiping actions in IDENTITY CRISIS.
-Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Dr. Psycho, Talia, Black Adam and Calculator stood revealed as a cabal of super-villains known as The Society. Its goal? As Luthor told an angry Dr. Light, "retribution."
-Adam Strange sent a desperate emergency message to the JLA watchtower, telling an alarmed J'onn J'onnz that the forces of Thanagar had invaded the planet Rann.
-The Wizard Shazam, revealing an upcoming conflagration involving Captain Marvel, the Spectre and additional members of DC's magical community, revealed that "for the first time in a thousand years" he was "filled with questions" concerning the future.
-Someone stole over 100 pounds of kryptonite (recovered from Supergirl's arrival on Earth) from a Kord Omniversal warehouse.
-Investigating the theft, Blue Beetle uncovered the O.M.A.C. project, an all-seeing satellite surveillance network that knows the secret identities (and weaknesses) of the world's heroes, including Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Green Lantern, the Flash, Martian Manhunter and Superman.
-An O.M.A.C. satellite blasted the house of Blue Beetle, severely injuring Booster Gold.
Maxwell Lord, head of the O.M.A.C. project, revealed himself to be the King of a newly formed Checkmate and fatally shot Blue Beetle, who had uncovered his plans and refused to join his team.


-While he tracked the movement of Bruce Gordon, the Wizard Shazam warned his champion, Captain Marvel: "The past has come back to haunt us again. But unlike before...that was the beginning...now we are reaching the end."
-Investigating a string of mysterious suicides in Metropolis, Superman came face-to-face with a kryptonite-enhanced Lex Corp. battle suit that S.T.A.R. Labs had recently retrieved from outer space. Inside was S.T.A.R. Labs doctor Jeanine Tracey, possessed by the entity that Gordon was chasing: the evil being known as Eclipso!


-Under orders from Checkmate's new Black King Maxwell Lord, Black Knight Sasha Bordeux "sanitized" the murder site of Blue Beetle!
-Wonder Woman tracked down Booster Gold, who together set out to find the missing Ted Kord!
Maxwell Lord realized that Batman had erased the O.M.A.C. metahuman database!
-Batman discovered that Blue Beetle had been killed...and that the Brother Mach I was no longer under his control!

In the middle of a trial, Kate Spencer leaped into battle as Manhunter when Merlyn, Monocle and Phobia (hired by Lex Luthor's secret Society) attacked the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse...intent on silencing Shadow Thief!

In ROBIN #137
After fending off an attack by the assassin known as the Dark Rider, Tim Drake discovered that the Penguin had put out an open contract on the lives of Robin and Batgirl!


-While battling Dr. Light, the Titans learned that the Justice League had mind-wiped and lobotomized their now enraged foe!
-Vowing to maintain their trust in one another, each Titan revealed a secret...but Superboy did not admit that 50% of his DNA comes from Lex Luthor!
-The Titans handed the defeated Dr. Light over to Batman and Batgirl...who were actually Deathstroke and Ravager in disguise!


-Superman discovered that the LexCorp battle suit that attacked him (in the pages of ACTION COMICS #826) was reinforced with a kryptonite alloy!
-The Man of Steel also learned that Eclipso was attempting to lure him to his touch by possessing civilians and compelling them to commit suicide!
-Eclipso finally succeeded in possessing Superman...and quickly collided with the World's Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel!


-Forging an alliance with Lex Luthor's secret Society, Penguin hired Deathstroke to kill Batgirl!
-After barely eluding the one-eyed assassin, Cassandra came face-to-face with Deathstroke's daughter, the Ravager!

In BATMAN #639

-While investigating the return of Jason Todd, the Dark Knight told Zatanna and Green Arrow (who were both present at Batman's mindwipe) that he didn't trust them!
-After stealing the 100-pound crate of Kryptonite from the Kord Industries warehouse, the new Red Hood (a.k.a. Jason Todd) continued to encroach on the Black Mask's criminal activities!


-Eclipso's diamond, the Heart of Darkness, appeared in the Arkham Asylum cell of Jean Loring. The evil entity then convinced the Atom's ex-wife to allow him to posses her. Flush with power, the new Eclipso promptly broke free from the infamous institution!
Summoned to a devastated forest, the supernatural avenger known as the Ragman rescued Enchantress...and stumbled upon a fierce battle between Blackbriar Thorn and the Spectre!
-The Enchantress revealed that the Spectre, freed of the influence of Hal Jordan in the pages of GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH #4, had just killed seven hundred sorcerers!
-The magical community of the DCU gathered at the Oblivion Bar, where they enjoyed one last drink and faced the chilling fact that the Spectre was now waging war on all things magic!
-Detective Chimp, a decade's long patron of the bar, spoke up and revealed that the Spectre had already taken out the supernatural "big guns" (including turning the Phantom Stranger into a mouse) and that the task of stopping the Spectre was now up to the assembled magic users!


-Possessed by the evil entity known as Eclipso in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #639, the Man of Steel attacked Captain Marvel!
-The wizard Shazam, knowing Eclipso would not stop unless his host was killed, summoned the Spectre!
-Freed from his human host in GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH #4, the Spectre dove into Superman, driving Eclipso out of the Man of Steel and back into his gemstone!
-Eclipso's cursed jewel mysteriously appeared in Arkham Asylum... in the cell of the Atom's ex-wife, Jean Loring!


-Somewhere on the outskirts of Gotham City, Lex Luthor met with his Secret Society of Super-Villains: Black Adam, Calculator, Dr. Psycho, Talia and Deathstroke!
-Over the past few months, the Society (in an effort to pool their resources) recruited many new members, including Mr. Freeze, Cheetah, Black Manta, Gentlemen Ghost, Fadeaway Man, Phobia, Prometheus and Gorilla Grodd!
-Catman boldly refused Talia and Dr. Psycho's invitation... and the Society made an example of him by slaughtering his pride of lions!
-Sent on a mission by the mysterious Mockingbird, a group of six mercenaries (Cheshire, Deadshot, the Fiddler, Parademon, Ragdoll and Scandal) made quick work of some unfortunate H.I.V.E. agents!
-During the fight the Fiddler made a critical error. Mockingbird ordered him executed... and Deadshot quickly complied!
-Impressed with his stand against the Society, Scandal and Deadshot offered Catman a place in their group. Seeking revenge against the Society, Catman accepted.
-Mockingbird told the rebellious mercenaries that they were "The Six... the Chosen," and that if they agreed to ban together and fight Luthor's Society they would be rewarded handsomely... or punished severely if they refused!

In JSA #73

-The Spectre and his new ally Eclipso (who possessed the body of Jean Loring in SUPERMAN #216) attacked the Crimson Avenger... and revealed that their next target was Black Adam!
-Black Adam convinced Atom Smasher to rejoin his handpicked squad in his homeland Kahndaq!
-Captain Marvel returned to the JSA and, together with Hawkman, told the team that they needed head back to Kahndaq to confront Black Adam!


