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mjf150 09-16-2005 07:44 AM

The Pro Football Hall of Fame
Presently, there are only 5 Saints in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And of those 5, only one was inducted with the Saints being his primary team, the late, great Jim Finks. Who do you believe will be the next Saint to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, primarily as a Saint?

Morten Andersen has my vote, if he ever decides to retire. He spent over half of his career with the Saints, so it's very likely that he will go into the Hall as such.

mjf150 09-16-2005 12:54 PM

What's Up?
No one has an opinion regarding the Saints in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, or the lack there of?

BlackandBlue 09-16-2005 01:43 PM

RE: What
I have an opinion, but it's not positive. Similar to what I read in another thread, quoted by our very own Aaron Brooks, "It's just unfortunate that we're part of the 32 teams in the NFL and it takes a national disaster for the media and NFL to show us some love.''
I've always felt there has been a bias against the Saints. At times it has felt like we weren't even part of the league. I can watch a loud mouth receiver and 2nd year quarterback sponsor some random product, but a guy that has been to 4 straight pro-bowls at wide receiver can't garner any national exposure?
And yes, I think that Morten Anderson will be the first Saints' player inducted. From there, we are going to wait for Deuce and any other active player that steps it up for his career.

LordOfEntropy 09-16-2005 01:59 PM

RE: What
R. Jackson will follow Morten Anderson, I think. Is Sam Mills in the pro Hall of Fame yet?

BlackandBlue 09-16-2005 02:06 PM

RE: What
Neither are. I've had the debate with many people on Jackson, and as much as I would like to see him in the Hall, the arguments as to why he shouldn't are hard to refute.

WhoDat 09-16-2005 02:08 PM

RE: What
Rickey is a very likely possibility. He would go in BEFORE Anderson, b/c Anderson is still kicking for somebody somewhere, I'm sure. Well, it's not definite that RIckey wold go in first, but Rickey will be eligible first - is he already? If he is and he hasn't made it yet, he may not ever. Time makes people forget.

Sam Mills is another option, but it sickens me to admit that he would probably go in as a Panther. Gross.

I think Horn has a shot if he keeps producing for another two years. If that man goes to 5 or 6 Pro Bowls in 7 years and isn't considered then IMO it prove unequivocally that the media simply ignores New Orleans (except when there are hurricanes and they can sensationalize race, politics, and everthing else other than what's important).

Deuce SHOULD end up going.

I think before him, Willie Roaf HAS to garner some real consideration. He was in New Orleans, what, 9 years? He went to 7 or 8 Pro Bowls. The guy has to get in.

LordOfEntropy 09-16-2005 02:19 PM

Re: RE: What

Originally Posted by BlackandBlue
arguments... are hard to refute.

I'm curious. What are/were those arguments? I wasn't aware of any criticims on him.


Originally Posted by WhodDat
Rickey will be eligible first

Good point, I forget that Morten is still active.

BlackandBlue 09-16-2005 02:21 PM

RE: What
Jackson retired in 1995- he's been eligible for five years.

the only way Jackson will get in is by the senior committee, and that'll take a while.

And it's not so much criticisms against Jackson, so much as all the other linebackers that put up better stats, yet have not been elected to the Hall.

mjf150 09-16-2005 02:49 PM

Re: RE: What

Originally Posted by BlackandBlue
I've always felt there has been a bias against the Saints.

I understand your woeful attitude, but take a look at the HoF, we're not the only ones. The Bronco's were basically shut out until Elway, the Seahawks, Falcons, and Bucs have next to no one, too.

As for Rickey Jackson, he missed his chance. Mills might make it eventually, but he hasn't so far, and he has been eligible for at least one year.

Tobias-Reiper 09-18-2005 08:11 AM

Unlike Baseball players, Football players don't go into the HoF as being part of a team. They go in as individuals. Actually, the reason why MLB players go into the MLB HoF "as a Yankee" or "as a Cub" is because the plaques have them wearing a baseball cap, which bears the logo of the player's choice among the clubs he played with. Even so, the plaques have imprinted in them the teams the player played with throughout his career.

While there may be 5 people in the NFL HoF who where associated in some way, shape, or form to the New Orleans Saints, none of them entered the Hall because of what they did with the New Orleans Saints, so I don't feel that there are any Saints in the HoF.

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