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What's the impact of picking and keeping Bush?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; It's too much to say our defense is one of the worst in the league. With Fujita and Simmons I think we're already better and maybe we take a solid CB with our 2nd. Bush makes us better at RB, ...

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It's too much to say our defense is one of the worst in the league. With Fujita and Simmons I think we're already better and maybe we take a solid CB with our 2nd.
Bush makes us better at RB, WR, and KR.
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well we probably aren't going to win right now anyway. i don't think we are going to the super bowl. i don't think we even have a shot at it. you make no sense by saying then good for him after you jjust said well what if he gets hurt. same argument. if we take the kid great if not and we get picks great. i love it either way. you don't pass on one player who is going to be very very good because you have toher holes. jesus you would be doing that every year. also if i remember a lot of people were pissed when we took will. well now look. i understand what you are saying i really do we have holes. a lot of holes but man you don't let greatness pass you by just because of that.

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And you cant compare this to the Ricky situation because we arent trading up to get him, he is there for us.
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Originally Posted by jergensl
with deuce and bennet having a history of injuries, that makes bush a need. if both deuce and bennett stay healthy then that gives bush sometime to get used to the nfl and we can just use him as a weapon at RB, WR, PR, and KR.

if either one of them get hurt again (atleast a 80% probability) bush can step right in and take over their position.
I think that you hit it right on the head. Both of these guy's are injury prone, and even if Bennet's healthy, Bush becomes the backup over him right away. The guy is the next Gayle Sayers.If they use him right, He can be a impact player at RB, WR, PR, KR, and sell a bunch of tickets as well as giving the Saints a higher profile.
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i understood wth will smith pick... howard was in the last year of his contract... not the same case here though.... how many downs has reggie bush played in the nfl? anyone care to venture a guess? zero... so what is your point of basis as far as determining his "greatness"? you call racking up yards on the likes of stanford, arizona, and washington "great"? this guy is going to be good, but now is not the time to invest more money into just one position... would be the same argument if we drafted mario or leinart... too much money at one position will not allow you to get better at other areas... if our defense was better and we only needed some offensive help, then hell yes, make the pick, take some pictures, laugh and drink and be merry... but that ain't the case in NO... we need tons of help all over the place and unless reggie is playing 3 positions both ways, trade him for picks that we can use to upgrade more areas of need....
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Originally Posted by chRxis
remember ricky? everyone was so friggin' high on him thinking he was the next earl campbell or whatever... well, we traded up to get him, with the reasoning that if we could run the ball then we'll win games... well, our defense remained porous and we didn't win.... remember? same scenario although reggie is much, much better than ricky was...
I remember, now it is our turn to get a team's entire draft for reggie, if not we got reggie....no one is a bigger fan of deuce than me, but where has he been the last 2 seasons, collecting a check on the sidleines.
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the man was hurt... that happens some times in a contact sport.... or have you not played football to know that you get hurt sometimes? oh and we aren't getting someone's "entire draft".... after our screw up everyone learned how not to handle a draft... thanks ditka...
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it is the same... a running back with all kinds of hype... that fact is what i'm comparing... not if we traded up or not... that's irrelevant to the point at hand... we need to be more balanced all over the field rather than great, A+ 100% at one position.... teams win with balance on both sides of the ball.... it doesn't matter if we score 30 pts a game if we're giving up 35... granted we're headed in the right direction as far as defense is concerned, but still have a ways to go...
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Take Ricky out of the equation. Remember we traded our whole draft for him. Reggie fell to us at 2, we don't have to give up anything to get him, and we still the rest of our picks to fill some holes. There is also nothing saying we won't make a trade in the second round to move down a few spots to pick up and additional 3rd or 4th round pick.
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You know what would strike me funny on the prospect of dealing Deuce?

Think on this for a second.
1. Miami has an offense that is based on two backs.
2. Ronnie Brown plays better sharing the load.
3. Ricky Williams has shot himself in the foot, again.
4. Saban might want a more proven between the tackles commodity in Deuce.

Think Saban would give up #16 for Deuce?
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