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Chat with Mel Kiper

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, NFL draft and college football guru Mel Kiper will drop by to address all of your draft-related concerns. Send your questions now and join Mel this Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET! Kiper Archive: Chats ...

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Chat with Mel Kiper

Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, NFL draft and college football guru Mel Kiper will drop by to address all of your draft-related concerns.
Send your questions now and join Mel this Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET!

Kiper Archive: Chats | Columns

Buzzmaster: We're getting Mel right now. Keep sending in those questions!

Buzzmaster: Sorry about the wait folks, but I think we've tracked Mel down. Things are getting busy as we get closer to the draft!

Mike Drabant (Chicago, IL): How many running backs do you see chosen in the first round?

Mel Kiper: Definitely three, possibly four. Bush, DeAngelo Williams, Maroney and White is the iffy proposition now.

jared, chicago: Mel, Who are your 1 or 2 sleepers out of the tight end class?

Mel Kiper: Not really a sleeper type. There's really no non-D-1A player in my ratings.

Curtis Winona MN: Who will be the biggest steal in the last 3 rounds?

Mel Kiper: You could be looking at PJ Daniels, David Kirtman, Jeff Webb, Cory Rodgers, Jeremy Bloom, Ryan Gibbon, Willie Evans, Freddie Keiaho of San Diego State, Dion Byrum CB Ohio, Reed Doughty, Shannon James.

Taite in Minnesota: Will the Viking address there QB situation in the first round or later?

Mel Kiper: I think they'll address it in the first if Cutler slides down to 17 or if they can move up to get him. At 48, I have them taking Kellen Clemmens of Oregon.

Aaron (Buffalo, NY): Mel, The Bills obviously have some serious needs on both the offensive and defensive lines. What direction do you foresee them going with the #8 pick?

Mel Kiper: I'll give you the first few picks of the Bills. Brodrick Bunkley in the first round. In the second Duece Lutui. At 70, Ryan O'Callaghan an OT from Cal. At 73, Maurice Stovall from ND. In the fourth, I have them taking Elvis Dumerville.

David (San Francisco): Any chance Cromartie is around in the early 2nd?

Mel Kiper: No. I don't think that's going to happen. I think he goes in the top 26. I have him going to Tampa at 23. San Diego at 19, Kansas City at 20, TB at 23, Giants at 25, Bears at 26 could all be interested.

Barry (Phoenix): Mel, I just read your updated Mock Draft. Please say the Cardinals won't really wait until round 4 to address their OL! Is there any chance they "reach" for Justice in round 1?

Mel Kiper: They could. You can't force things in the draft, however. The o-line in this draft isn't very deep. I have them taking Cutler in the first, Pope in the second round. In the third John Austin, fourth Fred Matua. That's just the way it fell. I did have them addressing the o-line in the draft, just not until later. The key thing is they don't have a pro bowl caliber o-lineman. Winston Justice is a possibility at 10. I have him going at 14 to Philly.

Ryan Charlotte: Havent heard much on the Marcus Vick front lately...what team is likely to take a chance on him on Day 2?

Mel Kiper: They could. He's a guy when you get into the 5-6 round, you might take him. I think in the late rounds, he deserves some consideration.

Marko, Missoula, Montana: Whats your take on Jimmie Williams? Will he be a corner or safety??

Mel Kiper: Initially, he'll be a corner. But it depends on who drafts him. If Cincy gets him, he's a safety. It depends on who drafts him. There are four players who have duel versatility Williams, Huff, Jason Allen and Dante Whitner.

Rick, Toledo: How long do the Cowboys wait until they draft a DB?

Mel Kiper: I think they go in the first round. I have them getting Jason Allen. I have them taking a safety, in the second McNeil. In the third getting Charlie Whitehurst. But they could take an OLB in the first round.

Paul from St. Louis: Is there any chance that Michael Huff will be available for the Rams @ pick 11? If not, who should the Rams take?

Mel Kiper: I don't think there's no chance at 11. He's too highly regarded. He's at worst one of the top 8 players in the draft. I have St. Louis taking Chad Greenway at 11. They would also consider Jay Cutler.

Menlo Man (Menlo Park, CA): Mel: Haloti Ngata, Oregon. Is he your number 1 D lineman and if not, why? Where do you anticipate him being selected?

Mel Kiper: He's the space-eating DT. Brodrick Bunkley is the penetrating DT. Baltimore could prefer Ngata. He would help Ray Lewis. I have Bunkley as the top DT going to Buffalo at 8.

Bill (Louisiana): Can AJ Hawk play middle linebacker in a 4-3?

Mel Kiper: I'd say Hawk is best suited for the outside. I know the comparisons are there. He could play the middle, but I prefer him on the outside. I have him going to Green Bay.

Joe (Middlesex, NJ): Mel, Where do you see Penn State's Tamba Hali going?