-Space adventurer Adam Strange teleported to Earth, seeking the help of Hawkman and Hawkgirl!
-Strange told the Winged Warriors that Sh'r Valkyr, a rogue Thanagarian who worshipped a mysterious entity, teleported the planet Rann into the heart of the Polaris System, destabilizing Thanagar's orbit! Fleeing their doomed world, Thanagarians sought refuge on Rann... and quarrels between both races soon flared!
-Hoping to calm fears and prevent more violence, our heroes rode a zeta beam to Rann... and arrived in the middle of all-out war!


Booster Gold asked Oracle for assistance in tracking down the missing Blue Beetle. Barbara Gordon agreed to help... but how effective will she be while suffering a mysterious malady?


-Seeking help in clearing his delirium-corrupted mind, the Winged Warrior met with his son Hector, the current embodiment of Dr. Fate!
-After purging the built-up rage from his "reservoir of memories," Hawkman leapt into battle with a group of foes that haven't been seen since his resurrection!


-With an assist from Firehawk, Manhunter defeated the Society assassins and took down Shadow Thief!
-Seeing that Shadow Thief's powers had evolved, Calculator spared the now comatose villain's life, thinking that he might one day "come in handy" for the Society!
-Someone is hunting (and killing) former Manhunters... but who?

In ROBIN #138:

The Boy Wonder questioned the Penguin concerning the open contract on him and Batgirl... but Cobblepot wouldn't squeal on his Society allies!


The incredibly powerful OMAC attacked and went toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel!


-Triggered by a code phrase from Lex Luthor, Superboy viciously attacked the Teen Titans, dismantling Cyborg and breaking Robin's arm!
-Seeking help, the Titans contacted the Outsiders... who were then shocked to see Indigo transform into Brainiac 8!


The Man of Steel squared off against Ruin, the fiend who had been targeting Superman's friends and family! When he defeated and unmasked his new enemy, Kal-El stared into the face of his friend (and former President of the United States) Pete Ross!


-Contacted by fellow Society member Penguin, Deathstroke turned down a job to assassinate Batgirl... and instead passed the gig to his daughter, Ravager!
-The two deadly young women battled across Bludhaven, until Batgirl took advantage of Ravager's weakness in a most extreme manner!

In BATMAN #640

-Troubled by the suspected resurrection of Jason Todd (as the new Red Hood), Batman traveled to Metropolis to question someone who had also returned from the dead: Superman!
-Back in Gotham City, the Red Hood teamed with Onyx to take down some drug pushers... and then turned on Onyx herself!


-Channeling Eclipso, the Enchantress revealed how the Spectre fell under the evil entity's charms... and how he then took out Dr. Fate and the Phantom Stranger!
-Despite personal doubts and misgivings, a group including Ragman, Blue Devil, Nightmaster, Enchantress, Nightshade and Detective Chimp (that's right, Detective Chimp) decided to unite and stand against the Spectre!
-The Spirit of Vengeance collided with a fighting mad Captain Marvel!


On the planet of New Chronus, Troia, Goddess of the Moon, began to question her role in a war waged by her fellow Titans of Myth even as she was haunted by visions of a former life as Donna Troy, a Teen Titan!


-Batman told Superman, Booster Gold and Wonder Woman that, in response to the JLA wiping his memory (as revealed in IDENTITY CRISIS), he created Brother Mach I... and that Blue Beetle (who disappeared while investigating the satellite spy system in COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS) was now dead!
-After violently stopping a coup, Maxwell Lord discovered that Black Knight Sasha Bordeaux had betrayed him for Batman... and sent not one, but three OMACs to terminate them!


-The Outsiders fought their own teammate Indigo, who had revealed that she was actually Brainiac 8!
-After barely surviving the battle, the Outsiders regrouped with the Teen Titans... only to be attacked by a battalion of Superman robots!
-In an abandoned Cadmus laboratory located three miles under the destroyed LexCorp Towers, Indigo and Suberboy met with their "fathers": Brainiac and Lex Luthor!

In JSA #74

-Continuing his mission to eliminate all things magic, the Spectre trapped Dr. Fate within his own helmet!
-Having learned that the Spirit of Vengeance's next target was Black Adam, the JSA raced to the kingdom of Khandaq and battled the Spectre and Eclipso... only to be picked off one by one!


-The Man of Steel investigated the identity of the OMAC that attacked him in SUPERMAN #217, but the Fortress of Solitude's computers came up blank!
-After watching Superman fight the new Blackrock, a shadowy figure at the Brother I console remarked: "Look at him. He's losing control...unsure of himself. It's almost time..."!


Sent on a mission to intercept a shipment of Thanagarian weapons headed for the Society, the Six instead walked into an ambush by a host of villains including the Weather Wizard, Shadow Thief, Cheetah, Knockout, Black Spider, Fatality, Brutale, Hellhound, Multiplex, Killer Frost, Count Vertigo and Captain Nazi!

In JLA #115 (Crisis of Conscience, Part 1)

-Martian Manhunter, after walking in on an argument between Hawkman, Green Arrow, Flash, Black Canary, Green Lantern and Zatanna, learned that his teammates once mind wiped Dr. Light, the Secret Society of Super-Villains and even Batman!
-Before J'onn J'onzz could share this shocking information with the Dark Knight, both heroes were attacked by Chronos, Star Sapphire, Faust, the Floronic Man, Matter Master and the Wizard! The Secret Society of Super-Villains has reunited - with their memories restored!


After Superman defeated Dr. Polaris, Society members Black Adam and Zoom appeared to retrieve the delusional villain back to their headquarters. Before he left, the monarch of Khandaq warned the Man of Steel: "A confrontation is coming, Superman. Between your community and those you seek to control...I suspect you and I will meet again on that day"!


Impressed by Dick Grayson's "work" for the mob, Black Mask (now a member of Lex Luthor's Society) hired our undercover hero to help expand his criminal web into Bludhaven (the new home of Batgirl and Robin)!


-As Kyle Rayner turned back a Khund invasion, several combustible personalities were drawn into the escalating conflict between the forces of Rann and Thanagar, including the Omega Men's Tigorr, Starman IV (Prince Gavyn of Throneworld), Vril Dox, Blackfire (Tamaran's Queen Komand'r) and Captain Comet!
-On Thanagar, a high priest of the Seven Devils (aided by the efforts of Shi'ri Valkyr in ADAM STRANGE #8) resurrected the dreaded Onimar Synn, who vowed to use the science of Rann to feast upon the souls of the entire universe!


-While under lockdown at Stryker's Island Correctional Facility, former U.S. President Pete Ross (arrested for crimes committed as the super-villain Ruin) revealed to Clark Kent that Lex Luthor told him that his childhood friend was really Superman!
-During his visit with Ross, Kent changed into Superman when the Parasite twins initiated a jailbreak... only to be attacked by an OMAC!
-The OMAC killed the male Parasite, while his sister disappeared in the confusion... and so did Ross!


