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Here's a mock draft for ya.....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Thanks Milians. I think I heard that fast thing on some sports show yesterday....

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Thanks Milians. I think I heard that fast thing on some sports show yesterday.
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Sims is a complete stud. In fact, he was the number one player in the country coming out of high school a couple of years ago, Adrian Peterson was #2. He's the guy who said he likes to play football because he can legally try to kill people.
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Wrong. Darnell Bing goes in the first round
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Hey jegirouard, there are just as many saying we draft Leinart, only trying to prove the point that it's a crap shoot and if after the draft it's still a crapshoot, but I would rather take a crapshoot on someone who could impact the team now not in 2 or 3 years.
i like the nickname...that is if you where talking to me.

that would be an ok scenario, but i would not be real happy with it. i think that is too soon to take cutler, glover is a great pass rushing dt but he can't stop the run(way too small). if the saints would pass on leinhart to trade down to 18 i would rather see them use those extra picks to start rebuilding the team and get a fa qb. that is not the prefered scenario in my opinion, but if we want to rebuild we should do it right.
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jay cutler..... why pass on Leinart for Jay Cutler???
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A double trade in round one... New Orleans??? Loomis doesn't have the brains to pull that off. I think NO will trade down with the Raiders and they'll get Leinart.
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Re: Here's a mock draft for ya.....

Originally Posted by CheramieIII
1-7-New Orleans(from San Francisco-The 49ers get pick #18, New Orleans’ 2nd rounder and the Saints’ 3rd rounder): Jay Cutler Qb Vanderbilt. The Saints pick up a free 2nd rounder, a free 1st rounder and still get a franchise QB to build around.
We do not even have a 3rd rounder.
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Good call 834. I posted that elsewhere. Also, doesn't everyone realize FA happens BEFORE the draft? If we don't pick up this "veteran QB" before the draft, you better bet your arse we are taking Leinart. The front office would not be questioned by ANYONE in the media or the league for taking Leinart. Just some fans. I think they can live with that. But with a GLARING need at QB, for this team not to take Leinart when it is in a perfect position to do so, would immediately bring down more scourn on an already down franchise. If we do pick up a vet FA qb, or someone trades in front of us for Leinart, all bets are off. But if we are at 2, and it hasn't been addressed, that pick would not be questioned by those who get paid to question these things.
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jay cutler..... why pass on Leinart for Jay Cutler???

because lienart sucks, will be the next biggest bust since mandrich.
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ooooooooooooooh, he said sucks!!!
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