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Free Agent Thoughts, Etc.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; ~~~The Bills and texans are haggling whether Moulds will cost a 4th or 5th Rd draft pick. I say we give them a 4th and be done with it. He added to Joe, Donte, and Henderson would be solid ~~~With ...

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Free Agent Thoughts, Etc.

~~~The Bills and texans are haggling whether Moulds will cost a 4th or 5th Rd draft pick. I say we give them a 4th and be done with it. He added to Joe, Donte, and Henderson would be solid

~~~With the way the Postons seem to have priced their clients Ty Law, Arrington, and Woodson out of the market one of them will surely realize they will have to give into market price pressures. The FA dollars only get lighter and lighter. Law or Woodson would be starter upgrades immediately here. Arrington would be the defensive marquee name. It would be nice to hear NO was even in the mix as a place they were visiting. I am hoping something is going on behind the scenes.

~~~Where do you think McNair will land? Baltimore is the only rumor I have heard.

~~~Jamie Winborn for $1.6 for 2 years seems awfully cheap. That makes me think we aren't going to land anymore FA LBs until after the draft.

~~~anybody know anything about these last two?:

N.C. STATE junior defensive end MARIO WILLIAMS has reported to the NLS Staff that he has several private visits scheduled for the next few weeks, including the NY Jets and San Francisco, meanwhile, he already had a one-on-one session with several members of the New Orleans staff the night before his workout.

OHIO STATE senior center NICK MANGOLD has reported to the NLS Staff that his potential schedule of private visits could include trips to Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Houston, New Orleans and Miami.

SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI senior quarterback DUSTIN ALMOND has reported to the NLS Staff that he has had private workouts with New Orleans and Jacksonville.

TEXAS A&M-KINGSVILLE senior kicker/punter RICHARD HAMMOND has reported to the NLS Staff that he will have a private workout on-campus with New Orleans on March 31st.

from http://www.nextlevelscoutinginc.com/...d=18&Itemid=29

~~~not FA but I hope the road games against Cleveland, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, and New York are at least in the first half of the season. The schedule is coming out Thursday.
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RE: Free Agent Thoughts, Etc.

you gotta wonder how much is smoke screen and how much is real, don't you? as far as visits go.......do you really show your whole hand? if the saints are really saying they are gonna take leinart , are they trying to call some hands early? and if no deals, do they really take him, or knowing they are gonna take him, does someone go to #1 to beat us and no trade? anyway, it's looks like we're in for a pretty tough schedule.....
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RE: Free Agent Thoughts, Etc.

i think if no one calls you can still take matt. trade him after. if not keep him. i didn't say that was my plan just a possibility
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It isn't a make or break thing but I did think it was significant that Payton was not in attendance for Leinart's Pro Day workout. Also, no word of Leinart into NOLA for a look see either.
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whoo hoo, Hammond my boy. I live in Kingsville and am friends with Hammond. I called him as soon as i read this and asked him about it. He said it went fine and was stoked by it and had a good time. The kid has a leg and was a damn accurate kicker. He'll prolly go undrafted but Im sure a few teams will give him a look after the draft
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Kicker would be sweet. We could mos def use one. I guess this part of the seasonis akin to the whole final ad blitz in politics. Teams have interviews, meetings, pro day visits, say who they are interested in. I think ssmitty is right here. Everyone wants to hold onto the value they have in their hand, but out someone else card in the process. I don' think we'll see anything big happen until about 2-3 days from the draft.

As far asFAs working through the Postons...I say leavethem. I've only read articles and stories, not like I deal with them personally, but they aren't the best of agents to deal with in terms of getting a fair deal done.

I think we are good until the June 1 cuts. Then I think we see some big names fall off, see what we did in the first round of FA, then in the Draft and want to really listen to our offers.
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