Society members Deathstroke and Talia (backed by her KOBRA troops) captured the super-villains known as Prometheus and Hush! Talia ordered Hush to keep his wounded ally alive because the Society is searching for the powerful key that Prometheus once held... which now resides in the JSA museum! (You can follow this dangerous development this Fall in JSA CLASSIFIED #5!)


Viewing her as a major threat to its cyber-network, Brother I commanded an OMAC to terminate Oracle, but called it off at the last second, stating that Barbara was "rapidly approaching instability" and "imminent total failure" thanks to her re-emerging Brainiac virus!


-Battling the new Eclipso, Blue Devil apparently killed Jean Loring by spearing her with his demonic trident!
-Contacted by the Enchantress, most of the world's magical beings (and even many normal humans who never knew they possessed residual traces of magic energy) funneled their power into Captain Marvel, allowing the World's Mightiest Mortal to go toe-to-toe with the Spectre!
-On a secret mission, Nightshade and Detective Chimp tracked down Lori Zechlin, last seen in BIRDS OF PREY as the vigilante called Black Alice!


-Luthor revealed why he donated his DNA to help create Superboy: to generate a sleeper agent that he could use to destroy Superman!
-Brainiac explained that he sent Indigo back in time to kill Donna Troy because: "Troy and the Titans were destined to interfere in the development of my home world...our rule over the universe after the Crisis would never come to pass...she had to die"!


-Despite Batman's best efforts, three OMACs captured Sasha Bordeaux and returned her to Checkmate headquarters for a brutal interrogation by the Black King himself! The Dark Knight would have been killed if not for the timely arrival of Superman!
-Wonder Woman and Booster Gold's hunt for Batman's spy satellite was interrupted by Guy Gardner, who convinced Booster to search with him instead to honor the memory of their dead teammate Blue Beetle!
-Learning of Batman's mission to shut down his activities, Maxwell Lord reached out to "the one we can count on": Clark Kent! Even more shocking, Clark responded: "Don't worry, Father. I'll keep us safe"!

In BATMAN #641:

After saving Onyx from an assault by the Red Hood and then viciously battling his new foe across the rain swept rooftops of Gotham City, the Dark Knight was stunned when the Hood removed his mask and revealed that he's Jason Todd!


In part four of "The Insiders," Lex Luthor and Brainiac nearly succeeded in destroying the world's next generation of heroes, but in surviving, Nightwing quit the team...and Shift was forced to kill Indigo!


-The sadistic Crime Doctor repeatedly tortured each member of the Secret Six...but none would supply the real identity of Mockingbird!
-Back at Society HQ, Black Adam objected to the torture...until Luthor told him that unless they discovered Mockingbird's identity and motivation, the mysterious foe intended to irradiate several locations around the globe...including Adam's homeland!
-After escaping from their cell and killing the villain known as Hyena, the Six ordered the remaining Society soldiers to tell Luthor and his group: "they're already dead...they just haven't fallen down yet!"

In JSA #75

-While defending his homeland, Black Adam snapped the neck of the new Eclipso...only to see Jean Loring later rise again and disappear!
-Sacrificing himself to save the people of Khandaq, Atom Smasher asked the Spectre to judge him instead. The Spirit of Vengeance then seized (and squeezed) Al Rothstein's heart...but like Eclipso, the giant returned to life...thanks to the actions of Black Adam!


Transported by a travel sphere of the Titan gods, members of the Teen Titans and the Outsiders (including Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire, Arsenal, Kid Flash, Raven, Beast Boy, Shift, Jade and Wonder Girl) arrived on the planet Minosyss, where they encountered a fighting mad Donna Troy!

In SUPERMAN #219 (Sacrifice, Part 1)

-Last seen in OUTSIDERS #25, Brainiac lured Superman to his headquarters at the bottom of the Marianas Trench! There, the Man of Steel discovered that his intelligent enemy had kidnapped Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Lana Lang and Lois Lane!
-After his friends were apparently murdered, Superman threatened to kill Brainiac, but he then suddenly reappeared back at his Fortress of Solitude...and was confronted by an angry JLA!

In JLA #116 (Crisis of Conscience, Part 2)

-After a brutal battle with the JLA, the newly reunited Secret Society of Super-Villains escaped...and left behind a symbol that Zatanna interpreted as saying that their foes now know "our secrets, our sins!"
-When Batman left the scene, the JLA followed him to the Batcave in an attempt to talk about the IDENTITY CRISIS mind-wiping incident. Instead, tempers flared...resulting in Batman punching Hawkman!
-After the team went their separate ways in order to protect their now vulnerable loved ones, J'onn J'onnz returned to the JLA Watchtower...where he learned that the fiend who restored the Society's memories was Despero!


At the behest of Lex Luthor, Talia (now using H.I.V.E. technology to enhance her Kobra army) unleashed a monstrous warrior to capture Major Zanetti!


Convinced that a foe has learned his secret identity and is now targeting his loved ones, Green Arrow asked Zatanna to watch over Speedy...and recruited Black Lightning to help him hunt Dr. Light!


-The interstellar conflagration intensified as Durlans, the warlords of Okaara and the Dominion entered the fray!
-After nearly coming to blows, Adam Strange, Hawkman, Hawk Girl, Hawkwoman and Queen Komand'r agreed to join forces to protect Rann!
-On the devastated surface of Thanagar, Kyle Rayner and Captain Comet were attacked by Onimar Synn!

In ACTION COMICS #829 (Sacrifice, Part 2)

-Martian Manhunter appeared in Clark Kent and Lois Lane's apartment and warned the Man of Steel's wife: "There's a possibility that Superman may be a deadly threat to every person he comes in contact with!"
-Regaining consciousness in his Fortress of Solitude, Superman told the JLA that he remembered nearly killing Darkseid - but instead learned that the blood on his hands actually belonged to a badly battered Batman!

In ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #642 (Sacrifice, Part 3)

-After facing a brutalized and comatose Batman (who has Superman's fingerprints bruised into his flesh) the Man of Steel listened as the Martian Manhunter analyzed his attack on the Dark Knight!
-Suspecting that Superman had an implanted psychotic episode, J'onn J'onnz probed Kal El's mind...and discovered that the Man of Steel's brain had been tampered with by Maxwell Lord!
-Before they could detain him, Superman attacked his teammates and fled to Earth!
-Wonder Woman followed Superman's trail to the Checkmate castle - and was quickly attacked by Kal El...and forced to kneel at the feet of Lord!


-While on a secret mission, both Nightshade and Detective Chimp donated their mystic energies to a beleaguered Captain Marvel!
-Fueled by the power of all the world's magic users, the World's Mightiest Mortal took the fight to the Spectre...but was still overpowered by the Spirit of Vengeance!
-The Spectre pulled Blue Devil's trident out of Eclipso and escaped with his revitalized ally!
-Nightshade and Detective Chimp returned to their battered comrades with new hope: "Black Alice - quite possibly the most powerful teenager in this or any universe!"


