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rusta 04-29-2003 02:45 PM

maybe just crazy talk.......sapp?
there are still rumors that sapp might get traded, he is heading into the last year of his deal and it looks like the bucs aren't going to sign him to a new deal before the season starts, sapp is quoted as saying if he is a free agent after this year he is going to look elsewhere, couple that with the bucs cap problem and sapp's cap number and ?

people here are saying we need another DT, what do you guys think about getting sapp?

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D_it_up 04-29-2003 03:00 PM

maybe just crazy talk.......sapp?
I\'d be a fool to say I wouldn\'t want Warren Sapp in a Saints\' uniform. The odds of that happening? It could be better than we think. If Sapp isn\'t resigned by the Bucs, then he may feel a bit of unloyalty coming from the team. He may want to go to a team in the NFC South so he can beat up on his old team twice a year. That\'d be enough of a revenge factor for me. So he could end up being a Falcon, Panther, or a Saint after this season. As long as we manage our cap right, we may be in decent position to snag him up. This is all hypothetical, but it could happen. I wouldn\'t trade anything for him, unless it was Grady Jackson and a draft pick.

rusta 04-29-2003 03:06 PM

maybe just crazy talk.......sapp?
jackson and how high of a pick?

F.B.Wiz 04-29-2003 03:10 PM

maybe just crazy talk.......sapp?
Its a nice dream but they would never trade him to a division rival. I doubt they would trade him at all even with his contract expiring. They would franchise tag him.

WhoDat 04-29-2003 04:03 PM

maybe just crazy talk.......sapp?
Exactly, they\'ll franchise tag him next year and if we, or anyone else wants him, they\'ll have to give up a first rounder and a ton of cash. He is THE guy on that team. The instrument that started it all for them. Who helped get them out the NFL cellar and eventually bring them to a Super Bowl. He\'ll retire in Tampa... that\'s my bet.

pakowitz 04-29-2003 04:26 PM

maybe just crazy talk.......sapp?
id give up jackson and a 2nd rounder and possibly a 3rd since we have no 4th

jbutts 04-29-2003 05:13 PM

maybe just crazy talk.......sapp?
Man, i cant say id want sapp at all. I know i was just talking about defensive leaders, but i dont think itll be worth it. Sapps a fine player, we all know that, but i think in a year or two we would be paying for what he used to be and not what he is. What ive heard and read tells me Sapp isnt exactly the biggest fan of the weight room and he really doesnt make that defense anymore. Remember how we beat them last season? Partly by having Duece cram the ball down their throats. If a second year back that still has pounds of information to learn (no knock on duece there), what can an experienced guy do?

JOESAM2002 04-29-2003 09:08 PM

maybe just crazy talk.......sapp?
Thumbs up to having Sapp. He\'ll be good for years to come. Correct me if i\'m wrong, and God knows i\'ve been wrong before, but weren\'t the Bucs without Sapps partner in crime,the Booger man McFarland in at least one of the games we won? To me that would have a big impact on your d-line.

WhoDat 04-30-2003 07:53 AM

maybe just crazy talk.......sapp?
I think Booger was out almost all year for them. Frankly, if Booger can ever stay healthy, I think he has potential to be better than Sapp... but that\'s just me.

lumm0x 04-30-2003 08:58 AM

maybe just crazy talk.......sapp?
The big rumor that floated out was that the Bucs were making comments just to that effect, that McFarland was better than Sapp and that Sapp was available to be had.
It is just my opinion, but I really dislike theguy as a person and as a player. From a personal standpoint he is excessively egotistical and actually distracts himself from his play at times. On the field he is a good penetrating tackle and is decent enough against the run but he takes plays off (at least when I\'ve watched them) and is more concerned with spending time in front of the camera than the QB. I can\'t see him being dominant at all any more unless he plays with guys like Rice and McFarland. Make him the showpiece of a line and he won\'t cut it. Surround him with talent and he will be above average. Again, just my opinion but I\'d rather have a John Lynch type of player that takes care of business and the game wouldn\'t change if there was no cameras out there. I dislike the personality of the lime light players such as Sapp.
Probably get blasted for this.

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