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Chat with ESPN.com NFL Insider Jeremy Green

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; to The Show! On Friday, ESPN.com NFL Insider Jeremy Green will stop by to take your questions about this weekend's NFL draft and more. Green writes regularly for ESPN.com's NFL Insider section and is a former NFL scout and director ...

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Chat with ESPN.com NFL Insider Jeremy Green

to The Show! On Friday, ESPN.com NFL Insider Jeremy Green will stop by to take your questions about this weekend's NFL draft and more. Green writes regularly for ESPN.com's NFL Insider section and is a former NFL scout and director of pro personnel for the Cleveland Browns.
Send your questions now and join Jeremy right here on Friday at 4 p.m. ET for all the answers.

Green Archive: Chats | Columns

Jeremy Green: Hey everyone. The Draft is over, so what do you think? How do you guys feel your teams did?

joe, nyc: JG! OK get it all out talk about how bad the Bills draft was..but at the end they got 4 guys who can start right away!

Jeremy Green: I agree. They got four solid players. They went abut it a little unorthodox, and had they traded down to take Whitner they may have come away with 6 starters.

Mike (San Diego): JG, I was really high on the Eagles' draft and then Rick Spielman gave them an "A" for the draft....now I'm confused and don't know what to think. What are your thoughts on who/how they drafted?

Jeremy Green: I gave them an A also. Got two top 15 players with their first two picks. Coocong and Bloom will both be awesonme special teams players while they wait for their opportunity. I had Jean Gilles as the #2 OG behind Lutui and they got him in the 4th... well done.

kevin, kentucky: Why did the Browns trade Trent Dilfer away for ken dorsey? Charlie Frye isnt exactly a proven quarterback, and there arent any other veteran qbs on there roster. Are they looking to get Kerry Collins, Vinny Testeverde or someone else to be the backup, or are they fine with Dorsey as the backup?

Jeremy Green: I think they didn't want a lot of speculation going in to this minic-camp and wanted to show the team right off the bat that Frye is their guy. As for sigining a vet, a lot will be determined by how Dorsey performs this weekend.

Bradley (Alhambra, CA): Denver was trying to move up in the draft to a pick higher than #11. Were they targeting Cutler all along or did they really have their heart set on Leinart?

Jeremy Green: Denver called both Buffalo at 8 and detroit at 9. You saw how Detroit's pick came in with about 5 seconds left on the clock. Millen was mulling over the offer and decided to stick at #9. Talked with my guy in Denver and he told me Leinart was the guy if they moved into the top 10.

Nick (Boston): If you're Minnesota and want to can Foley because he's incompetent, why wait until AFTER he screwed up your draft?

Jeremy Green: I don't think he hada lot of say in this past draft. He was a Pro Director that came on baord in Febuary, so he had not seen theae players until 6-8 weeks prior to the draft. I think he rleied heavily on both Childress and their college director Scott Studwell.

Mo (Atlanta): Jeremy - big displaced Seahawks fan here. During the draft, Chris Mortenson and Sean Salisbury both said the Cardinals were going to win the NFC West this weekend. Their reasoning? The loss of Hutchinson would be too great to overcome. I know the guy is a great player, but I think it's ridiculous to say a team is going to fall apart after losing an OG! Please tell me you don't agree with them. Thanks!

Jeremy Green: Hey Mo - even asa Cardinals "homer" I am not going to make that prediction. I like what the Cards have done, but Seattle still solidified their D this off-season with Peterson and now with the addition of Jennings. I like Sims who they took in the 4th at OG too. Ther O-line will not be what it was, but they are still the clear-cut favorite in the est.

Drew, NYC: Many have criticized the Vikings for "reaching" to get the players that they wanted. Do you agree with this criticism? What do you think of their choice of Tavaris Jackson, supposedly the 4th best quarterback on their board?

Jeremy Green: Yes, I thought they reached in the draft. I like the upside of Jackson - had the best arm of any QB in this draft. I also think he is a good 2-3 years away from playing. He has more upside than Whitehurst and Croyle who went behind him, but those guys should be ready a little quicker.

Tom (Miami): What are my Dolphins going to do with only ONE running back this year since R. Williams is gone??? Why don't we make a play for Duckett in Atlanta??? Saban was his coach at Michigan State?