Mel Kiper: He's an interesting case. He was going to be a mid-first rounder up until his individual workout. After that, could you pencil him in as a late first? I have the Packers taking Hali in the second round at pick No. 36.

Navin (Berkeley, CA): Mel: Who are the Raiders going to be eyeing on the first day of the draft?

Mel Kiper: Raiders, if they can get Young at 7, they can't pass him up. If he's gone, I think they look at Huff. In the second, Gabe Watson from Michigan. In the third, Maurice Drew the RB/punt returner from UCLA.

Marcos( Hialeah, Fl: Hey Mel! What elite player do you think will fall for the dolphins at the 16th pick, thanks and god bless.

Mel Kiper: I don't know about an elite player, but there's a good one that's been rising in Dante Whitner at CB/S. They need help at the safety spot. He would be an outstanding pick at 16.

Bill Belichick (Foxborough, MA): Mel- Who should I take in the first couple of rounds in this draft? If the draft is so deep, should I trade my first round pick for multiple second and third round picks?

Mel Kiper: Coach, good to talk with you. Tell Scott Pioli I say hi. For New England, at 21 they could look at Santonio Holmes. In the second round, Brian Calhoun. You get a playmaking WR and a tough RB in the second. Chris Gocong is a smart, tough versatile player. Montavias Stanley a huge DT out of Louisville.

J.P. (Dayton, OH): Could we see Cleveland legitimately wait until Round 5 to address anything offensively?

Mel Kiper: Yes, you could. They've improved the o-line through free agency. But front seven help is essential. Kamerion Wimbley. Abdul Hodge. Charles Spencer. Demario Minter. Rogerick Wright. I see them as their first five picks.

Barrick (San Marcos, TX): Mel,What round do you see sleeper DT Fred Evans of Texas State going in the draft?

Mel Kiper: I'd say Evans ends up being a late round possibility. I don't think he's a guy you'd say in the first day. More than likely he's an undrafted free agent. He's 6-4, 292 with 5.2 speed.

Frank (Jacktown MS): Doesn't Favre's public waffling improve the value of the Packers' pick?

Mel Kiper: The Packers' draft strategy should already be determined. They drafted Rodgers last year to be the air apparent. They should be ready for this. This is going to be on Favre's terms and they knew that. The Packers need to be ready. If they don't like Rodgers then why did they draft him last year?

Bill (Jacksonville, FL): How about a Jags question to start. If the Jags do draft Marcedes Lewis will he make an immediate impact like Heath Miller did with the Steelers last year?

Mel Kiper: What Lewis has to do is show to me that he can seperate. He's a big kid. This kid goes 6-6, 260. He only runs in the 4.8 range. He has great hands. He has a ton of talent catching the football. He presents a big target. I would have liked for him to put on a better show at the Senior Bowl practices. He doesn't have the grade that Heath Miller did. I had Miller with a 9.1 grade. Lewis is an 8.8, with 10 being the highest. Miller had the injury question coming into the draft, so his grade could have been higher.

Mel Kiper: Lewis has the talent to be that type of player, but he hasn't shown it yet.

Graham (Ontario, Canada): Mel, do you see the Colts replacing Edge in the first round? If not, when will they look to take a RB?

Mel Kiper: I think they have to draft one in the first round. They hope Laurence Maroney will be there. Could he be gone by then? Yes, but White could still be there too.

Mel Kiper: You never know with running backs. I have DeAngelo Williams at 22. It's not out of the question that Williams could drop to them. They have to decide if they might want to move up to get one.

Joe (Troy,MI): Hey Mel, please tell me that the Lions are going to do something to upgrade their offensive line to be able to take advantage of Martz's offense

Mel Kiper: I think they certainly could. I have Huff as their first round pick. Davin Joseph a OG from Oklahoma in the second round. I have them picking Devin Hester in the third round.

Ryan (Lafayette): Are injury concerns the only thing holding Joesph Addai from a frist round grade?

Mel Kiper: Addai could be in the first round. That's not out of the question. I have him in the second to the Jets. There's no reason to think that he won't go in the first. Addai is right there with White.

Peter (Albany): Mel, what is the buzz around the Saints? Are they set on a player (assuming HOU takes Bush)?

Mel Kiper: You have to assume Houston takes Bush right now. If you're NO, you know Bush is going No. 1, do you take Mario Williams or trade down? You have to see who's interested in moving up. You don't want to move any lower than four.

San (Seattle): Hi, What will the seahawks do for the second round pick? Any safety or DE that would be a steal?

Mel Kiper: Yeah, if they went with Youboty in the first round, they could be interested in Kiwanuka, Darryl Tapp as a DE. Danieal Manning as a safety could also be around.

Jason: (Alexandria, LA): What is the news with Jason Allen from TN? Will he pass the physicals considering how serious a Hip injury is, especially for a CB/S?

