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Opinions on Brooks' fantasy value since Deuce injury

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; No Deuce, does it make Brooks a better fantasy QB? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They'll be like the Rams and Eagles now, just throw the ball all game. Of course in Brooks' case this year, that could be a lot of INTs on ...

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Opinions on Brooks' fantasy value since Deuce injury

No Deuce, does it make Brooks a better fantasy QB?


They'll be like the Rams and Eagles now, just throw the ball all game. Of course in Brooks' case this year, that could be a lot of INTs on top of those yards and TDs (maybe TDs that is). Or should I just drop this dud already and get Leftwich or McCown?
Hell no.

If anything, week 5 has proven it. How do you let one of the worst passing defenses in the league hold you to 3 points, while their offense scores 50? I started Brooks; when I learned that Green Bay scored 50 points, I anticipated that the Saints answered with 35-40 points of their own, but when I looked at the scoreboard, I nearly cried.

Aaron Brooks is a bum and will always be a bum, IMO.
BB, I'm just as frustrated as you are. I started Brooks this week, as I do every week, and lost by 2, thus losing the lead in my division. However, I do think this gives him a shot to be more productive. This team is 1-0 at "home" and 0-4 on the road (counting the "home" game at NYG), not unusual in the NFL. Against the Giants, Brooks, Horn & Stallworth went off, and my team won in a cakewalk. That is possible every week. Keep in mind my 12-team league requires two QBs to start, which means all starters are valuable.

If Brooks were cut, I'd scoop him up instantaneously. Don't give up too soon.

I mean, should I cut Tomlinson because he only rushed for less than 50?
I would say Brooks has some opportunities, but it depends on the matchup. I like Leftwich for the long haul over Brooks, but Brooks may surprise you depending on the matchup. I think horn being out and Stallworth's success (in one game at least) will do wonders for the NO "offense", but the big ? is if/how they will run the ball. Antowain's 3 yds per carry won't get it done, I see Stecker needing to come in and show him how to be explosive (ala Tatum Bell).
Maybe a lot of swing passes/screen passes to slow down the pass rush will pad Brooks' stats some...
Aaron Brooks is waiver wire fodder. I'd rather start Trent Dilfer.
Dilfer was just dropped actually, but I'd rather have Brooks still.

I'm definitely thinking about Leftwich, and should probably act on that soon. My other QB is Delhomme.
Delhomme is a fine starter...I'd never start Brooks ahead of him. You just need a filler for his bye in week 7.

Actually, the Saints play the Rams in week 7, so Brooks might not be a bad start that week...I bet even he can throw for a boatload on them.
Tomlinson rushing for less than 50 is rare. Aaron Brooks stinking up the place isn't. I called it perfectly --- Aaron Brooks vs. the Packers defense. I envisioned 3 TDs from him, maybe more. How do you look yourself in the mirror and call yourself a strong-armed, accurate passer and allow another team to score 50 unanswered points, while you throw for ZERO TDs???????????????????????????? Only Aaron Brooks could F that up.

I lost because of this bum. Everyone else contributed at least a little, this BUM gives me -1 point in a blowout game. Now I'm 0-5.

F him.
Brooks has a lower QB rating on the season than such luminaries as Rattay, Wright, Boller and Bollinger. He has been awful. I can't really see how having less of a running game is going to help him. A few more passing attempts? Yeah probably. More turnovers and mistake? Probably just as likely.

For whatever reason the light never seemed to come on for Brooks.
One other thing working against Brooks, is that there's a good chance the Saints, with all the sh!t goin on in LA, could mail it in.

BTW, i recently acquired an MRI of Brooks' brain. Might explain a lot.

When Horn is back he will get at least 1 TD a game. Not necessarily all to Horn, but the attention he will draw will free up the other receivers anyway.

He's still not a good start either way though.
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