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Brooks vs Brees

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Drew Brees | QB Full Name: Drew Christophe Brees Born: January 15, 1979 Austin, TX Height: 6-0 Weight: 209 lbs. Age: 27 Pos: QB Experience: 5 years College: Purdue Drafted: Year:2001 Round:2 Pick:1, Chargers Insider Analysis Grade 79 Expert's Take ...

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Brooks vs Brees

Drew Brees | QB
Full Name: Drew Christophe Brees
Born: January 15, 1979
Austin, TX
Height: 6-0
Weight: 209 lbs. Age: 27
Pos: QB
Experience: 5 years
College: Purdue
Drafted: Year:2001 Round:2 Pick:1, Chargers
Insider Analysis
Grade 79

Expert's Take
Brees elevated his game in 2004 and has continued to improve in 2005. He has improved on the mental aspect of the game and is making better decisions and doing a better job of taking care of the ball and managing the game. His QB mechanics are sound, and he is quick on his pass sets. He does not have great arm strength, but he has enough to get the job done. He is very accurate on his short to intermediate passes, and when he can set his feet, he has enough velocity on the ball to throw the deep out and corner routes. He has improved his overall timing and touch on underneath, check-down and swing routes, and he throws a lot more catchable balls. He has good pocket presence and has enough quickness and agility to avoid the heavy rush and buy extra time. He is not a scrambler, but he has enough speed to get you some extra yards on bootlegs and roll outs. He has excellent ball skills and does a good job on play fakes. He has improved his overall recognition skills and pre-snap reads. The problem with Brees is he lacks ideal height and arm strength. He has difficulty seeing over the line of scrimmage at times, and he can't always see his intended target. He will get some balls batted down. He does not have the zip to throw the ball in tight spaces. He is not an accurate deep thrower and will overthrow more than he will complete. Overall, Brees surprised a lot of people in 2004 with his Pro Bowl performance. You didn't see a lot of dropoff this year, and if you look at the numbers, he has either improved or maintained on that breakout year. However, the Chargers' productive running game makes him a better QB.

Aaron Brooks | QB
Full Name: Aaron Lafette Brooks
Born: March 24, 1976
Newport News, VA
Height: 6-4
Weight: 220 lbs. Age: 30
Pos: QB
Experience: 7 years
College: Virginia
Insider Analysis
Grade 69

Expert's Take
Brooks became expendable when the Saints signed Drew Brees. Though he's a veteran, he can hardly be considered an aging player. However, he really has started to regress as a player. His struggles are more due to lack of confidence than age. He has very good physical tools. He has solid size, is a good athlete and has a solid arm. His biggest struggles are mental, where he consistently struggles to locate secondary receivers. He will hold the ball too long and deliver it late to his intended targets. He also has a scatter-gun arm, and his accuracy wavers on a consistent basis. He has starting experience, so someone may give him a look in that role. But he really needs to have his confidence rebuilt, because the last few years he has looked like a guy that plays with little to no confidence.

Grade: Insider and Scouts Inc have come up with a rating system for the best Free Agents on the market. Grades are from 0-100.

90-100: Elite Player
Player demonstrates rare abilities and can create mismatches that have an obvious impact on the game. ... Premier NFL player with all the skills to consistently play at a championship level... Rates in the top 5 at his position in the league.

80-89: Outstanding Player
Player has abilities to create mismatches against most opponents in the NFL. ... A feature player who has an impact on the outcome of the game. ... Cannot be shut down by a single player and plays on a consistent level week in and week out. ... Rates at the top 10 at his position in the league.

75-79: Solid Starter
Solid starter who is close to being an elite player. ... No glaring weaknesses and will usually win his individual match-up, but does not dominate in every game, especially when matched against the top players in the league. ... Will usually rate in the top 20 players at his position in the league.

70-74: Good Starter
Good starter who is usually a consistent player with excellent competitiveness and is the heart of the team, but is not a dominant player against the better players he faces on a weekly basis. ... Gives you great effort, and you are glad he is on your team, but he may or may not go to the next level.

65-69: Adequate Starter
This player is an adequate starter who will give a solid effort week in and week out, but he is overmatched against the better players in the league. ... His weaknesses will be exposed, and he will not survive most man-to-man matchups. ... He is a player you like having on your team, but he is never going to be a star, and you could live with him. ... He defines the term "blue collar."

60-64: Good Backup
This is a player who is really on the bubble and only starts because of a team's deficiency at the position. ... He lacks complete overall skills, and although he will battle, he will hinder his team's ability to play at a championship level if forced to be in the starting lineup consistently over a 16-game season. ... This player needs to be a solid contributor in the kicking game or show great versatility at his position to keep his roster spot. ... He is a player you don't mind having on your team, but you are always looking to upgrade.

55-59: Adequate Backup
This is strictly a backup player who is not capable of starting. ... If forced to start, he is only a short-term fix. ... He may make the team because of special teams contributions or experience. ... He is a player you are always looking to upgrade, and you must be aware of alerts in this category, such as age, injury, etc.

50-54: Marginal Backup
This player is hanging on by a thread and is only on your team because there is nobody else to take his place. ... He has significant weaknesses in his game. ... He is not close to being a starter, and he is only an adequate contributor on special teams. ... This is a player you want to replace as quickly as possible.

45-49: Poor Player
Emergency fill-in player who may or may not know the system and has little value other than level of his experience. ... Likely to be a weekly emergency-type player who fills in because of injuries. ... Not a long-term solution, and not a player you want to keep around any longer than necessary.

30: Developmental Player, 2005 Draft Choice, High-rated Rookie Free Agent
Player 25 years or younger with little or no video tape available to evaluate him. ... Needs to be tracked because of his developmental potential.No professional football experience to evaluate. ... Will have a report based on projection from college. Entering professional football for the first time. ... No prior professional football experience, unable to evaluate.

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RE: Brooks vs Brees

First thought: WHY??? Et Tu, Pako?

Second tought: Christophe??? Lafette???
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RE: Brooks vs Brees

i noticed their middle names as well... both of them are uh... yea...
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RE: Brooks vs Brees

Hahaha! One of the first things I noticed was the middle names. Wow!
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RE: Brooks vs Brees

The first thing I noticed was one is a QB and the other one isn't!
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RE: Brooks vs Brees

I noticed 1 sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the other 1 dosent !!!!!!!!!!! Can we just stop talkin bout brooks im done wiht him.....
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One throws the ball toward the offensive line and the other one don't. Oh and one of them sucks.
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The only difference I see is that one looks like "Screamin'" A. Smith and the other looks like that dude from Fear Factor

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