Jeremy Green: I talked to Duckett's agent over the weekend. Pittsburgh and Miami are the two most likely landing spots. Don't look for Atlanta to make the move until they see Norwood in their first mini-camp though. They are pretty sure what they have in Norwood, but it alwasy good to wait to see how he fits in with the rest of the group.

Tom (SF): Jeremey - Where is Ty Law going to end up, and do you think it's in the Niners best interest to go hard after him?

Jeremy Green: I think the 49ers shoulod have interest. The Cheifs still did not do enough to upgrade the DC position in the draft (Maxey in the 5th). Herm and Ty are close - I think he is going to Kansas City where he is comfortbale with the staff and scheme.

Peter N.Y.: WHat do you think of the Bears' draft? Where's the offense?

Jeremy Green: I did not like the Bears draft at all - I would give it a C-. I think Hester is a talented player that can bring some excitement via special teams, but what about the offense? I don't see how a team can struggle that much on offense and not select a true offensive player until the 6th round - and that guy was a FB.

Bob (Philly, PA): Do you think Santonio Holmes will win the Steelers starting wide reciever job, and will he have atleast the 35 recceptions than Randle El had last year? And who will be "in Charge" of trick plays with Randle El gone?

Jeremy Green: Holmes will start. As for his receptions it is hard to say because as we know, when Pittsburgh gets the lead, they just deflate the ball on the ground. I thin 40+ catches would be a solid estimate. As for the trick plays, those will now fall to Ward.

Mike, Austin: Packers did a lot of Wheeling and Dealing to wind up with a dozen pix. Was Ted Thompson's strategy a good one for the Pack at this juncture?

Jeremy Green: Loved it. I thought Geeen Bay did an excellent job because they had so many holes to fill. Hawk will defintely start, and due to their LB group, I would say Hodge has a good chance to start too. I also like the addressing of the offensive line - that interior has been decimated with departures overthe past two seasons.

David (Chicago): Jeremey, What is your take on reports that Lions players have filied a grievance against new coach Rod Marinelli for having contact drills during mini-camp? Is this just another display of the "soft" Detroit Lions?

Jeremy Green: It tells me that Maranelli should take a bomb ans pretty much throw it on the majority of the roster. It also gives me a good idea of why the Lions are such underachievers. Trust me, the complainers will be gone.

C (NJ): Thoughts on the Giants draft, please?

Jeremy Green: I thought Kiwanuka was a bit of reach, but I like that they got back into the top of the 2nd for Moss. The rest of it was less than exciting.

John, Los Angeles: Jeremy - Do you know the "bad blodd" history between Childress and Culpepper that goes back to that pro bowl years ago? I keep hearing it alluded to, but not explained. Thanks.

Jeremy Green: I actually wrote an article about this. Philly coached the Pro Bowl where Culpepper was voted the NFC starter by the fans. He played in the first two series and Reid/Childress never put him back in the game which really goes against the spirit of the Pro Bwol game. I was also told by people in the league that Culpepper rubbed Childress the wrong way when he came out of Central Florida... keep in mind, that was the same year they took McNabb.

Joe (StL, MO): With little to no recognition, the Rams had one of their best drafts since being in St. Louis. How many starters do you see coming our of this class??

Jeremy Green: I liked their draft. Tye Hill might not have the most upside, but he was the most polished DC in the draft right now. Wroten was a legit top 20 pick prior to his off-the-field incident. I like the Two TE's, because this is a position Martz always over-looked.

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Please tell me the Raiders finally drafted well, I think they have at least 4 potential 1st year starters but what are they going to do about the DL?

Jeremy Green: This was a typical aiders draft in one sense, they took a lot of athletes. What I liked about this one though was that they drafted some athletes that are football players in Huff and Howard. Bing doesn't run real well for a DS, but he is one of the hardest hitting Safeties in this draft and they should give him a look at WLB. Boothe the OG has a lot of upside but will need to adjust to his level of competition. As for the D-line, Grady Jackson would be their best bet at this point.

Steve (NYC): What's going on in these rookie minicamps? More meetings or on the field stuff?

Jeremy Green: Both. The on the field stuff is a little different than training camp though, because their is a lot more individual than team work. For veteran coaches, it is a time for a lot of teaching. For other ala Maranelli, they might try to turn up the heat a little bit and see how mentally tough their team is.