Hitting the open road, Batgirl was first attacked by the monstrous Road Hog...and then by an OMAC! The cybernetic hunter took out the metahuman biker, but Cassandra eluded its grasp!


-During a medical examination, Dr. Mid-Nite reiterated to Power Girl that her abilities were neither Kryptonian nor mystical in nature.
-Power Girl then got into a destructive battle with Garn Daanuth, the brother of the Atlantean sorcerer Arion - that is, until he disappeared...and the JSA stated that he was never there!
-Three mysterious figures were summoned and told "it's time to meet your Power Girl"...and were then revealed to be Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes!

In WONDER WOMAN #219: (Sacrifice, Part 4)

-Continued from the events of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #642, Wonder Woman followed a delusional Superman from the JLA satellite to the Checkmate HQ...and came face-to-face with Maxwell Lord, the orchestrater of the OMAC Project!
-Max unleashed the mentally manipulated Man of Steel on the Amazon Princess...leading to an all-out battle between Superman & Wonder Woman!
-Knowing he would never release his grip on Superman, Wonder Woman snapped Lord's neck, killing the Black King!


-Initiating the "KINGISDEAD" protocol, Brother Eye launched several world-threatening scenarios, dividing the attention of the JLA!
-Meanwhile, Fire (who was investigating the death of Blue Beetle) asked Booster Gold and Guy Gardner if they knew if Ted Kord had any contact with Lord the week before he died!
-Batman learned that Lord was the force behind the evolution of the OMAC Project!
-Launching a "scorched-earth" program, Brother Eye activated an OMAC within Checkmate's own headquarters, slaughtering countless agents...including Sasha Bordeaux!

In JSA #76

-While waiting outside the courthouse where Atom-Smasher was on trial (for his recent actions in Khandaq), the JSA suddenly found themselves face-to-face with an OMAC!
-Meanwhile, back at JSA headquarters, Metamorpho and Fire informed Power Girl that their former teammate Blue Beetle had been murdered!
-The OMAC quickly incapacitated the Flash, Hawkman, Green Lantern and Wildcat (and was about to kill Mr. Terrific) until Atom-Smasher appeared and stomped on the cybernetic assassin!
-Turning himself over to authorities, Atom-Smasher was incarcerated in Belle Reve Prison...where he was contacted by the former leader of the Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller!


Granting Jason Blood a "reward," the Spectre imprisoned the Demon within Blood's mortal form...but as "the price for containing Etrigon's magic," his body freakishly aged!


-After battling the Teen Titans and the Outsiders, Donna Troy finally realized that the Titans of myth were manipulating her mind to help them claim a Sun-Eater Factory buried deep within Minosyss!
-Once again in control of her faculties, Donna set off to destroy the deceptive gods!


After knocking out Jason Rusch, Amazo said: "This is Amazo on the shielded Society frequency. Tell Luthor that Firestorm is on the way."


An OMAC appeared near Superman's devastated arctic Fortress of Solitude and took out the Eradicator!

In JLA #117 (Crisis of Conscience, Part 3)

-Despero, who had recently restored the memories of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, ambushed Martian Manhunter in the JLA HQ!
-The Secret Society attacked the Daily Planet...their target: Lois Lane! Suddenly backed by Superman, the JLA defeated their fiendish foes!
-While discussing what to do with criminals willing to attack their loved ones, Hawkman stated that the team was prepared to once again vote for a villain mind-wipe!


-The Society's Dr. Psycho arrived in Metropolis...and quickly used his maniacal mental abilities to transform many normal citizens into frenzied Superman fans!
-Meanwhile, the Man of Steel collided with the metallic monster known as Shrapnel, who was also sent to Metropolis by the Society on a mission of destruction!
-Having learned who was behind Shrapnel's rampage, Superman confronted Dr. Psycho...and the newly arrived Black Adam!


Major Zanetti brutally killed the H.I.V.E.-enhanced Kobra agent that Talia sent to capture him. Afterwards, Talia told Lex Luthor: "The warrior transmitted valuable data on the meta's abilities during the battle. Data we will need for the coming crisis."


After Dick Grayson sent out word that he wanted to meet with him, Nightwing came face-to-face with Deathstroke!


-After escaping an attack by the resurrected Onimar Synn, Captain Comet and Kyle Rayner discovered hundreds of victims kept in suspended animation deep beneath the scorched surface of Thanagar!
-Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Hawkwoman, Komand'r and Adam Strange arrived at Ranagar City with a new mission: rescue Thanagar's Grand Mor... now a prisoner of Synn!


-On a mission to infiltrate a Society installation in Brazil, the Six uncovered the "Vindication Scenario," the Society's plan to mind-wipe the JLA and all of Earth's heroes!
-While battling a horde of Hive soldiers, the Six freed the Society's captured "power source": Firestorm...who quickly obliterated the installation!


While tracking former Manhunter Mark Shaw, Brother Eye locked onto current Manhunter Kate Spencer...and sent an OMAC to eliminate her!

In ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #643 (Sacrifice, Epilogue)

-After Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord, the Man of Steel immediately confronted the Amazon Princess...but before both heroes came to blows they were called away to halt separate disasters!
-While stopping a nuclear missile aimed at Singapore, Superman was attacked by two OMACs...and learned that the cybernetic killers had humans trapped inside!
-Superman then traveled to the Batcave to check up on the Dark Knight (who he unknowingly attacked during the "Sacrifice" story), but Batman rebuked his apology. The two occasional partners then came to heated words over the recent "possessions" of Superman and Superboy, the OMACs, and Wonder Woman's recent actions!


-Returning to the Rock of Eternity, Captain Marvel informed the wizard Shazam that the Shadowpact had a chance of defeating the Spectre, but Shazam refused the help, saying: "They can't take the burden from me. For good or ill, this is my fight."
-After recovering from their first encounter with the Spectre, the Shadowpact (now with the magic-absorbing Black Alice) once again attacked the Spirit of Vengeance and Eclipso...only to see their plan quickly turned on its head!

-Power Girl was visited by Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy...who told her that she was really a Legionnaire named Andromeda sent back from the 31st Century!
-After Superman and Supergirl arrived on the scene to help Power Girl save a falling jet, they told her (just like Garn Daanuth in JSA CLASSIFIED #1) the Legion of Super-Heroes members were never really there!
-Called back from their mission, the mysterious Legionnaires were reabsorbed...by CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS' Psycho Pirate!


