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Need a little help here....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; i said it before... 4 - 2 - 5...

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i said it before... 4 - 2 - 5
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You're not thinking outside the box..


Football is evolving in to a safety's game.
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i have more faith in our new staff then that....
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In general, I do, but the DT/LB/S situation really irritates me.
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People, People relaxs, I want all of you to count to ten. and just say Haz is gone, AB is gone, the whole coaching staff is gone.
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You just have to hope that the new coaching staff is full of better "teachers" than the old regime. 95% of the guys in the league are athletes, but they have to be coached to do the right things and be in the right place...I will have to see it first.
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Originally Posted by Saintsfan66

I think that alot of you are trying to dictate that you know the system that the coachers are going to use, the blitch packages, and so forth.. Just becouse some players did not perform like pro bowl players under the likes of Haslett and Rick Venturi, doesn't mean they are not good players. T. Jones was a star for the Patriots, he sucked for us..
1st....What exactly is a blitch package? I know with Sully in the middle we have a "BIYATCH" package.

2nd....Tebucky Jones? Where the heck did that come from? That dude sucked a** on every team he played for....and that includes the Patriots.
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I like that 4-2-5 concept. If you've got 3 hard hitting safeties, one of them can be a blitzer. It can add a more complex wrinkle against some of our pass happy opponents for the 2006 season. Also, safeties tend to be quicker to the ball than LBs, so since none of our LBs tackle well on the edge, having solid backup there will be essential.
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Never have to many safities that can tackle. Makes the special teams better. Besides we know we are weak at CB so a shuffle may happen. As for LB I am sick of saying it, we really have no idea what we got. This coaching staff is trying to see what haz left behind, He left a group that has played out position ever sense haz took over, Haz slowly broke down OL, DL, and LB positions on this team each year. We have a boat load of WLB and special teamers in the group. Colby in the middle is key. I think he can do it. with less open field to cover and safety help should be a good fit.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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Re: RE: Need a little help here....

Originally Posted by pakowitz
54 Rabe, Russel LB 6-2 228 23 1 Minnesota-Duluth
56 Fincher, Alfred LB 6-1 238 22 2 Connecticut
52 Fujita, Scott LB 6-5 250 27 5 California
58 Simmons, Anthony LB 6-0 240 29 8 Clemson
50 Allen, James LB 6-2 245 26 5 Oregon State
57 Bockwoldt, Colby LB 6-1 237 25 3 Brigham Young
55 Watson, Courtney LB 6-1 246 25 3 Notre Dame
53 Iwuchukwu, Bobby LB 6-2 246 22 R Purdue
54 Kuale, E.J. LB 6-2 232 22 R Louisiana State
49 Moore, Chris LB 6-1 235 23 R East Carolina
51 Melton, Terrence LB 6-1 235 29 3 Rice


ok here is My problem....how many of these guess are really worth a damn....the ones that were here last years really werent hitting on nothing....and the new guys arent proven either....are we ever gonna get a few solid LB's....Im not askin for another dome patrol, it would be nice, but just solid atleast guys that could come close to makein a pro bowl
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