Fred (Dallas,TX): Profootballtalk.com has you rumored to be going to Arizona as pro personnel director. Any truth to that rumor?

Jeremy Green: None at all. I have had a few offers, but I am content with what I am doing right now. I may get back in at some point, but that is not the right spot for me. I have never walked in my fathers shadow and I don't intend on starting right now.

Josh, SD: How succesful was the Chargers draft?

Jeremy Green: A lot will depend on the first two picks. Cromartie has never been able to stay healthy, so that worries me a little. Some tems also shied away from McNeil because of a back issue. I don't really get the QB in the 3rd either. I guess I didn't like it much.

Joe (NY): Yo, Jeremy, love the work you do, What do you think of the Kellen Clemens pick by the Jets? I know they got an extra 2nd to move down, but is this guy any good?

Jeremy Green: I like the pick, and from talking to people with the Jets they had him ranked alot closer to the big 3 than some teams. He has size and a solid arm. He is very smart. He was a little bit of a "pudgy" QB early in his career but he dropped weight prior to the start of his Senior season and improved his mobility. He has the tools to eventually be a starter.

Matt (Albuquerque): Do you think that the Eagles have any interest in trading for Lelie or Stallworth? Are there any potential June 1st cuts at WR that would be a good fit?

Jeremy Green: Hey Matt. They have talked to both the Broncos and Saints. They still don't have a bonafide #1 right now. As for June 1st guys, they will not find an upgrade, That June 1st date is really not a factor anymore as 95% of guys that have those roster bonuses now fall into that March 1st category.

joe, nyc : hey JG you can always manage my fantasy football team...but if you decide to go back to the nfl..i'd suggest avoiding the Vickings! what was the inside story on their firing this week with their personal guy?

Jeremy Green: Not a good situation with Foley. Here's the deal. They interviewed Studwell who is their college Director for the job and he did not get it. Then Foley had some Faux-Paux's with his bio. Not a big deal, but I think Studwell and some of his people seized the opportunity to go after Foley a little bit. It is like any business. If you are brought in to manage a person that interviewed and did not get the job that went to you- you best watch your back.

jason (bethpage new york): How do you think sinorice moss will help the giants

Jeremy Green: As a slot receiver early on. He gives them a guy that can work the middle of the field. I think you will see him and Shockey feeding off each other between the hashes where one clears out some room for the other. He will have a solid early contribution.

tony - omaha, ne: Lelie for bears RB thomas jones?

Jeremy Green: For the BEars skae I hope not and for the sake of other AFC West teams, they should hope not. Jones is just hitting his stride. The toughness that guy showed last season playing on that bad kne told me a lot. I think the Beras are nuts for even considering moving this guy. I know they have Benson, but it will have a negative effect in the locker room because Jones is such a leader.

Dave (New yorK): JG- will Brooks Bollinger get cut from the jets now that they have Kellen Clemens whos the same size but much stronger?

Jeremy Green: It will depend on how Pennington comes along. Don't think for a minute that he can't be the odd guy out, especially if Clemens shines in Mini-camp and QB school. They have a vet in Ramsey and Bollinger improved as the season went on. Pennington could very easily be the odd guy out there.

Dave (New yorK): JG- i thought the jets draft was brilliant in filling needs both short and long term, but Mel Kiper gave them a B-... what could have made him so unimpressed, and do you agree with him there?

Jeremy Green: I like Mel and respect his opinions because he is a great football guy, but I would disagree. I thoght they had a top 5 draft and I gave them an A-. There was a lot of concern about the young Tanenbaum-Mangini combo but they did a great job of taking what they learned from Parcells and Belichick and making it work for the Jets franchise.

Carl (NJ): What WR do you think has the potential to become a household name this season? There's always those few guys who finish at the top of the class that no one saw coming. Point me in the right direction!

Jeremy Green: Of the draft picks I would say Greg Jennings of the Packers. First of all, the Pack are thin at WR, emaning the guy is going to play. Second, the kid can flat out play.

Dave (New yorK): Wait, am I to understand you think Chad could get cut? Because if that's what you're saying, I have to disagree completely- if they weren't confident enough in chad, they'd have cut him and used the salary to retain jay fiedler...