-Rushing to the aid of their former teammates, Justice League members Booster Gold, Fire, Mary Marvel, Metamorpho and Guy Gardner arrived in Moscow and attacked the OMACs that were battling Rocket Red and Martian Manhunter!
-To save his allies, Rocket Red detonated his suit, obliterating the OMACS...and sacrificing himself!
-After Brother Eye dealt her a mortal blow using an OMAC, Sasha Bordeaux rose as a human/OMAC hybrid - a fully autonomous 3rd generation prototype calling itself Black Knight - and realized she had a chance to think like the machine in order to defeat it!
-Black Knight then informed Batman that Brother Eye was activating every OMAC worldwide...all 1,373,462 of them!


-After Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord, the Man of Steel immediately confronted the Amazon Princess...but before both heroes came to blows they were called away to halt separate disasters!
-Diana eventually returned to her embassy...only to learn that staff member Jonah McCarthy was an agent of Checkmate!
-Wonder Woman told Batman that she killed Max, and when she asked Bruce Wayne if she had also killed their friendship, he ordered her out of his sight!

In FLASH #225:

After a time-bending battle with the Flash (which resulted in the birth of twins for Wally West and Linda Park) the Rogues decided to join Lex Luthor's Society!


-The Society hunted down two figures central to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: Lady Quark and Pariah! The cursed scientist told Lex Luthor: "You think you're this planet's apex predator. But there's another. And I don't think you'll survive his coming!"
-The Six raided a Society safe house and stole data from its computer systems. In retaliation, the Society sent a massive squad of villains to assassinate the Six...led to their home base by one of their own: Cheshire!


In a hellish spiritual realm, Eclipso and the Spectre tortured Etrigan...but the Demon managed to escape and once again merged with his human host Jason Blood!


After battling an OMAC, Bizarro strengthened the Society by joining the ranks of the ever-growing villain army!


-Kilowog, Kyle Rayner and Captain Comet brought life back to the devastated surface of Thanagar!
-Komand'r betrayed our heroes by kidnapping the leader of Thanagar and killing Hawkwoman!
-The cosmic heroes (including Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Tigorr, Captain Comet and Adam Strange) gathered on Rann's Mount Ebalon, and were soon attacked by the combined forces of Onimar Synn!


Superman drove Black Adam and Dr. Psycho out of Metropolis, and - thanks to the investigative work of Lois Lane - Superman learned of the existence of the Society!


With the help of the mysterious Gehenna, the Nuclear Man destroyed a Society base (which the Six attacked in VILLAIN UNITED #4)!


-Green Arrow and Black Lightning (who revealed to Ollie that he knew the JLA had lobotomized Dr. Light) searched for the newly returned villain, but before they could locate him he attacked Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi, the retired heroic Dr. Light!
-The evil Dr. Light stole the powers of Hoshi, and then used her to lure Green Arrow and Black Lightning into an ambush by Killer Frost and Mirror Master!

In JLA #118 (Crisis of Conscience, Part 4)

-The team's vote to once again mindwipe the Secret Society of Super-Villains was tied at three to three, and then Zatanna, the deciding vote, quit the JLA!
-Despero possessed Martian Manhunter, Aquaman and Batman!

In JSA #77:

Air Wave crashed into the JSA HQ, driven mad by intergalactic messages! Green Lanterns Alan Scott and Hal Jordan then followed the troubled hero into space - and came face-to-face with Donna Troy, who quickly recruited Scott and Air Wave to investigate New Cronus!


In an attempt to prove to Deathstroke that he was not an undercover hero, Dick Grayson agreed to teach the villain's daughter, Ravager!


-Nightshade teleported the new Eclipso (a.k.a. Jean Loring) into a perpetual orbit around the sun!
-The Phantom Stranger regained his form and showed the Shadowpact the battle between the Spectre and Shazam...during which the spirit of vengeance killed the wizard and shattered the Rock of Eternity!
-The magical fortress shed fragments as it tumbled through hundreds of dimensions...and then exploded high above Gotham City, showering it with a billion enchanted pieces!
-As the mystical castle crumbled, Billy Batson fell to the Earth, unable to recall the magic word that would transform him into Captain Marvel! Also, the Blue Beetle scarab landed in El Paso, Texas...and the Seven Deadly Sins escaped!
-Witnessing all of these horrific events, the Shadowpact vowed to stay together and battle these new supernatural threats!


Kate Spencer, D.E.O. agent Cameron Chase and former Manhunter Mark Shaw barely survived an OMAC attack!


-While explaining her personal "identity crisis" to Huntress, Power Girl was besieged by numerous metahumans (including the Crime Syndicate of America, the Teen Titans of the future, Candor's Nightwing and Flamebird, Captain Marvel and General Zod) who all claimed to be related to her!
-The horde finally disappeared, only to be replaced by the Psycho Pirate who (on instructions from Lex Luthor) told Power Girl: "We're going to take a trip, you and I. And you'll finally understand I'm only trying to help you. Worlds lived...worlds died...but you survived!"

In JLA #119: (Crisis of Conscience, Part 5)

-Taking advantage of their disagreements surrounding another proposed villain mindwipe, Despero manipulated the JLA into fighting each other!
-The heroes, thanks to the timely aid of the Red Tornado and Zatanna, eventually defeated the evil alien...but, in the face of their recent troubles, they disbanded!
-Zatanna, against the wishes of her teammates, once again mindwiped the Secret Society of Super-Villains!
-Alone in the JLA Watchtower, the Martian Manhunter - tracking the Rann/Thanagar War and the heroes battles with the OMACs, villains and Spectre - began to identify subtle threads tying these separate events together. Even more, he suspected that one entity was behind it all. But before he could contact his teammates, he was interrupted by what the JLA computers identified as Superman...only seconds before the lunar headquarters exploded!


While questioning Zatanna on whether he might still be under the influence of Maxwell Lord, Superman learned that the sorceress had "fixed" the mind of the Toyman...and quickly zoomed off to halt his latest evil actions!


-Carrying out the "Annihilation Protocols," over one million OMACs swept the globe and attacked Earth's metahumans!
-Following a plan hatched by Batman, a gathering of heroes (including the JLA, the JSA, the Metal Men and the Freedom Fighters) lured a large force of OMACs into a final standoff in a remote area of the Sahara!
-There, Batman triggered a prototype EMP generator - which he deduced was the target of Maxwell Lord's burglary of the Kord warehouse (in COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS) and deactivated the gathered OMACs!
-At the same time, Sasha Bordeaux (now the OMAC/human hybrid dubbed Black Knight) used a "shut down" command to turn off many other OMACs!
-200,000 OMACs remained functional...and a wounded Brother Eye sent out a transmission across all telecommunication equipment that showed Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord!


-By combining their abilities, and utilizing zeta beam technology, our cosmic crusaders teleported Onimar Synn to seven different suns!
-The forces of Thanagar moved in on Rann, but before they could attack, a mysterious "force" ruptured the fabric of space-time!


While trying to heal his wife Mera, Aquaman was attacked and nearly killed by an OMAC!


Finally learning her true origin, Donna Troy decided to once again take her place among Earth's champions...and realized that she must now gather a team of heroes to address the evil growing on New Cronus!

