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Chat with Pro Football Weeklys Jeff Reynolds

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Welcome to The Show! Join us Tuesday, when Pro Football Weekly makes its weekly appearance in chat. Have questions about your favorite team? Want to know about the biggest offseason storylines? The lads from PFW have all the answers. Send ...

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Chat with Pro Football Weeklys Jeff Reynolds

Welcome to The Show! Join us Tuesday, when Pro Football Weekly makes its weekly appearance in chat. Have questions about your favorite team? Want to know about the biggest offseason storylines? The lads from PFW have all the answers.
Send in your questions now and join The Show on Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET!

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Buzzmaster: (4:06 PM ET ) Keep sending in those football questions, we'll get started soon!

Andy (The QC): What's the delay? Could we get this show on the road?

Buzzmaster: (4:32 PM ET ) Hey gang .. sorry about that .. we're tracking down the PFW gang now .. had some difficulties .. but we should be back up here shortly ..

Matt (Grand Rapids): I blame Chuck Norris.

Mike (D): Has SN ever had a 100% flawless day??

Buzzmaster: (4:36 PM ET ) Oh, yeah. We've pitched our share of perfect games.

Buzzmaster: (4:37 PM ET ) OK, Jeff is on his way ..

Jeff Reynolds: (4:41 PM ET ) Hello all. Good to see all of the questions. A bit of a schedule gaffe, but better late than never, I suppose.

bryan (wisconsin): do you see the packers landing lavar arrington and/or charles woodson?

Jeff Reynolds: (4:44 PM ET ) Bryan: I wouldn't get excited about the Packers landing either at this point. They want to pay below-market price and Woodson and Arrington are in position to wait for the money. Woodson knows if nothing else comes his way, the Bucs have the door propped open. Arrington and Ty Law might take one-year deals to get $5 million or more in 2006.

Charles (Atlanta,GA): Whats the chance that one of the top prospects fall in the draft like Aaron Rodgers? Names and where please.

Jeff Reynolds: (4:45 PM ET ) Interestingly enough, Charles, it's likely to be another quarterback. At this point, scouts are least enamored of Matt Leinart. At this stage, the likelihood of Vince Young being the first passer to come off the board is very likely.

Rod (Washington, D.C. ): Jeff, I've been hearing a lot of rumors that Pittsbugh's replacement for Chris Hope at free safety could be Jon Alston of Stnnford, a linebacker that projects to safety because he has great safety size and 4.4 speed. Do you think he can make the switch from linebacker to free safety and would this be a good pick for Pittsbugh in the 2nd round? Who do you see the Steelers taking in round 1? Thanks.

paul (az): Are the Jets going to move up to try and get Leinart? I would love for them to stand pat, get Brick/Mario/Hawk at 4, Mangold at 29, and the 2nd round pick could be position they did not get at 4 or RB. Your thoughts?

Jeff Reynolds: (4:54 PM ET ) Last question first: Tambi Hali, DE, Penn State, is our projection in the first round. Jon Alston ran a 4.48, and he's similar to Nick Barnett when he came out of Oregon State. It's not out of the question for Round Two.

Jeff Reynolds: (4:56 PM ET ) Now for the Jets: I'm not certain they are on Leinart and, in fact, we've been told he's third on their QB board. Keep in mind, the Jets have as many needs as any team. That doesn't take trades out of the equation, but using picks to add three of the top 35 increases your chances of finding rookie contributors.

bill, san diego: will jimmy williams slip to dallas and would they take him? my fingers are crossed!

Jeff Reynolds: (4:58 PM ET ) Jimmy Williams might slide all the way out of the first round, Bill. He's viewed as an enigma who thinks he's better than he is and coaches known as disciplinarians, Mr. Parcells does qualify, might only take a chance on a player like that if they believe otherwise.

Aron (St. Louis): Can the Rams move up enought to get Davis or do they wait to the second round to get a TE?

Admin: (5:00 PM ET ) Vernon Davis is a strong option for the 49ers at six. If not, teams will begin lining up to grab him. The Broncos are a very serious contender with two first-round picks to use as ammunition in a trade.

luke (kansas city): Jeff, what and who do you see KC taking to fill their needs?

Jeff Reynolds: (5:02 PM ET ) Luke, the Rams need secondary help, and Tennessee FS Jason Allen has all the versatility and upside Scott Linehan and Jim Haslett need to see. St. Louis, though, is also in position to scoop up any player that might fall if teams manuever to get one of the top three QBs.

Jeff Reynolds: (5:03 PM ET ) And the Chiefs ...

will look at cornerback and defensive end. A pass-rush specialist, Mathis Kiwanuka, might trump Clemson CB Tye Hill when push comes to shove.

Greg (Philadelphia): Eagles need a Strong side LB, do they fill this need in the draft or via Arrington? What OL can they look to take in the 2nd rnd?

Jeff Reynolds: (5:06 PM ET ) Ernie Sims will be under consideration at No. 14 if he's still there. And don't forget, Andy Reid is a mover-shaker on draft day. With three fourth-round picks, he'll get what he needs.

Steve: Hicksville, NY: Who do you see the Packers taking with the 5th pick? any truth to the Vince Young rumors? Also, who do they target in round 2? best available or specific need?

Jeff Reynolds: (5:07 PM ET ) As far back as January, where Young declared for the draft, we were told to keep an eye on the Packers with Young. I think there is some credence to that one. It's hard to predict what Ted Thompson might do. He sticks to his board, which has been set for a month, and could take anything from a running back to an offensive tackle.

bob (West Chester): Do the Ravens go QB of the future or O-Linemen or surprise in Rnd #1? Names please?

Jeff Reynolds: (5:08 PM ET ) Winston Justice, OT, USC.

Jon (New Mexico): Why in the world would the Saints take a DE at #2. Shouldn't they trade down?

Jeff Reynolds: (5:12 PM ET ) Right on, Jon.

This is where the draft truly begins. The Saints can get a second-round pick out of a team willing to deal and assure itself the player it wants. I'd say the Saints are 55-45 in favor of trading right now.

Joel ( Houston ): Jeff, How would you view the Texans offseason thus far?

Jeff Reynolds: (5:14 PM ET ) Pretty uneven, Joel. They've been underwhelming for the most part, but the draft could lead to a windfall of talent so long as the Titans don't talk the Texans into a deal.

Dan (Oxnard): Any rumors circulating about where Javon Walker ends up?

Jeff Reynolds: (5:18 PM ET ) Unless Denver is willing to throw in a second-day draft choice, the Packers aren't doing Lelie-Walker straight up. It's clear Ted Thompson believes he's in a position to be stubborn, but other teams see Walker holding all of the bargaining power.

Dave (Hollywood): Who might the Bucs be targeting in the 1st round?

Jeff Reynolds: (5:20 PM ET ) Ronde Barber is getting up there in years, but the Buccaneers are more likely to keep him than Brian Kelly next season. A superathlete such as CB Jon Joseph (South Carolina) is our projection for Round One.

Kelly (Austin): With the first pick in the second round and the first two picks in the third, what OL help can the Texans get?

Jeff Reynolds: (5:22 PM ET ) They should have their pick of the No. 2 guard (Max Jean Gilles or Deuce Lutui) or No. 3 tackle (Daryn Colledge or Marcus McNeill) in Round Two. I'd bet on Colledge, a raw but very solid player who fits the Broncos-style system.

Jeff Reynolds: (5:23 PM ET ) Sorry for the short show, folks, but you can send us any questions I didn't get to at editors@pfwmedia.com.

Thanks again


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