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What we're NOT talking about?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; not enough to accept having to take a cap hit on trading Bush. Meant to say trading Deuce....

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not enough to accept having to take a cap hit on trading Bush.
Meant to say trading Deuce.
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Thats true.....I too saw disappointment. I'm sure it was a mixture of...not being number 1.....and coming to a team that...
1. Has the worst history.
2. Has a greedy and selfish owner.
3. Just got obliterated by a storm.
4. Has an uncertain future.

However....I think the recption he is recieving in NO will slowly allow him not only to feel comfortable with the idea of being a Saint. But I'm sure he will in turn want to make the fans happy he is there as well.
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The plus side to Bush is also the negative we have to deal with. He sees the game as a business.

For example,
1. He was in peak condition for his workout because that's how he secured the top of most teams draft boards.
2. He doesn't generally do things that cost him--drugs, guns, etc. The deal with his parents seems out of character for him. Might well be his family trying to cash in on him. Unfortunate for not the first time this has happened. We will have to wait and see how this works out.
3. He does and says all the right things.
4. He sees that what he does on the field puts $$$ in his pocket a pretty mature attitude that a lot of draft picks never get (ie Sullivan).

The disappointment he had with us probably related to a few specific items.
1. He most likely lost some cash over not being taken #1.
2. He lost out on the larger advertising dollars available in Houston, New York and the larger fan base in general that would be over and above his base contract.
3. Texas has no personal income tax--a fact he mentioned in an intereview a few weeks ago.
4. Louisiana has the far smaller market, the damaged market via the storms, a much lower per capita income and a state tax that will dig into the overall worth of his contract.

On balance, I think he will still be ready to light it up and excel here since he now has to compete for a national advertising audience. I figure he'll want to be the very best player on this team and try to parlay it into a Gatorade, Nike or Under Armor deal.

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The difference in Ricky & Deuce situation are Ricky had a bad contract that made him easy to trade, and Deuce was picked almost at the end of round one that made him easier to sign. Now with Deuce just signning a new BIG contract will make it nearly impossible to trade him and Bush being pick 2nd in this draft will make it interesting on how long the hold over will last. I hope it want be one but realistic it will be inevitable. Don't get me wrong I am estatic we pick him. This is when Loomis start earning his paycheck and i hope he can put it together w/out trading keystone players like Donte Stallworth or Charles Grant
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Its obvious that Reggie Bush did want to be in New Orleans. However, I agree with those that say that the fan reception coupled with the idea of being on an up and coming team that has the support of the entire country will change his mind. Bush has already said he hopes to be a light to the city. He may miss out on a few dollars, but in the grand scheme of things he will still be a VERY VERY rich man. The city will embrace him and everything will work out. I only wish we had done a better job of addressing some defensive needs in the draft. We should score a lot of points, but as of now our defense will be losing us some games.
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RE: Reggie

I think the endorsements find the bigtime players. If you play in NY and you suck you're not going to get endorsement contracts.

If you're constantly on ESPN highlights and going to the Pro-Bowl all these companies aren't going to say, "Yeah, but he plays in a small market."
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Exactly. I know that 43rd market stuff seems bad, but tell me a player that comes in with the name value of Reggie Bush? If he plays well, he has the potential to be just as beneficial to the city as he will be to the team. New corporations will see a goodlooking young guy with the city at his feet and want a piece. Then stay for a while inthe city.

As for Deuce, it's simple: he is exactly what I would look for in a fellow military member. A quality guy that comes with it every day, works his butt off and plays for the team, not himself. He gives the team a great face, has always been an even keel kind of guy and is a helluva smart man to boot.

I hope we keep him around until he retires just on principle, let alone his ability.
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