Jeremy Green: We won't kmow until we see how the shoulder is... that is all I am syaing. They are not going to carry a QB with a dead arm, if that ends up being the case. I disagree on Fieldler too - I never thought I would say this about Ramsey, but he is a huge upgrade over Fielder.

scott ( dallas,tx): what was you reaction when mario williams went to houston instead of reggie bush..

Jeremy Green: My first thought was, "what are they thinking?" That is my thought now too. I just don't see Williams having the impact they think he will have. They talked about what Merriman did vs. Indy and that played a role, but they are not the same guy. Merriman is a 3-4 OLB that came from all angles to slow the COlts. Williams will be right there on the right side every down. I also have major concerns with Williams motor. No knock on 1 AA's Eastern KY and Richmond, but the guy was shutout sack wise in those two games.

Dave (New yorK): No disrespect meant to you, I respect your knowledge and opinion a lot, but I just can't envision the jets drafting an OT if there was still that much up in the air about their franchise QB with leinhart and cutler still on the board and many quality OTs available at 29 and later

Jeremy Green: All opinos are welcome. I do know this though Dave. They knew they could get Clemems and they had him rated just "slightly" below the Big 3.

Carl (NJ): How far are the 49ers from greatness? I ask because they were once such a decorated franchise, now theyre in a serious rebuilding phase, and I want to know how long I have to ride this thing out.

Jeremy Green: Thye are a ways away, but I liked their draft a lot. The one thing they were able to do was get a lot more athletic all acorss the board. This team looked like they played in quick-sand last year - I think at the very least we will see them flying around a lot more on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

David (Georgia): How would you rate what Atlanta has done, and what could you them doing in the near future?

Jeremy Green: I thought they got great value for Jimmy Williams. Essentially theit first round pick was J. Abraham, so that is solid. What I don't like though is that they have done ZIP to upgrade the run defense. They could not stop anyone last season and as much as I like Abraham, he only makes them even smaller up front. Of any team that needs to add Grady Jacksaon, the Falcons head the list. They need to add some size to that D-line.

MC Welk (SLC): Titans or Titanic?

Jeremy Green: Defintely Titans. It's going to take some time though because McNair will be gone. It's not if Young will play right now, but it's how long will it take. They followed an excellent free agency group (Givens, Hope and Thornton) with a solid draft. When Vince is ready to lead them, they have the guys in place that will follow.

Steve (NYC): League just made the Lions forfeit 2 days of camp. Wow! Thoughts...?

Jeremy Green: I think Maranelli should find the guys that whined and cut ever last one of them. It just goes to show you how soft this program was under Mooch. This is the main reason coaches come in and basically blow-up their rosters in the first two seasons. You get stuck with a bunch of babies form the old regime.

Dan Tempe, AZ: The Cardinals are the most improved team this year, but I am curious about that offensive line. Is it improved?

Jeremy Green: I agree they are improved and they will go as far as that O-line can take them. They are slightly improved. Re-signing Wells is solid, but Brown was pretty much a backup on a bad Texans O-line. Most teams don't rely on a 2nd round pick starting as a rookie, but the Cards reallly need Deuce Lutui to man one of those OG spots this season.

Jeremy Green: Thanks for all the great questions guys. Not sure my chat schedule since we are moving towards the off-season, but I will surely be back from time to time to talk some ball. Have a safe Cinco de Mayo!!

rogers and mike williams (detroit): I'm telling the NFLPA that you called us babies!

Jeremy Green: Oh one more.... you won't be telling them anything they don't already know.

Take Care all.


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good chat, also i would bold-

Matt (Albuquerque): Do you think that the Eagles have any interest in trading for Lelie or Stallworth? Are there any potential June 1st cuts at WR that would be a good fit?

Jeremy Green: Hey Matt. They have talked to both the Broncos and Saints. They still don't have a bonafide #1 right now. As for June 1st guys, they will not find an upgrade, That June 1st date is really not a factor anymore as 95% of guys that have those roster bonuses now fall into that March 1st category.


It just goes to show you how soft this program was under Mooch. This is the main reason coaches come in and basically blow-up their rosters in the first two seasons. You get stuck with a bunch of babies form the old regime.

I am sure we haven't seen the last of the blowing up here either.
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good point kelly
I still think we are going to trade some guys after every one gets a look at their draft picks and what is out there after June 1st.
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