In JSA #78:

The malicious Mordru escaped his prison in the Rock of Eternity and quickly blindsided the JSA!


The demon known as Sabbac joined the Society and then, when the Rock of Eternity shattered (in DAY OF VENGEANCE #6), he absorbed the Seven Deadly Sins!


-Returning to her embassy, Diana told her staff that she was going to turn herself over to the authorities for murdering Maxwell Lord but before she could do so, three OMACs attacked!
-After defeating the trio of terror, Wonder Woman took one of the wounded human hosts to a hospital...and saw (on the waiting room TVs) that Brother Eye was broadcasting footage of her killing Max across all worldwide channels!


Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman convened at the devastated JLA headquarters, attempting to determine who had destroyed it...along with all traces of Martian Manhunter!
-Around the world, heroes faced attacks by super-villains, supernatural forces and squads of OMACs!
-Donna Troy led her strike force (including Cyborg, Starfire, Supergirl and more) off Earth to confront an evil growing on New Cronus!
-In deep space, heroes including Hawkman, Adam Strange, Kyle Rayner and more were caught up in a war between Rann and Thanagar!
-Observing the conflagration, the Guardians remarked: "For the first time in history, Oa is no longer at the center of the universe...this tear in reality is. Someone or something has purposefully changed the nature of the cosmos."
-As the Rock of Eternity exploded in the skies over Gotham City, Captain Marvel crashed to Earth...and revealed that the Spectre had killed the Wizard Shazam!
-The Freedom Fighters walked into a Society ambush...and were brutally struck down! Fatalities included Black Condor, Phantom Lady and the Human Bomb!
-Back at the JLA headquaters, Mongul blindsided Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman...leading to a greater schism between the world's three greatest heroes!
-With this famous trio divided, a mysterious group of champions stepped out of the shadows. Returning to action: the Earth-Prime Superboy, Earth-3's Alexander Luthor, Earth-2 Lois Lane and Earth-2 Superman!


On his mission to destroy all magic, the Spectre invaded Metropolis and focused his wrath on Satanus (who had been living in Superman's city as network exec Colin Thornton)!


After the events of VILLAINS UNITED #4 (and FIRESTORM #17), a de-powered Nuclear Man sought help at S.T.A.R. Labs...and barely survived an attack by an OMAC!


The Emerald Archer and Black Lightning battled Mirror Master and Killer Frost...who had been sent to distract the heroes while Dr. Light stalked Speedy and Connor Hawke!


To prove he's no longer on the side of the heroes, Dick Grayson spent hours training Ravager, the daughter of Deathstroke!


-The Society's leader revealed to his prisoner Pariah that he was actually an alternate Luthor...and, to keep his upcoming plots secret, murdered Pariah!
-Our world's Lex Luthor revealed that he was the mysterious Mockingbird, who assembled The Six to oppose his imposter!
-Once again donning his battle suit, Lex left his hiding place, vowing to the alternate Luthor that he would "make you pay for taking my place!"
-Catman revealed to Green Arrow that the Society plans on mindwiping the world's heroes, and that "people are going to die because you took the shortcut!"

BATMAN #646:

Deathstroke invited Black Mask to join the Society!


On a quest to flush out Oracle, the Calculator told Deathstroke and Talia that they had to target her allies, such as Huntress, Savant and Black Canary!

ROBIN #143:

-When OMACs overran Bludhaven, the city's odd collection of heroes (and villains) - including Junkyard Dog, Gasbag, the Veteran and Tarantula - united!
-Seeking help detaining a defeated Johnny Warlock, Robin contacted Ragman...who brought along Shadowpact (from DAY OF VENGEANCE)!


In the very apartment she shares with Clark Kent, an OMAC attacked Lois Lane!

-Metropolis was rocked by a Brother Eye one-two punch when the satellite system broadcast the footage of Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord - then awakened dozens of OMACs throughout the city!
-When the OMACs inexplicably ignored Superman, the Man of Steel sought out answers by confronting Lex Luthor!
-On assignment in Umec, Lois Lane figured out that her would-be assassin had to have connections to Max Lord! Umec...OMAC...coincidence or conspiracy?
-When Superman asked Luthor about Ruin, the masked villain suddenly appeared...but just as Superman discovered that his armored enemy was using Phantom Zone technology, the fiendish foe disappeared once more!
-Zooming off to the JLA lunar headquarters, Superman discovered that the team's base had been destroyed!


Power Girl discovered that she is the cousin of the Earth-Two Superman!


-The Amazons' preparation for war intensified when they learned that the world knew that Diana killed Maxwell Lord!
-Wonder Woman pled not guilty to a charge of homicide in the first degree, but was still subjected to confinement in a detention facility by the Hague tribunal!
-Diana refused to join Donna Troy's space squad, insisting that her mission was here on Earth...and then defeated Cheetah, who attacked from the shadows!
-While battling this savage member of the Society, Wonder Woman was unaware that an armada of OMACs attacked Paradise Island!

While trying to heal Mera, the sorcerers of Atlantis attracted the attention of the Spectre!


Recruited by Firehawk, Jason accepted the invitation to join Donna Troy's space squad!


-When the Rock of Eternity exploded over Gotham City, Captain Marvel fell to Earth...and crashed into the car of detectives Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen!
-As super-villains overran the city, the Fisherman was about to kill Allen, but then detectives Marcus Driver and Josie MacDonald shot the nautical-based criminal dead!

JSA #79:

Due to the events of DAY OF VENGEANCE, half the JSA battled a now-evil Jakeem Thunder while the rest of the squad struggled against a re-energized Mordru!


After helping the Outsiders drive the Seven Deadly Sins out of Sabbac, Donna Troy recruited members of the team into her strike force!


-Now in possession of the energy-absorbing crystal, Talia created a new Blackrock!
-Distracted while battling this new foe, Superman was unaware that Lex Luthor was overseeing a mysterious "project" around the former Fortress of Solitude!


-Power Girl was attacked by Clayface and a host of villains...until the Earth-2 Superman rescued her!
-Earth-2 Superman led Power Girl to Antarctica, where she was introduced to Earth-Prime Superboy, Earth-2 Lois Lane and Earth-3's Alexander Luthor!
-Alexander explained to Power Girl that she - like they - came from alternate universes that were either destroyed or absorbed during a former Crisis!
-Meanwhile, Animal Man joined Donna Troy's space-faring squad on New Cronus, Lex Luthor experienced mental difficulties, Booster Gold returned, Joker learned that the Society didn't want him to join their ranks, and Batman learned that an armada of OMACs had attacked Paradise Island!
-After touching Lois' hand, Power Girl remembered her former life...and Earth-2 Superman told her that his "true purpose in this universe" was to save Lois by taking her home and that "this corrupted and darkened Earth must be forgotten as ours was, so that the right Earth can return!"


