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Rock Bottom?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Saints fans are gluttons for punishment. Okay, Just to recap: - Offseason starts with calls for the coach to leave, a new QB, a new DC and an owner posturing for more money. The future of the Saints is in ...

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Rock Bottom?

Saints fans are gluttons for punishment.

Okay, Just to recap:

- Offseason starts with calls for the coach to leave, a new QB, a new DC and an owner posturing for more money. The future of the Saints is in doubt and many of us felt that there could have been more changes. '05 is touted as the 3rd consecutive make or break year.

- Many of us spent the offseason wondering how many more years we would get to root for our Saints. The Benson versus State thing drew out....we rode the roller coaster and were told that there would be no more talks till NEXT offseason.

- NO loses a shot at a superbowl or 2 because of the lack of an agreement.

- Katrina hits, chaos ensues. The Saints are (falsely) deemed America's team.

- Highlight of the season: Carolina fans show much class and the Saints play out of their minds to win a great game at Carolina. All of the sudden, we think there might be something to the "magical season" theory. The football Gods smile on us. Could this be our year?

- Fastforward to our 1st "home" game. The giants paint a sh!tty Saints logo in the endzone and hire a trumpet player to make us feel at home. Saints fans get to hear uplifting nuggets of wisdom like "learn to swim" and "serves you right for building a city there". The Saints flub the kickoff and it's all downhill from there. The America's team moniker starts to become a distant echo.

- Saints versus Falcons. The 2-3 Saints against their 3-2 rivals. Saints play great in the 1st half, neutralizing Vick and doing most everything right. A Smith fumble gets the Falcons in the game. But, the Saints overcome it with a Brooks TD pass....hallelujah. Wait...what's that? A flag? Ahhhh...here we go. Terrible call. Brooks holds the ball too long, makes it a longer FG and a Southern Miss boy blocks the kick...Falcons take it the other way. A 14 point swing on a bogus call. (The Saints didn't help matters, but that call was a killer.) Saints play solid in the 2nd half and tie the game. (A vick interception is called back for a ticky hold on Craft.) Falcons miss the game winner, a late flag flies...."Illegal Success of the Saints, 5 yard penalty, repeat the down." I have heard people say this call was correct...to you I say eat it. This call could be called on any field goal and I thought it was an outrage, especially given the turn of events at the end of the 1st half. Instead of 3-3 and being AHEAD of the Falcons, it's 2-4 after a game that was pure crap. Business as usual for the suckers from the big easy.

-NFL releases new hats and sweatshirts for 24 teams on their site. Hmmmmm....no america's team in the mix. Their people are poor and their city is wrecked....why make new merch available? Thanks for getting behind us NFL.

- Benson fires a loyal and classy man in Arnie. The bastard was trying to get games in LA....not on Uncle Tom's agenda. Tom shows us once again...perform poorly (Venturi) and walk my line, keep your job. Perform well and cross me (Mueller/Fielkow), haul ass.

-Saints-Rams. Saints dominate early and then quit playing offense. Rams never should have been in it. BUT....the Saints get moving late to get the gamewinning TD. Great catch by Conwell, ripped out of his hands on the ground and taken in for a touchdown. Game.Set. Match.Season.
Every national analyst admits that this was a crap call....guess what. Nobody cares, it's just the Aints.

- LA,SA? Where will it be? It doesn't look like it will be NO, though. SA columnists use clever levee leak references in their article. (hilarious) Nobody cares. ESPN does a poll where 40% of people say that NO should not have a football team. Who are these a$$holes? What is their logic? It becomes more and more apparent that America's team is actually kicked and beaten by America and the NFL. Saints fans feel sodomized, but continue their insane loyalty for this voodoo team.

My only question is....what next?
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RE: Rock Bottom?

I think we need to let LSU play this game for the Saints, I think LSU has a better shot at beating Miami than we do.
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RE: Rock Bottom?

I'm not so sure I want to know.
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Yasoon, very nice summation of the season so far. Your synopsis was accurate, doing into poignant detail without being overtly emotional. I agreed with it in entirety, and commend you for taking the time to pen it.

There is one bright spot in the season that was omitted in your essay, however. LordofEntropy finally received his Sam Mills jersey, which was floating around in the shipping system since Sam's heartbreaking premature demise.

Unfortunately, though, the arrival of this jersey the only positive highlight in this hideously dismal season. All I can do is look back to Sam's day, and smile with with the memories.

can anyone help me id this tune? it goes thwap thwap boom tch boom tch boom tch.

Qui a laissez sortir les chiens!
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Yeah I think I'm gonna dig out the Swilling jersey for Sunday....might help.....
even if just a little bit,,,,,LHM!
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