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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I am not trying to convince you what jones is worth. All I said was that I thought he was worth a 2nd. This is how I think the conversation with the Saints got started. BB told wichard to go ...

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Black and Blue

I am not trying to convince you what jones is worth. All I said was that I thought he was worth a 2nd.

This is how I think the conversation with the Saints got started. BB told wichard to go ahead and make a deal for Jones but to tell any team that the pats would require a 2nd rd pick as comp. He went to the saints and they negotiated the deal. Loomis probbally called back and said that the saints would give a forth. It went on from there.

Once Wichard got the great offer from the saints, he did not bother to shop jones anywhere else. This essentially took Jones out of the market. If they only offered the 10 mill over rfour years wichard would have kept marketing Jones to other teams. And the Pats may have been able to get a better package. I am very happy with how things turned out, BB could have not tagged him and he could have left for nothing but maybe a 5th rd comp pick next year.
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Black and Blue

If he plays just half the special teams PR and KR will go along way to having him be worth it to you. Is he worth a 3,4 & 7 yes without a doubt, is he worth a #2 yes.
The pats already have two picks in the 4th, 5th and 7th this year, I dont see where that holds much inducement to move off the 2nd.
Yes, i think a traade will be made on draft day just not with the Saints unless they move..
The saints I think are holding on to their 2nd rd pick to move up in the 1st. If they are unable to do so then the trade may happen.
To say a player who you wish to make one of the top 5 paid at his position not worth a 2nd is wrong.
It\'s not that you\'re not entitled to your opinion, it\'s that you re-iterate it many, many times. There are plenty of threads where I could repeat my opinion on the subject matter, but I choose not to. I\'ve already given mine, if people feel the need to overlook that, fine with me, because alot here do. I think I have alot of knowledge to bring to the table, but I also learn alot here. And I don\'t mind having a difference of opinion with someone else, that\'s how this thing works. What I was hoping to prove was that, let\'s say, that you came here every day for a week, and I posted a new post every day about how I think that the Saints should have gotten more for Willie Roaf than a 3rd rounder. At the time of the trade, he was one of the top tackles in the game, going to 10 straight Pro Bowls. The first couple of posts I\'m sure I would get some responses, both positive and negative from this community. But by the 6th to 7th day, I\'m sure it would start to wear on people, and people would stop reading my posts because they are tired of reading the same post, add nauseum. And this is not intended to try to runoff the Patriots fan, either. I\'d like to see fans from other teams start posting here, we could use the insight in case we happen to face them sometime during the season. These boards are frustrating sometimes when I try to get my point across, as the intent sometimes does not come across the way it was intended.

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Black and Blue

i agree completly, i pretty much agree with any body takeing belamy spot, he just didnt do the job
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