-The Atom returned...and told his good friend Carter: "I might be going away for awhile...maybe for good."
-Hawkman and Hawkgirl battled OMACs, then chased a mysterious phoenix...which led them right into THE RANN/THANAGAR WAR!

JLA #122:

-While trying to solve a mysterious murder, Green Arrow, Black Canary, John Stewart, Dawn, Aquaman and Supergirl were assaulted by OMACs!
-A repaired Red Tornado returned, Flash looked oddly sick, and Donna Troy appeared to recruit the heroes into her space strike force!


With Ravager at his side, Dick Grayson (now calling himself Renegade) interrupted a Society plan to use the Venom formula to create a super strong army...and even took down Arsenal to do it!


-Donna Troy recruited Cyborg to join her space squad!
-Along with the rest of the world, Wonder Girl and Superboy saw the footage of Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord!
-Back from the dead, Jason Todd attacked Tim Drake!
-The Spectre's rampage hastened the return of Brother Blood!


The Calculator tortured Savant, but Oracle's ally refuses to reveal her secret identity!


-While Green Arrow was distracted by Killer Frost, Dr. Light stalked Speedy!
-After narrowly escaping his attack, the young archer accidentally led the fiend straight to Team Green's hidden HQ!


Director Bones of the DEO invited Kate Spencer to work directly for him!

ROBIN #144:

-Shadowpact members Ragman and Blue Devil arrived to help Robin deal with the aftermath of an OMAC invasion of Bludhaven!
-The Boy Wonder learned that the OMACs had imprisoned - and were killing - hundreds of super-villains...but a horde of the foes escaped and have now assembled to crush Robin!

BATMAN #647:

After Black Mask agreed to join the Society, Deathstroke sent Captain Nazi, the Hyena and Count Vertigo to kill Batman...forcing the Dark Knight to fight side-by-side with the Red Hood!


-With Paradise Island under attack by an OMAC invasion, Diana defied the ruling of the Hague International Criminal Court and broke out of their detention facility!
-Wonder Woman swiftly journeyed to Themyscira...and was immediately overwhelmed by swarming OMACs!


-Starfire, Jade, Shift and Captain Marvel Jr. joined Donna Troy on her mission into space!
-Feeling the ill effects of the current magic crisis, Captain Marvel Jr. fell back to Earth...leaving his new teammates open to a blindside blitz by Starfire's sister, Blackfire!


-Flying a stolen jet across the Alaskan tundra, Lex Luthor was blasted out of the sky by an OMAC!
-Drawing upon his hatred of Superman, Lex was able to defeat the cybernetic soldier, once again donned his infamous armor and continued his mission to kill his doppleganger!


While Aquaman was busy fighting an army of Society villains led by Black Manta, Tempest attempted to repel the Spectre from Atlantis...but the embodiment of God's wrath obliterated the fabled undersea kingdom!


While traveling through space with Donna Troy's strike force, Firestorm and Animal Man got entangled in the Rann/Thanagar War!


-Chased from the Arrow HQ by Ollie and Black Lightning, Dr. Light left Mia near death!
-Summoned by Dr. Light, the archer Merlin then detonated the Arrow HQ...with Black Lightning, Connor Hawke and Speedy still inside!


-Hawkman and Hawkgirl (alongside ally Adam Strange) fought Psions, Durlans, Gordanians, Thanagarians and the Citadel!
-After surviving this non-stop war, our heroes were then attacked by a massive army led by Blackfire!

JLA #123:

Supergirl, Red Tornado and John Stewart left Green Arrow's gathering of heroes to join Donna Troy's galactic squad!


-Deathstroke outfitted his daughter Ravager with a kryptonite eye, but after a botched attempt to attack Superman, Nightwing and the Man of Steel showed Slade's daughter the error of her evil ways!
-Dick Grayson then struck a deal with Deathstroke: he'll stop inspiring Ravager if Slade keeps all Society members out of Bludhaven!


-As a result of the recent magic crisis, Brother Blood once again returned to life...and brought with him his "new Titans West", comprised of the all-zombie line-up of Phantasm, Kole, Lilith, Hawk, Dove and Aquagirl!
-Sensing a great disturbance, Raven explained that "death has lost its meaning. The doorway between life and death has been cracked open for years. Ever since Superman came back to us. And then Oliver Queen, Hal Jordan, Jason Todd."
-Meanwhile, on Earth C, former Zoo Crew members Pig Iron, Rubber Duck and Yankee Poodle reunited to solve the death of Little Cheese...as the mysterious American Eagle hunted for Captain Carrot!


-After the Birds rescued Savant, the Calculator told Oracle that she had to give control over several satellites back to Lex Luthor...or he would kill her operatives!
-Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon revealed to her father that she was once Batgirl...and is currently Oracle!
-Batman confronted Oracle and Commissioner James Gordon, and ordered Barbara to shut down the Huntress' underworld operations!


-Attempting to heal Mera, the sorcerers of Altantis attracted the attention of the Spectre...who destroyed the undersea kingdom!
-Earth-2 Superman invited Batman to join his quest to bring back his vanished world...but the Dark Knight rejected his offer!
-Donna Troy's space squad reached the center of the universe, the Flash entered the fray, and an El Paso teenager found the Blue Beetle scarab!
-Under an all-out OMAC assault, the Amazons departed with their gods...while Wonder Woman remained to watch Paradise Island sink into the sea!
-Lex Luthor, Power Girl and Batman all made shocking discoveries about Alexander Luthor and Superboy Prime's hand in the current Crisis!


Kate Spencer agreed to become a personal agent for DEO's Director Bones...and then discovered that her grandfather was Al Pratt, the original Atom!

ROBIN #145:

After Robin (along with his allies the Shadowpact and the Veteran's squad) defeated the horde of villains who had overrun Bludhaven, Wonder Girl arrived and announced that the Teen Titans desperately needed his help with an emergency!


Selina learned that Zatanna - as the sorceress had with the rest of the Secret Society of Super-Villains - altered her mind to "turn from villain to hero!"


After Brother Eye had broadcast them killing many OMACs, the Amazons (and Paradise Island) left our world...while Wonder Woman remained behind to face yet another wave of cybernetic attackers!

-The Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu and Nabu gathered to discuss how to end the Spectre's path of rage!
-The spirit of vengeance destroyed T'Charr and Terataya, the hosts who supplied power to Hawk and Dove!
-The Phantom Stranger led an army of supernatural fighters (including the Shadowpact, the Marvel Family, Arion, Zauriel, Deadman, Dr. Occult, Vixen, Black Orchid, Jennifer Morgan, Empress, Freedom Beast, Amethyst, Sala, Traci 13, Valda, Witchfire, Janissary, El Muerto, the Ghost Patrol and Rex the Wonder Dog) to Gotham City, where they recaptured the Seven Deadly Sins!
-During the battle, at the behest of Lex Luthor and his Society, the Wizard and the Demons Three captured Nightshade!
-The assembled magic users rebuilt the shattered Rock of Eternity...but to keep it held together (and trap the Sins back inside), Captain Marvel had to become the Rock's new eternal occupant!
-Nabu succeeded in driving the Spectre over the edge. In doing so, he attracted the attention of "the Higher Authority", who placed the wrathful spirit into a new (and at present time, unknown) host!
-With this action, Nabu perished, and with him the Ninth Age of Magic. He then instructed the heroes to choose a new Dr. Fate and begin a new age of magic!

