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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; can i be a member of the Smarter Minority Club? can i? can i? can i? please! haha there is no such thing as a can't miss in the draft but leinart and hawk are about as close as you ...

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RE: Can

can i be a member of the Smarter Minority Club? can i? can i? can i? please! haha

there is no such thing as a can't miss in the draft but leinart and hawk are about as close as you can get.
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RE: Can

Hey guys we are the saints nothing is for sure
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RE: Can

There ya go again Deuce thinkin your opinion is fact!
Thinking? haha cher, I know it's fact
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RE: Can

Thinking? haha cher, I know it's fact
I think there are alot more people than me not taking their meds as often as they are directed!
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I posted this earlier but here it is again . . .

Matt Lienart scouting report>>
The consummate team leader and field general whose leadership abilities and intangibles are off the charts...Can dissect a defense with the best of them...Good size and a solid frame...Has good throwing mechanics...Shows excellent touch and puts the ball where is wideouts can make plays...Extremely productive...Has ice in his veins and seems to rise to the occasion in the biggest games...Tough player and a gamer...Very smart and makes good decisions...Mature young man with his head on straight...All he does is win...Is ready to start in the NFL now.
Durability is a concern since he had a major shoulder injury to his throwing arm in high school and then had elbow surgery prior to his senior campaign with the Trojans...Arm strength is adequate but nothing to write home about...Some question whether he is really as good as he has looked or more of a product of the system and supporting cast...Is not in Carson Palmer's class physically.

Heisman Trophy winner who opted to return to school for his final year of eligibility despite being projected as the #1 overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft...In the mold of Tom Brady as a guy who more than makes up for any physical shortcomings he may have with top intangibles...Will be one of the first players chosen and could be the type of guy you can build a franchise around.

Vince Young scouting report >>
Has the type of rare athletic ability that is hardly ever seen...Size is ideal with great height and a solid frame...Great speed and quickness...Outstanding runner and scrambler with tremendous vision...Arm strength is good, but not great...Has a quick release...Still has a lot of upside and got better each year while making a huge leap as a junior...Amazing leader and field general with top intangibles...A gamer who comes up big in the clutch...Can take over and dominate a game.

Has an extremely awkward delivery...Mechanics might have to be reworked...Very raw as a passer and is still a better athlete than quarterback right now...Doesn't read defenses all that well...Will make some poor decisions...Needs to adjust to taking snaps from under center and playing in a pro style offense...Might need to sit and learn for a year or two before he is ready to start at the next level.
Has as much potential as any player the draft has ever seen...Any team selecting him will be making a huge gamble on greatness with a very high risk / reward factor...ProtÃÃ*’©gÃÃ*’© of Steve McNair, who has been like a father figure to him since his sophomore year in high school...More advanced than Michael Vick was coming out of college and could be a transcendent star who revolutionizes the position.
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RE: Can

exactly, mcnair when healthy is the best qb in the nfl.
About as far from the truth as any statement I've ever heard.

First of all we see what happens to these run first QB,s i.e. Vick (broken leg) Mcnabb ( constant rib injuries/hernia) Donte (just terrible) Mcnair( the guy can't practice half the time due to some injury). These guys are always a injury waiting to happen. Saints fans can't afford to get our hopes up at the begining of the season thinking we have found the next great thing. We need a stable QB. Leinart is as stable as the come. Calm cool and collected. Not to mention accurate and smart something Brooks lacks. Yes Young is good. But he is just not ready for a team that needs so many other patches.

As far as trading down, yeah, we could do that to build up the defense, but if the defense is good we still need to put points on the board. If we don't get a first rate QB i.e Lienart/Young then we are stuck with AB or someother backup up. That's also not what we need, either a has been QB or someone a team put some time in but didn't work out like Philip Rivers (if we trade for him it will be a terrible mistake) or a rookie that needs time to develop. We saw an "improved" defense last year but we couldn't put points up. So althought I think that the defense can use a lot of help. I think we can draft a great LB in the second round.

Leinart is the best pick because he is an NFL style QB with the patience that AB never had. He is a safe pick that can make an impact in his first season if we need him too!
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RE: Can

OK, new to the posting hear, but have been reading these comments for years and weather its AB or AMAC Leinart or Young, the opinions just seem to be the same. If everyone has been watching the playoffs the past two years (I'll keep it to recent memory) it seems that it is the defensive side of the ball that is putting the teams in position to win games. All the high powered offensive lead by the top flight Quarterbacks have fallen to the defensive play of the winning teams. Therefore, with a palatable front four and two impact linebackers added in the draft (I happen to feel the secondary is above average, but can use depth or an upgrade at corner) this team could contend for at least a playoff birth quickly. So why miss out on the opportunity to trade down and draft two or impact players for a Quarterback with a water pistol for an arm (I am from Jersey and he reminds me of Pennington who was never strong armed to begin with) or another project QB (young is intriguing though). When with a left tackle and a right guard the offense could as it stands (Minus turnovers which are more mental than physical) be good enough to complement a formidable defense.

So long and short Draft some linebackers early and make an impact.
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