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Corners in the Draft

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I got these comparisons off of sportsline.com. Terence Newman Height: 5-10 Weight: 189 Position: CB College: Kansas State Analysis- Positives: Cat-quick athlete with above average quickness, agility, explosiveness and balance...Can plant and redirect instantly...Does an excellent job of reaching around ...

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Corners in the Draft

I got these comparisons off of sportsline.com.

Terence Newman
Height: 5-10 Weight: 189 Position: CB College: Kansas State
Positives: Cat-quick athlete with above average quickness, agility, explosiveness and balance...Can plant and redirect instantly...Does an excellent job of reaching around to deflect the pass...Has a superb burst to close on the ball and excellent deep coverage acceleration...Stays tight with the receiver in man coverage and can make the play on the ball in the zone as he stays disciplined vs. combo routes...Has explosive leaping ability to go up and deflect the pass at its highest point...Shows good timing and hand/eye coordination...Can track the ball over his shoulder, reaching and plucking to make the interception...Very committed to his craft, making remarkable progress since joining the program as a track man...Drives and closes on the receivers to make plays on the ball with ease...Can plant and drive, showing excellent body control in his transition...Has the quickness to recover on deep routes...Looks very comfortable attempting to bail and stays with the receivers down the sidelines...Low tackler who throws his shoulder into his hits.

Negatives: Shows an inconsistent pad level and poor footwork in his backpedal and needs to keep his body lower and stay under control retreating (Gets beaten more than he should due to poor backpedal technique)...Can plant and redirect in a hurry, but tries to jump in his change of direction...Loses a step in his turn and can not always catch up (inconsistent technique causes him to get backed off in man coverage)... While he times the pass perfectly, he does not have natural hands for the interception... Not a face-up, wrap-up type of tackler, preferring to grab and drag down...Needs to improve his hand usage as he is a little slow when he jams the receiver in press coverage...Gets his feet tied up and plays too upright while taking false steps when attempting to jam...Seems to lack ideal awareness playing the zone, as he does not always see the play develop...Not known as a big hitter.
(Teams are also afraid of his shoulder injury)

Marcus Trufant
Height: 5-11 Weight: 199 Position: CB College: Washington State
Positives: Has a good combination of size, speed and quickness...Has a fluid, loose backpedal, getting depth quickly...Shows a good closing burst, deep speed and explosive acceleration to mirror receivers in long pursuit...Excels in press coverage, doing a nice job with his hands in redirecting the receiver...Able to read and react to threats when playing both the long and short zones, showing the vision to see routes develop...Has above average timing going up for the ball and the natural hand skills to make the interception...Will come up and fill the alley or plug the perimeter in run support, showing toughness and aggression shedding blocks...Good open field tackler who will get low to take down the ball carrier in closed quarters...Has the strength needed to effectively steer and jam the receivers at the line...Has the instincts to quickly see combo routes develop, displaying quick-twitch movements, nimble feet, timing and anticipation.

Negatives: Lacks ideal size and makeup speed (clocked time accomplished on a rubber track)...Displays just adequate body control and change of direction agility...Inconsistent in his plant-&-drive, double stepping at times while struggling to break off on stop routes...His transition is a bit choppy, and he will round his breaks, but does show a good burst to close...Bites on double moves...Looks too "casual" in his movements, allowing too many catches in front of him...Does not always wrap tackle well, tending to throw his shoulder...Needs working on handling the switch-offs working in the zone...Has very small hands (7 3/4-inches).

Andre Woolfolk
Height: 6-1 Weight: 197 Position: CB College: Oklahoma
Positives: Versatile athlete with good lateral quickness and change of direction agility... Has a good break coming out of his backpedal, showing the acceleration and ability to mirror receivers on deep routes...Can be physical in press coverage and does a nice job of maintaining contact on the receivers in the short area...Has above average awareness working the zone...Will jump and compete for the ball at its highest point...Former receiver with the natural hands to pluck and snatch the ball away from the body's framework...Will fill the rush lanes in run support and takes on blockers with aggression, using his hands properly to shed...Hit and wrap tackler who stays low in his pads...Experience on offense has taught him how to keep an eye on the receiver and not on the backfield to peek at the quarterback.

Negatives: While he breaks well, he stands too erect in his backpedal, resulting in him shuffling before turning...Will gather himself out of his breaks...Has good zone awareness until he has to handle the switch-offs (hesitates before redirecting)...Durability is a concern (minor ailments).

Dennis Weathersby
Height: 6-1 Weight: 204 Position: CB College: Oregon State
Positives: Has a lean, athletic frame with good overall muscle tone...Gets good depth in his backpedal, showing a burst coming out of his breaks...Has the body control needed to plant and drive and flip his hips in transition...Has very good closing quickness and the deep acceleration to run with receivers off the line of scrimmage...Has the strength to jam receivers at the line and the agility to break off in man coverage...Very alert playing the zone, displaying a good feel for combo routes...Reacts quickly to threats in the intermediate zone...Has the hand/eye coordination to show good timing going up for the ball and uses his leaping ability to disrupt the pass play... Solid tackler who will square up on ball carriers, showing the strength to drag the opponent down and come up to fill the rush lanes on the perimeter and the alley...Shows patience handling the receivers in their routes, allowing the opponent to stutter and juke and then jams them when they try to get into their patterns.

Negatives: Shows inconsistency in his footwork, lacking top foot quickness and standing too tall in his backpedal...Gets lazy at times, allowing the receivers too much cushion on deep routes, lacking the top-end speed to recover...Gets a little too overconfident in his press coverage technique, letting the receivers get a clean release as he can get faked at the line...Does not have the rapid foot turnover you'd like, preferring to long stride, which results in him giving up too many plays...Lack of ideal speed and his good run support skills may be better suited for safety at the pro level...Gets the flag thrown too much (penalties), as he tends to grab and hold, resulting in a high amount of pass interference calls...While known as a physical tackler, he does not always go full-out, backing off a bit if he feels another defender can make the play...Workout habits need improvement, as he needs to be prodded in the weight room (last in line for everything and rarely pushes himself)...High maintainance type whose dependability is questionable.

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