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Fred Smoot!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Here's what CBSportsline is saying about Smoot. The Redskins are offering cornerback Fred Smoot around the league for a third-round pick. Smoot is certainly worth that as a player, but there are again concerns about his off-field behavior. The Redskins ...

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Fred Smoot!

Here's what CBSportsline is saying about Smoot.

The Redskins are offering cornerback Fred Smoot around the league for a third-round pick. Smoot is certainly worth that as a player, but there are again concerns about his off-field behavior. The Redskins have flat out tired of his ways, which is why they want to dump him. Smoot had a reputation for off-field trouble when he came into the league but settled down as a rookie and had an outstanding year. But he took a major step back last year, and some inside the Redskins organization say it's because he slacked off away from the field. That has turned teams away from making any potential deals, even those that need a corner. But if some coach thinks he can get Smoot focused, he's a heck of a talent to get for a third-round pick.

Not sure what to think about this. Sounds like someone we had recently, Albert Connell.
Boy I sure hope not. I'd love to see this guy with us if he can get his act together.
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Fred Smoot!

I don\'t think Smoot could handle the lures on New Orleans. I\'m not comparing him to Connell but if there\'s a place you can get into trouble, New Orleans is that place. That being said, I would love to have his coverage ability on our team and a 3rd round pick is a small price to pay for what may amount to two years of solid service. Smoot could have went to the Pro Bowl last season.
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Fred Smoot!


You keep hearing character issues with Smoot but there has never been an incident I have heard of. The guy is kind of a cocky trash talker but I have not heard of Albert Connell type stuff. Connells crap did go public too. The Washington paper has not heard of any problems,now the price is down to a thrid round pick. We should make this deal. Smoot, attitude and all, has too much up side not to spend a third round pick on. Smoot solves a need for the Saint at a damn good price, He make this team younger and more athletic, like I said before this would be one hell of a secondary. Factor in what we are free to do in the draft with a young corner addressed its hard to ignore this deal. You may like Newman and Trufant better but you will never see them for a third round pick.
Here is what the Washington Times has to say about Smoot.

ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*Any trades involving current Redskins appear unlikely. Although there are several players who seem tradeable — among them cornerback Fred Smoot, running back Kenny Watson and safety David Terrell — people around the NFL offered a variety of reasons why such moves probably won\'t happen.
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*Smoot, a 2001 second-round pick, has by far the highest profile but an uncertain market value. His name was floated in trade talks earlier this offseason when Washington was trying to trade up in the first round and has resurfaced as a potential exchange for a high second-rounder. But there are many obstacles to a trade.
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*To start, the Redskins don\'t have a clear replacement for Smoot, who remains a promising starter despite plateauing in his second season. Last year\'s third-round pick, Rashad Bauman, held up after winning the No.ÂÂÂ*3 corner role as a rookie, but he isn\'t viewed as a sure starter at this point in his career.
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*Also inhibiting a trade are the old character questions regarding Smoot that dropped him from the first to the second round in 2001. His actions since have proved those questions baseless, but only Washington has intimate knowledge of his character. Some other NFL teams still wonder.
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*In fact, several people around the league who work in personnel pointed out that Washington isn\'t helping itself by shopping Smoot without a replacement. Any questions about Smoot, they said, are exacerbated by the perception that the Redskins are trying to unload him.
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*\"It makes you wonder if there\'s some problem on the horizon and they want to get rid of him before it surfaces,\" one person who works in personnel said.
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*The consensus in several conversations was that Washington would be lucky — \"ecstatic\" was the word one talent evaluator used — to get a second-round pick for Smoot. A third-rounder seems more likely, and the Redskins would be hard-pressed to replace Smoot with a cornerback in this year\'s third round.
ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*ÂÂÂ*Yet another obstacle is the fact that \"draft picks are gold\" at this time of the year. Clubs have spent countless hours and plenty of money readying for the draft, and this week is the most difficult time of year to pry away selections.
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Fred Smoot!

Fred Smoot is definitely worth a third rounder. I say even a second rounder. He\'s a great talent - he just needs a babysitter. Make Fred Thomas folow him around and it\'s all good.
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Fred Smoot!

HOLY **** AND **********
A THIRD ROUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fred Smoot!

It\'s hard for me to believe the redskins only want a 3rd rd pick for Smoot. If this is true ......WAKE UP LOOMIS!!!!!!!!
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Fred Smoot!

Get Smoot?
Is this guy still on the block for a t hird rounder?

Are we talking to Washington about him?

What\'s the deal?
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Fred Smoot!

i havent seen anything about us even talking to washington.... even tho we should be!!
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Fred Smoot!


This was in the Washington Post today, Draft posturing or a door slamming shut? I love the draft, it is\'nt game day but it is fun to watch the crap fly. The link to the full article is above

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, April 25, 2003; Page D08

Cerrato and owner Daniel Snyder said the club will not trade a player, such as cornerback Fred Smoot, and Snyder said the team does not plan to deal away future picks.

\"We\'re not really into trading the future unless someone is really anxious to give you something,\" Snyder said.

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Fred Smoot!

Snyder is such a gimp.

Let me explain something. Anytime you here a rumor about a specific team and/or player, there is always a reason why. Now, the validity can differ, anywhere from being something that the GM is pushing for hard, all the way down to something that might have been overheard between two admin assistants. Basically, there is always some truth behind the rumors, just at varying degrees (and there\'s a wide range in-between).
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