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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Needs to be fired. This guy is awful. How many momentum-shifting kicks can this guy miss. He's absolutely awful...

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Needs to be fired. This guy is awful. How many momentum-shifting kicks can this guy miss. He's absolutely awful
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RE: Carney....

We should have cut him last year after the River City miss.
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RE: Carney....

It may be time for him to retire, agreed. Missing a 30 yard chip shot in the NFL could mean the end of your career,
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RE: Carney....

I'm so proud of you BlackonBlack... a whole post without talking about Brooks or Jake. And to top it off... I absolutely agree with you!
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RE: Carney....

gOTTA GO......start lookin at NFL Europe..NCAA....ALBERTSONS...
anybody is better than this dude....used to defend him.........no more.
sucks....move on ..........next.
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RE: Carney....

While we're at it, Conwell needs to be axed as well. Since he's missed the last few games with a yeast infection, we've finally gotten a chance to see Hilton in an extended role. Conwell and Carney have ruined many a sunday for me in the past few years. We should have had a public amputation of Carney's right foot after he missed the extra point in Jacksonville. And don't get me started with Conwell. I have despised Conwell since he left the saints game early to go eat at Bella Luna after he hurt his leg.
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RE: Carney....

I now agree. I've defended him long enough. The special teams unit is absolutey horrible. The snaps have been sub-par. With all that said, he's getting old and he's still missing some that he should make. He's no longer in his prime anymore. I wouldn't keep him any longer than 1 more year.
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RE: Carney....

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RE: Carney....

Is Morten Anderson still out there? He was playing for someone last year wasn't he?

What a shame. I remember the Saints calling him a has-been in 1994 and cut him. Jim Miller... after Finks retired and passed away... in one year Miller dismantled the entire team, then he left. I think he was a spy for Atlanta.
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I have to agree with everyone that it is time for us to replace Carney. It may not be easy, however, to find someone that can bang 'em through consistently. I, too, wonder why we let Morten go, but when I think about it he was making a lot of money for a kicker, and I'm sure that probably had a lot to do with the decision. I would have been willing to find a way to hang on to him, but, alas, I am not calling any shots for them.

Carney has had a great career, but age is catching up with him. However, in his defense, I would like to say that just as AB is not soley responsible for the Saints' woes, neither is Carney. Some of those critical misses may not have been so critical if we were more successful in the red zone than we have been. Our lack of success has been a collective accomplishment by all of the players.

In closing, I would like to revisit the miss in Jacksonville that everyone can't seem to forget. It was disappointing, to be sure, that we were not able to make that kick and get a shot at OT, but it really did not cost us anything as far as playoffs are concerned. Like I posted before, I seem to remember that within minutes before he missed that kick, we got a score from another game that eliminated us from playoff contention. I may be mistaken about that, and it may have been later on in the day when that happened. At any rate, it is just another example of us making a desparate attempt at the last moment to pull off a season saving victory, when in reality we should have taken care of business long before that game and none of us would have been praying for a last second mini-miracle. It was just another of a long list of failures that have been the trademark of the Saints.
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