JSA #81:
After helping the JSA save an out-of-control Liberty Belle, Stargirl learned from the Shade that her biological father had died during a Crisis-triggered storm in Star City!

-Masquerading as Deathstroke, Arsenal "defeated" Grace in front of several Society members, taking the two Outsiders one step closer to infiltrating the villains' HQ!
-After her evil sister had absorbed a copy of her destructive powers, Starfire barely survived an attack by Blackfire!
-Starfire, Jade and Shift were unable to learn who had resurrected Blackfire, but they were able to rejoin Donna Troy's team and reached the center of the universe...where a devastating crisis awaits!

Troubled by Batman's remarks in INFINITE CRISIS #1, Superman defeated a group of fire-based Society members, and told them that the heroes were no longer mind-wiping villains!

-The Teen Titans freed Kid Eternity, who had been chained to the door separating life and death! He then banished Brother Blood to Hell!
-After discovering that Alley-Cat-Abra murdered Little Cheese, Captain Carrot (joined by American Eagle) reformed the all-new Zoo Crew!
-Earth-Prime Superboy vowed to confront Superboy!


-A wounded Black Lightning helped emergency rescuers pull a badly injured Connor Hawke from the rubble of Green Arrow's destroyed HQ!
-Dr. Light led Green Arrow in a chase across Star City...until the Emerald Archer came face-to-face with Merlyn, the Society member who blew up Oliver's building!


As the fabric of space-time unraveled, Hawkman and Hawkgirl (joined by allies such as Adam Strange, Kilowag and Kyle Rayner) drove Blackfire and her legions off Rann!

JLA #124:

Possessed by the Deadly Sin Envy, Green Arrow attacked Batman!


-The Society dropped Chemo (a living bomb) on Bludhaven, destroying Gotham's sister city!
-Alexander Luthor revealed to a captive Power Girl that the formation of the Society, the Spectre's war on magic, the O.M.A.C. Project and the Rann/Thanagar war were all part of his mad plan!
-Booster Gold learned that the Blue Beetle Scarab is now fused to the spine of teenager Jaime Reyes!
-Detective Crispus Allen rose from the dead...apparently having become the new human host for the Spectre!
-Earth-Prime Superboy brutally beat Superboy...and killed Bushido, Wildebeest and Pantha!
-The combined might of Bart Allen, Max Mercury, Johnny Quick, Jay Garrick, Wally West and Barry Allen removed Earth-Prime Superboy from our world...and with them took the Speed Force!
-Alexander Luthor succeeded in bringing Earth-2 back into existence!


-Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk narrowly escaped an assault by Deathstroke!
-Unable to crack Oracle's agents, the Calculator ended his quest to learn Barbara Gordon's secret identity!


The consciousness of Professor Martin Stein saved Jason Rusch from death (in INFINITE CRISIS #4), then agreed to merge with the troubled young man to help him become a better Firestorm!


After fleeing from his battle with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on the (now destroyed) JLA HQ, Mongul returned once more to Earth...and quickly enslaved Green Arrow and Green Lantern with Black Mercy parasite plants!


-Nightwing's grand plan to clean up Bludhaven was literally blown to bits when the Society dropped Chemo on his city!
-Racing across town, Dick Grayson attempted to save as many citizens as possible...then collapsed at the feet of Batman!

BATMAN #649:

Batman, too far away to avert the disaster, watched in horror as the Society dropped Chemo the living bomb on Bludhaven, the home of Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin!


Confused about her true moral leanings, Selina broke into Wayne Manor and told Bruce that she now knows that Zatanna manipulated her mind to the side of good! Bruce then confronted Zatanna, saying that the JLA should have revealed to him what they had done!

ROBIN #146:

In an effort to find a cure for the mortally injured Superboy, Robin (who recently learned that Bludhaven was bombed) snuck into one of Lex Luthor's secret underground laboratories! The Boy Wonder (along with Wonder Girl, Speedy and Beast Boy) quickly encountered a giant, shambling zombie!


With Themyscira gone, Wonder Woman closed her embassy, released her staff, and flew off to help the heroes that no longer trust her!


The world famous tag team of Green Arrow and Green Lantern defeated Mongul, driving their foe off-world!


Arsenal (disguised as Deathstroke), Grace, Katana, Thunder and Captain Marvel Jr. infiltrated a Society stronghold and rescued Mary Marvel!


-At the center of the universe an assembled superhuman strike force (including Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, Jade, Alan Scott, Supergirl, Starfire, Adam Strange, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Captain Comet, the Omega Men and more) battled Blackfire's massive army!
-As two mysterious hands (who we now know belonged to Alexander Luthor) emerged from the destructive cosmic storm, Rann and Thanagar leaders discovered that Superboy-Prime was responsible for pushing Rann out of its orbit! Realizing the true culprit behind their problems, the leaders ended their war!
-Luthor's giant hands sent out waves of destructive energy that killed Jade! But before she died, she transferred her remaining energy into Kyle Rayner, transforming him into Ion, who was called by the Guardians "the first of a new breed, the next step in the evolution of our cause!"


While fighting the Emerald Archer, Merlyn detonated numerous hidden bombs and devastated Star City...and then he drove two arrows straight through Green Arrow's chest!


After battling an alien armada, Carter and Kendra (alongside their allies Adam Strange, Kyle Rayner, Starman, Captain Comet and the Omega Men) flew headfirst into the cosmic storm at the center of the universe!

JLA #125:

-The Key drove the Deadly Sin Envy out of Green Arrow!
-Oliver, Manitou Dawn, Black Canary and Batman defeated their foe and then went their separate ways...as the JLA remained disbanded!

Continued later...

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RE: Infinite Crisis. Find out what DC Comics has been up to.

wheelman... thanks forthe update. WOW.... I mean WOW! I only get about half the books as regular titles and have actually been setting them aside to read as a group. But it wouldn't have made as much sense because of all the books I didn't get.

I'm an old time comic book fan. Unfortunately, as prices went up the number of books I buy has gone down. And with my wife into comics that eats at my funds (because god forbid she buy her own books).

Right now I get:
Powers, Most of the Spiderman titles, GL & GL Corps, Hellblazer, Lucifer, most Bat titles, Nightwing, New Avengers, JLA, Batman/Superman, 100 Bullets, PvP, etc..
The Wife gets: (and I read)
SiP, Samurai Executioner, True Stories Swear to God, Girls, and Fables.
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Man, y'all are TRUE comic book junkies ... Nice update though, wheel ...
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