Mel Kiper: It looks to me like everything's going to be fine. I can't say for every team, but he looks good. He's going to go in the first round. Fortunately he has pushed his way back into the first round, which is great news for Allen if it works out that way.

Chris (md): Mel, where do you see D'Quel Jackson from MD going and will he play outside?

Mel Kiper: He could play in the middle in the right scheme or on the outside. I think he'll go to the outside. I have Tennessee looking at Leinart with their first pick and Jackson with their second pick. He's in the Jonathan Vilma mold.

Jordan(Eagle Point. OR): Who should Denver take for there first 2 picks in the 2006 Draft?

Mel Kiper: They have three critical needs, WR, DE, RB and TE. I would say that's what you have to address. I have them taking Chad Jackson, WR, at 15 and DeAngelo Williams at 22. I have them taking Mark Anderson in the second. They don't have a third round pick, but they have three fourth round picks. Owen Daniels at TE from Wisconsin. At 126 Pollard and Jeremy Bloom later as a compensatory pick is who I have them looking at in the fourth.

Ty (Vancouver, WA): What about Terna Nande from Miami(OH). Is he just a workout warrior, such as Mike Mamula, or do you see him being a decent player?

Mel Kiper: He was a good player at Miami. He had an injury. He has great numbers on paper. He looks the part of what you want. He's 6-0, 230 and runs in the 4.5 range. He's a guy you would think about in the 4-5 round area.

Drew (Tampa, FL): Who do you think the Bucs should select in the first round? Do you think Marcus McNeil would be a good pick for them?

Mel Kiper: That's a little high for them. McNeill's more of a second rounder. I have then taking Cromartie in the first round and Andrew Whitworth in the second. They could go Eric Winston in the first, but that still might be a reach. I have McNeill going in the middle of the second to the Cowboys.

Tony (Wheaton, IL): Mel what is the Chicago Bears need to address kickoff/punt return specialist in the draft who is at there that would fill that bill?

Mel Kiper: I think it is something they want to address. They don't want to do that early. That's something you do later. Jeremy Bloom is someone you have to consider. Maurice Drew is another. Brandon Williams, Willie Reid, Adam Jennings, Will Blackmon, Skyler Green, Devin Hester, John Eubanks, TJ Rushing.

Mel Kiper: All those guys are excellent return men.

Jake (Cannon Falls, MN): Of the second tier Quarterbacks, (Croyle, Whitehurst, Jacobs, McNeal, Clemons) who do you think will have the most success.

Mel Kiper: I think the most intriguing is Tarvaris Jackson. Drew Olson is a nice backup type. Obviously there's a position change with two QBs. Brad Smith, Michael Robinson might change positions. Jackson could be a 3-4 round pick.

Ruckman (Ft. Worth, Texas): Is the QB from Texas Tech Cody Hodges going anywhere in the draft?

Mel Kiper: Any time you have a QB and you don't have ideal height, Hodges is only 6-0 and doesn't have the big time arm. He's a system QB. The Texas Tech QBs haven't faired well, because they are system quarterbacks.

Vince(Oregon): Where and who do you have Mike Hass of Oregon Stae falling to?

Mel Kiper: He's one of those guys who's a possession type receiver. Not a lot of speed. He's a later round pick. He's a competitive kid. I compared him to Ricky Proehl. How is he going to handle NFL CBs with the speed problem? He'll get a chance as a late round pick

Jeff (Reading, PA): Mel, Based on your mock draft, which team do you feel has the best draft class?

Mel Kiper: That's a good question. When you look at it, you like a lot of team's drafts. If you go through it and look at particular teams, Pittsburgh. If they end up with Sinorice Moss in the first round and then get a Danieal Manning, Brent Hawkins, Andre Hall, Omar Jacobs. If they ended up with those players in the first four rounds, that's a good draft. I like New England too. Santonio Holmes, Brian Calhoun, Chris Gocong, Montavias Stanley, Guy Whimper, Derek Hagan. That would be a good draft for them too.

Bryan (Baltimore, MD): who are the ravens gonna draft on day one?

Mel Kiper: We've talked about Ngata who'e s big space-eating DT. They haven't been able to free up Ray Lewis for the last couple of years. In the second round they could look at Brodie Croyle. In the fourth round, I have them looking at Dion Byrum. The Ravens have no third round pick, that goes to New England. And at the end of the fourth as a compensatory pick, I have them taking Rob Sims.

Chris (Richmond, VA): Do you think the Redskins will trade there 2nd round pick for a DE,CB or will they keep it?

Mel Kiper: I think if it falls this way if they get Rocky MacIntosh. That would be a nice pick for them. If he did slide down to 53 that would be nice. John Austin, Thomas Howard would be good picks if MacIntosh isn't there. They don't have a third or fourth round pick either. They only have a second round pick in the first four rounds.

Mel Kiper: Thanks for all the questions. Sorry for the late start, but I think we still got to a lot of questions.

Mel Kiper: We'll be back next week.

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